Freezing at the Park

Earlier in the week, my daughter was going to a friends house to play and I needed to get the twins away from their tablets; a Christmas present. Still a good idea I think, but they could quite happily play on them all day if I let them, which of course I don’t. Once the Christmas holidays are over I’ll hide them and they will have very restricted play but at the moment they are new and the boys are loving having their own tablet to play on so I am being slightly more lenient and allowing more time than I normally would at screens.

So I decided to offer a McDonalds lunch this day. Kill two birds with one stone. An easy lunch and getting the boys out and about. They said they wanted to go to the park afterwards which I agreed to, even though it was absolutely freezing, the morning frost hadn’t even lifted yet! We wrapped up warm and off we went.

twins at the park O and H ready for some fun. O brought his polar bear teddy along too!

After lunch and taking my daughter to her friends house, we stopped at this park. It’s near our old house. We haven’t been here since we moved a few years ago, the twins don’t remember it but there have been so many improvements to it since we lived there, so I thought it would be a nice change for the boys.

It was, for sure, a beautiful day… lovely and fresh, but bitterly cold. As we walked the path to the playground area I was thinking that maybe 5 mintutes here would suffice?! I could already feel the cold penetrating through my thick coat and gloves….. I don’t do cold! But the boys were excited at the prospect of playing on lots of new climbing frames etc so through gritted teeth I rustled up some enthusiasm!

twins at the parkTrying out some climbing frames

park funO being very thoughtful to Polar Bear, pushing him on the swings and roundabout

Kids don’t feel the cold do they? I couldn’t feel my feet at this point but the boys had already taken off their hats, complaining of being too hot! Completely mad!

In the park was a little boy from my twins class, which was lovely because they all then played together and I had a chinwag with his Mum. We’ve chatted before but always at school pick up or drop off and only for a few minutes, so it was nice to have a proper conversation with her. For a while it took my mind off the cold as we followed the children around the playground, who were having a blast laughing and running around!

twins at the park O and H and their friend

We actually stayed for much longer than I normally would have in the freezing conditions, but none of the children wanted to leave. It was only when their friends little brother announced for the umpteenth time that he needed a wee that we thought maybe it’s time to go!

It had been a lovely afternoon. We were out in the fresh air and the boys had lots of fun. We then headed home, thawed out and watched a family film together, all snug and cosy.

Twins in the cold Me and my boys


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  1. What lovely pics! I love all the smiles, you look so happy! x

  2. I am always saying that my son has his own heater in his body and I am so jealous! Kids just burn of energy! This trip outside is so nice judging from the happy expressions that everyone has on their faces =) #countrykids

  3. What a lovely day, it’s great that you managed to get your lot away from the screens for a lovely afternoon treat. The boys look like they’re having a fab time exploring the new play equipment and spending some time with their friend. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

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