How to explain to your kids that you are moving home

Moving home can be an exciting and incredibly stressful time in equal measures. Not only do you need to make sure that everything is organised and sorted prior to the big day, all that de-cluttering, time spent at the estate agents and packing up boxes can impact your usual household Zen. However, when you are moving with children, your stress levels may even go through the roof! Not only do you have to juggle all the last-minute tasks with childcare, explaining to your kids that you are moving can be very delicate and difficult to bring up in discussion. So, if you are moving home soon, or still in the planning stages, then follow these tips to make having that all important conversation as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

Talk to your children

If you are moving overseas for a job, to be closer to family and friends or even because you are after a change, there’s no harm in taking time to talk to your children. Once you begin talking to your kids, you can find out just which aspects of moving make them anxious or upset. If they have to change schools, they may find the thought of change upsetting or stressful. While younger kids will find it hard to digest the idea that they are changing bedrooms. In the run up to your move, make sure that you mention your relocation regularly, and provide your kids with the opportunities to have a calm and adult discussion. Encourage them to voice any concerns, and make sure that they participate in any plans that you have for your new home – from choosing wallpaper and paint, to deciding which family member has each room.

Plan to perfection

As any parent knows, any activity involving small children requires even more planning and preparation than usual. When you are moving with small children, make sure that you write a list or put a removal plan in place, so that you can tick off all the tasks that need completing. Make sure that you pack everything in order, so that you aren’t left needing an item before you even move.

If you think that having your kids around on removal day will be far too difficult to manage, then be sure to book any childcare well in advance. The combination of small children and removal men will not make for a positive experience for all involved, especially if you choose a company that is less professional. Take time when researching your removal firm, and obtain up to three quotes to make sure that you know exactly what is included in their services. If you are relocating overseas or moving a long distance, then you could also consider getting help when packing too, to keep all your furniture and decorative items protected. Check out websites such as if you are after more information and are ready to begin planning your move.

Get the kids involved

Now you’ve taken time to talk to your kids about your move, and have got your planning well underway, you can begin to actively get your kids involved in your moving process. You could begin, by getting them to sort through any toys or books that they no longer use or read, and organise a car boot sale or a charity donation. Next, help your kids begin their packing.  Decide which items need bubble wrap or some extra padding, and help your children assemble and pack their own boxes.

Older kids and teenagers express worry or anxiety in different ways, so it’s crucial that you make moving to a new house a positive experience for your older children too. If they want to help the removal men, then encourage them to get involved, providing that they listen to instructions and are extra careful. You could also ask them to help you write your removal plan, so that they feel like their opinion and input matters.  Finally, if you can’t sort a babysitter, then ask them to look after your younger kids on removal day. This will make them feel like they are being treated as a responsible adult, and validate any doubts that they had in their mind about moving.

Address any upset

Moving to a new house can be an upsetting and trying time for all family members, so it’s important that you address any conflictive or upset emotions. Make sure that you address the issue of change, and don’t shy away from having any awkward conversations. If you are moving to a new house because of divorce or a separation, then it’s essential that you address the changes and emotions that your kids are going through. Make sure that you don’t take sides, and try to remain open and unbiased as to how your kids are feeling. Chances are they will be finding it difficult with a mixture of guilt and upset, in addition to the fact that they are soon moving home for reasons beyond their control. It’s crucial that you address any upsets as soon as your kids start to demonstrate that they aren’t happy, before these escalate into more serious issues.

Moving home can be a stressful and scary time for adults, so just imagine what it is like if you are a child. All that packing and organisation, not to mention the fear of what awaits you at your new address can sometimes turn your excitement into anxiety and nerves. However, when you are moving to a new house with children then you need to make sure that they remain your priority even before you move. Get your children involved in any preparations for the big day, and make sure that you offer them the chance to have frank and candid discussions to talk through how they feel. Be sure to arrange a babysitter for younger kids, so that they don’t cause extra stress on the day, or give your older children more responsibility. Now you can enjoy this new chapter of your life with your entire family, safe in the knowledge that your kids are happy and healthy in their new home.



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