Flash Mobs and Boden at the MADS

The MADS… otherwise known as the Mum and Dad Blog Awards take place annually in September and this year I managed to bag myself a ticket! I wasn’t up for an award sadly (I know!) although I was nominated – so thank you to that one person anyone that voted 🙂

Anyway, usually the only people that attend the awards are those bloggers who have been short listed, with a few lucky individuals who have either won tickets or managed to wangle one somehow! But this year, awards organiser Sally Whittle, who is the founder of TOTS100 who run the awards, invited bloggers to take part in a ‘Secret Project’  at the awards! This was open to both bloggers that were nominated and already going, but also open to others, and if you took part you automatically secured a place at the awards ceremony.

I remember from the social media coverage of the event last year that it seemed like such a fun night out… so I was definitely in! My friend Afra from Mad Mum of 7 also signed up so we both consoled ourselves in that whatever it was we would be doing (we were only told that it would be something fun and that we should not apply if we took ourselves too seriously!), we’d be in it together and we would have a right laugh along the way! I wasn’t too worried anyway, Sally wasn’t going to make us do something ridiculously awful…. was she?!

Back in July the ‘chosen few’ were split into two groups; those bloggers in the North and those in the South. We had a meet date arranged for the ‘Southern Bloggers’ as our group became known and Afra said she had an inkling as to what we would be doing. She had been chatting amongst friends and they had come to the conclusion that it may be a flash mob type thing!

the mads 2014So we thought it’d be fun to don some 80’s Fame inspired attire for the day! (sorry for grainy image of me!)

Afra was right. When we turned up Sally immediately asked (judging by our get up) if we’d got wind of the ‘Secret Thing’ somehow, which we hadn’t… it was just putting all the clues together I guess…. we had been told to wear comfortable clothes, trainers, be up for making tits of ourselves etc…. ‘the clues were there’ as they say on Through The Keyhole!!

It was great to meet the other victims bloggers… joining us for the ride as part of the Southern crew (not all in the photo carried on with our journey for different reasons so I won’t name them all!) but they were the lovely Kirsty from My Two Mums, Grace from Eats Amazing, Gretta from Mums Do Travel, and Steph from My Two girls. It was a pleasure getting to know them all. The meeting was held in a South London  school on what seemed like the hottest day of the year so far! Just perfect (not) for a load of unfit mums to learn a 4 minutes+ hectic dance routine in little more than an hour or so!! Cue lots of out of breath, sweaty and knackered bloggers!

The dance was choreographed and taught to us by the wonderful people at Stage Coach. The music was Olly Murs ‘I just want you to dance with me tonight’ and even though the routine was simple enough, it was proving tricky and utterly exhausting, especially in the heat. We were rigorously being put through our paces.

All the same, I have to say I loved it! I’m sure I was in the minority here on this day when most were wondering what the hell they’d let themselves in for…. but I really really loved it! I’m an old stage school pupil so this brought back memories of many an hour spent in a dance studio, albeit this time me being completely rubbish and I couldn’t remember the moves for love nor money! But it was such a fun afternoon!

Fast forward a couple of months of practising at every given opportunity.. (ahem) D Day arrived. The MAD Awards were happening and we would be meeting up with our fellow Northern bloggers to run through the dance routine all together for the first time.

We arrived at the Kensington Garden Hotel with quite a few hours to spare before the awards, so as to practise for our ‘performance’. After an hour or so and a lot of panicking and laughs later, we were ready! Kind of!

My Fabulous Boden Dress

For the awards, the wonderful people at Boden offered to supply us with a dress of our choice to wear from their fabulous collections! As the Secret Project, or ‘Flash Mob’ dance thing was, well, a secret…. we had to wear something to the awards that was both glamorous (so as not to cause suspicion) and comfortable enough to dance in.

There were so many gorgeous dresses to choose from but this is the dress I went for in the end…..


