Girls Bedroom Ideas

Since work on our house started, the one room I’ve been looking forward to decorating is my daughter’s bedroom.

Her bedroom is currently small and her new bedroom is going to be HUGE! It’s very exciting.

Gone will be the bold pink that she’s had for many years…. she’s getting older now so it’s time to create a big girls room. One that will last her way into her teenager years and beyond!

She’s only 10, so we do have to keep that in mind, we don’t want something TOO grown up, she still wants pretty. But maybe with a bit more practicality thrown in as she gets ready for high school and lots of homework next year!

When I was a little girl I absolutely loved my bedroom. It seemed really big back then as my brother had a small room but actually it wasn’t THAT big, and no where near as big as my daughter’s room is going to be. But I remember thinking that it was perfect. My Mum had chosen everything… beautiful furniture, wallpaper, dressing table and bedclothes. Having three older brothers, my Mum had longed for a daughter so when I came along, it’s fair to say she went all out in buying everything pretty and girlie for me! She was also incredibly tidy (unlike myself!) so my bedroom ALWAYS looked pristine. When I used to come home from school, she would’ve been in there tidying up during the day so it looked immaculate…. my bed would be beautifully made, all the pillows fluffed up and I couldn’t wait to flop onto it after a busy day!

I want my own little girl to feel the same.

I have scoured the internet for girls bedroom ideas, and there really is so much out there. She will definitely have a double bed… maybe with drapes of some kind. In terms of colour we thought silvers and whites would be lovely. My daughter still likes a bit of the girlie pink so maybe there’ll be a splattering of a paler pink somewhere. There will be enough room for a desk as well as a sofa and she’ll also have a ensuite bathroom.

Here’s some of the gorgeousness I found on Pinterest…. always a great resource for ideas.

Follow MummyEndeavours’s board Girls Room on Pinterest.

I literally can’t wait for her bedroom to be done. She’s such a lovely girl… she doesn’t ask for much and she’s always so happy…. she deserves a perfect little palace because she’s such a perfect little princess!


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  1. missielizzieandmyshadow says

    Oooh your pinterest board is lovely. My daughter’s 8 and she’s constantly asking for a change from pink so this has given me some inspiration!

  2. I long to give my kids a bedroom of their own and would love to do Eliza’s room all girly and nice. Have fun decorating

  3. I love Pinterest for ideas – there is nothing like designing your perfect room! Hope she likes hers when it is done I am sure she will xx

  4. That’s a lovely board you’ve created on Pinterest for ideas – I wish I could get my own room done! Both my kids had new rooms last year!

  5. I had to share a room with my sister when we were older so I never got the perfect room just for me. Loving your ideas and I am sure her room will be a great haven for her now and in years to come.

  6. I really love the bedroom with the Victoria name sign in it, love the colours and the way in which everything comes together harmoniously. Wishing you loads of fun with the decorating!xx

  7. I love the pegboard. I think the colours and the style would make a fab girls bedroom. We painted both the boys rooms a really neautral colour last year

  8. Lovely ideas. My daughter shares with her younger brother and I can’t wait for her to have her own bedroom!

  9. Pinterest is fab for ideas isn’t it, I can’t wait to see the finished room.

  10. That’s a beautiful pinterest board. My girls have tried a double bed (it’s a beautiful Hulsta bed that I had in the spare room before I had kids). Surprisingly, they didn’t like all the space and preferred being in a cosy single bed

  11. aww I love this especially the lights in the net curtain. I always like the idea of decorating but never complete it doh!

  12. I love decorating! Sadly my husband does not. I have so many ideas for my boys room as you have for your girls. I’m looking forward to seeing what you decide on!

  13. I love using Pinterest for decorating ideas and I’d just love to tackle a girls room, but no joy for me, it’s all boys in my household!

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