Happy Halloween from Asda

Even though the kids enjoy the whole Halloween thing, I haven’t been too taken in by the whole American phenomenon. It annoys me a bit if I’m honest. Don’t really know why, I just think it’s a bit too contrived. And the whole trick or treat thing? Hate it!

But of course I take the kids if I have to, although last year we’d had a tummy bug just before, so Halloween was cancelled and I was secretly chuffed! I didn’t put the pumpkins outside and made sure our house looked as if we weren’t taking part.

Hehe!ย Not very seasonal I know.

So this year, feeling a little guilty about last year, I’ve decided to try and show a bit more enthusiasm. The kids have been mega excited about it for ages because my twins were invited to a friends birthday party, which was Halloween themed, so we had to hunt for costumes etc early on! It’s the first year actually that my twins have been really into it, they’ve always been a little scared before now, so it was wonderful when Asda got in touch with us, asking if we’d like to receive some of their Halloween goodies!

I can make the house look spooctacular this year with this lot!

asda halloweenLove this flashing pumpkin and light up skull

asda halloweenHow cool are these skull candles?

asda halloweenWe’ve got some make up kits… perfect, just what we needed! The one on the left comes with a book of ‘how to do..’ some Halloween inspired face painting too!

asda halloweenThere’s a dracula-esque wig (which my daughter is modelling beautifully here ๐Ÿ™‚ ), a plastic butchers knife, a skull placemat, perfect for a party and a fab, creepy light up owl!

asda halloweenWe’ve got a very delicious looking thick chocolate haunted house to make, as well as some ghost cake pops! And these cool skull plates will be great to eat them off! We’ll be making these on Saturday!

asda halloweenThe kids have gone crazy over this massive hairy spider! He’s fab isn’t he?

All these Asda products have really got us into the ‘spirit’ of things. My daughter is off to a Halloween party on Friday night which she’s looking forward to immensely, we’ve been practicing her scary make up with the kit we received and the house is feeling perfectly creepy!

We’ll be off trick or treating on Saturday, but we still haven’t carved a pumpkin and I’ve heard they’re in low supply this year… yikes, better hurry up…. now where’s my broomstick!

asda halloween


  1. I love the range at Asda, they always have whatever I need no matter what the occassion

  2. Lindsey Stuart says

    Ah lovely! I love Halloween! We also have the spider and he received lots of attention at our house last night ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. These are awesome! I’m going to the shops tomorrow to see what bits I can get cheap for next year, lol. I love decorating our front window and outside the front door. I’m looking forward to when my son is a bit older- we will be having a halloween party for him & his friends ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  4. looks very creepy indeed!! we’re aren’t the biggest fans of halloween, roll on xmas

  5. We bought so much from Asda this year and absolutely loved it! So much fun! I think I’ll be heading there for Christmas if that offering is even half as good as the halloween stuff!

  6. amy fidler says

    just love the skull candles x

  7. Tania Partington says

    Looks like you went all out for Halloween and those decorations are fantastic! x

  8. I know it’s late to comment but great ideas looks fun xxx

  9. Gemma Massey says

    Love your decorations esp the light up pumpkin and skull and skull candles xx

  10. I love the flashing pumpkins so much safer than a real flame and easier than carving with all the mess

  11. The spider is really creepy.

  12. Halloween is always so fun!

  13. the skull candles were great! i will have to look next year!

  14. Marie Nicklin says

    I do think Asda covers everything for the family at most big celebration times better than most big supertores and this range shows that but it can take a little bit of the old fashion fun feeling out of it with the parental competition coming out in our little ones wanting more and bigger and better, it should be a fun and family time :0

  15. I love the skull candles.

  16. Sarah Louise Thompson says

    Wow fantastic review! We bought a lot of our Halloween things from Asda this year! Great choice and very reasonable too ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Looks like you had a lovely Halloween, these all look very spooky!

  18. Megan Adams says

    Looks like you had a really fun time!

  19. Those skull candles are slightly terrifying! I didn’t bother decorating the house this year, but we did dress up x

  20. Asda was very good for Halloween bits this year, I thought. Love your decorations.

  21. That big spider is fab! We have it too.

  22. Jade Hewlett says

    Great Halloween things, I like the pumpkin.

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