Going on an adventure with Moana!

Disney recently got in touch with us asking if we’d like be involved with their campaign surrounding the release of their new Moana toys into the Disney Stores!

Of course we said yes! My kids LOVE the Disney Store and enjoy browsing in every corner of the place when we visit. In fact, if we go into town for any reason, I HAVE to make a stop at the Disney Store at least once, otherwise I won’t hear the end of it!

The children were sent some of the fab Moana toys to play with…. a gorgeous Plush Hei Hei Rooster character and this Deluxe Figurine Playset

Moana toys

….and they were asked by Disney where in the world they would sail away to on an adventure!

My daughter immediately shouted out….”The Rainforest!”

At which point they were all coming up with a variety of ideas of how they would get there, what they would do and the kind of things they would love to see! They were so excited!

First of all, after opening the toys and playing with them for a while, the children grabbed their atlas book and looked for Rain Forests. They settled on Brazil and the Amazon!

moana toys disney store mummy endeavours

They searched for their old toy boat to put the Moana toys in so they could all set sail together across the ocean to their chosen destination. Ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

moana toys disney store

With Moana placed firmly in charge of steering the boat, I think she got the journey off to a tremendous start!

My daughter loves animals and has always said she wants to be a vet when she grows up. She watches all kinds of vet and zoo programmes on the TV so the opportunity of meeting some unusual wildlife in the rainforest, big and small is hugely appealing to her!

My little twins came up with the idea of taking the Moana toys into the garden for their rain forest adventure, which was very imaginative I thought. Even if the weather out there was probably as far away from rainforest weather as it could possibly get! Freezing wasn’t the word!

Out in the garden… ahem, the Rain Forest, the toys played in the treehouse, up high in the tropical wilderness!

hei hei toy moana disney store

Then all the toys took a trip up the huge mountain!

moana toys playset disney store

My daughter decided to really make the Moana characters come to life by creating some speech bubbles for them…

imaginative play with moana toys

…when she was done they all continued on their adventure!

The kids absolutely loved playing with all the Moana characters and whether they were inside or outside, they really did let their imaginations run wild!

Disney Store are currently running a competition on their Facebook Page to win a Moana toy bundle! It’s on until 30th January so if you have some little Moana fans in your household, why not pop over and enter? There’s three runners up prizes too so more chance of winning!

If you have any Moana toys, try encouraging your children to get creative and make an adventure of their own! Share their stories on social media with the hashtag #DisneyStoreUk so everyone else can see what they’ve got up to!

Disclosure: Collaboration with Disney. We received the toys free of charge in order to create this adventure. All ideas and words our own.


  1. This looks fab, I can’t wait until I can watch films with my toddler x

  2. My kids are itching to see this movie. heard good thing about it. the figures look cool

  3. What amazing imaginations your little ones have. I haven’t seen Moana yet, must get around to doing that!

  4. I love the Disney figurines, they are always great quality and these Moana ones look perfect for some small world play. Mich x

  5. I love the imaginative play that figures like these inspire in children.

  6. I love that they got the atlas out and played with the toys in so many different ways – very imaginative.

  7. This is so cute! My little sister is obsessed with Moana so she’d love these little figures x

  8. I’ve not watched Moana yet, I have heard such great things about it though x

  9. ChelseaMamma says

    We all loved Moana and these toys look fabulous. I think I know what Eliza will be spending her birthday money on

  10. m1ssingsleep says

    It looks like such a fun set, even more so after seeing your adventures! x

  11. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    That looks like so much fun – my two say they’re too old for Disney now but I think you’re never too old x

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