Holidays Blues

We haven’t got a summer holiday booked this year… well OK we’ve just been to Butlins which was fabulous,  but I mean an aeroplane type holiday abroad somewhere HOT! We didn’t go last year either due to heavy building work starting on our house (which is still going on I might add!) but we did go the year before to Gran Canaria and it was amazing. I desperately want to go back to the very same place because I loved it so much!

My favourite part was this infinity pool which has stunning views across the beautiful bay. It was simply heavenly and my children spent most of the holiday in it!!

infinity pool gran canaria

Gran Canaria


infinity pools

infinity pool

I could overload with photo’s but I won’t. I was just reminiscing and feeling depressed that I haven’t got a holiday to look forward to so thought I’d share some of these with you!



  1. Oh wow what an amazing place, you almost lost me in that pool with a sizable mojito! No wonder you have holiday blues, there’s something rather lovely about being abroad. Ahh let’s dream shall we. Fabulous post, thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

  2. It looks wonderful, I do hope we have some hot weather this summer too

  3. That looks wonderful, I haven’t been on a proper holiday in years! With my parents being in Spain, a visit there has become our holiday, but it’s not the same as a beech/pool holiday with G&T’s #whatsthestory

  4. Some great pool photos, and it looks like the kind of place I could easily spend my days. Cant wait for my holiday as it will have been 2 years in the planning, and 134 days to go…

  5. Oh boy that view is so awesome! Its all blue and this blue doesnt make you blue! Its so alive and bright. I understand why you want to go back cuz its just so pretty =) #magicmoments

  6. Oh my gosh that pool looks just incredible. Just sitting back and visualising myself there now…

  7. that pool looks amazing and with the view, it looks a fantastic place. We haven’t been abroad in years, I do miss it but due to my health I don’t think we will go again

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