The Sohpia Dress

When the dress arrived I wondered if it was going to be glamorous enough, but I needn’t have worried because as soon as I put it on it looked amazing. I loved the ruched neckline, which is difficult to see in this image, but it gave a very flattering look. The dress fitted perfectly and the fabric was truly beautiful. It felt soft and tactile, silky, and it was lined with the softest of linings which gave the feeling of it being super luxurious. It’s not the sort of dress I would usually go for but I loved it and it me feel sophisticated.

boden dressI was in love with my dress and how it felt on me. I loved the feature of the zip at the back too, I thought this added an extra element to the stylish design.

The evening started off with hair and make up, lots of mingling, then drinkies….  before being seated for the meal.

the mads 2014The brilliantly witty Sally Whittle at the top there kicking off the awards after dinner. At our table, amongst others were my lovely friend Jacinta from Jacintaz3 and fellow Secret Thing blogger Ruth from Geek Mummy. The food was delicious.

All through the meal I had something on my mind! I was feeling VERY nervous about our dance and I couldn’t properly relax! I just didn’t want to forget the moves so I kept going over the routine in my head! I really needn’t have worried though because as soon as we heard our cue and the Olly Murs track started playing, the audience (that sounds funny!) were already clapping and cheering, they were great and really put us at ease!

The dance was amazing! Exhilarating – I loved it!  Here are some fantastic images courtesy of Tom Arber Photography:

the mads 2014Aww it was such a fantastic experience and one I’m so proud to have been part of. We all had a great time, and was relieved at the end when it had gone well 🙂

As you can see, I know it was over with quickly and was a very small part of the overall evening but all of us who took part were overcome at the end of our dance with a mixture of emotions… mainly relief, but also of happiness that we’d done it, we got through it and everyone loved it which made it special! My beautiful Boden dress was thoroughly put through it’s paces here too, and it looked fabulous throughout the night. I will, without a doubt be shopping at Boden again.. the quality of the dress is outstanding.

After the dance, the awards ceremony began. There were laugh out loud moments, down right silly as hell crazy moments and poignant, moving moments. If you want to see who won what, then take a look here on the MADS website, all the details are there. Compère Dr. Ranj was perfect for the job, he was funny and likeable and was easily up for the banter from a room full of crazy bloggers! If you don’t recognise him, he’s a kids tv presenter and has his own show on CBeebies where by he plays a doctor! Only he’s just playing himself. He is actually a REAL doctor!! Who knew?!

the mads 2014Here he is, Dr. Ranj with Sally – they were so funny together!

the mads 2014Myself and Jacinta with Dr. Ranj 

After the awards it was time to really let our hair down, although I didn’t stay too long as I had to get home, plans the following day.

It was a fabulous day and evening. Great to see the talents of some amazing bloggers being recognised and absolutely amazing to be involved in The Secret Thing so thank you Sally, the Tots team and everyone that shared the day and evening with me. x


  1. It was a great evening and it was lovely getting to know you and Afra through the Secret Thing. Hope to see you both again soon!

  2. Looks like such a fab event, you look gorgeous too, adore that dress #allaboutyou

  3. pigeonpairandme says

    That dress is gorgeous! But you’ve shocked me….Dr Ranj is a real Doctor? Whoever knew. Looks like you all had an amazing time. I must have seen clips of the dancing scores of times, what with all the social media sharing!

  4. hannah mum's days says

    Wow, that sounds like so much fun!! I love meeting other bloggers, it make such a difference. But getting to flash mob with them? Even better.

    Love your dress, you look stunning in it! Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou xxx

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Thank you, yes I always love meeting up with other bloggers!! Everyone is so lovely and we always have a lot of fun x

  5. Mellissa Williams says

    Looks like you had a fun time and how lovely was the dress on you!

  6. Sounds like a great evening, I’m gutted I couldn’t make it. Well done for doing the flash mob and you looked fab in your dress x

  7. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    I love your dress – perfect for flash mobbing 😉

  8. Flashmob! Id love to see one live in action!

  9. Wow you look amazing in that dress, it is stunning x

  10. looks like so much fun!! bravo for joining in the flash mob 😀

  11. Sounds like you all had a great time! I was following all the awards etc coming through on twitter!

  12. It was an amazing night and I adore your dress

  13. Sounds like an amazing nite , everyone is having so much fun.

  14. Sounds like the perfect evening and looks like the perfect dress! Love the flash mob thing 🙂

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