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My daughter is nearly 10 but she still likes dolls. Not so much baby dolls, she’s outgrown those, although her favourite one still gets an outing now and again which is sweet, but she really still loves the fashiony type smaller dolls.

Obviously it began with every little girls favourite.. Barbie, but they’re a bit ‘babyish’ now apparently, she has moved on to the incredibly popular, more ‘grown up’ Monster High dolls, which my daughter has rather a lot of. These have been favourites for a while now, but recently there have been some newer dolls that have caught my daughter’s eye…. the Ever After High dolls, and for the first time, we have some here! We were very kindly sent not one but TWO of the dolls to review!

My daughter was over the moon!

In case you’re not familiar with the Ever After High range… they are produced by the same company as Monster High – Mattel, and were created as a spin off to them. They’re very similar in that they’re based on and named after historic fictional characters. Monster High’s are the daughter’s of Monsters, i.e Frankenstein and Dracula to name two, but Ever After High are based on Fairy Tale characters with dolls called Apple White – the daughter of Snow White and Ashlynn Ella – the daughter of Cinderella… and so on. They all attend high school and are destined to follow in their parents footsteps!

The two characters we were sent are Blondie Lockes – daughter of Goldilocks and Cedar Wood – daughter of Pinocchio!

ever after high dollMy daughter’s cheeky grin says it all!

The Ever After High’s are generally divided into two groups – the Royals and the Rebels. The Royals essentially being the goodie’s and behaving themselves, while the Rebels are trying to be a bit more independent and unruly, wanting to find their own way rather than become what their parents want them to be!

ever after highA Royal – Blondie Lockes

ever after highA Rebel – Cedar Wood

ever after high

The dolls are gorgeous. Each one comes with a stand that enables them to stand up without being held. They each have a bag which opens and a hairbrush shaped as a key. The keys signify opening and writing their own destiny, which I think is an important message for children!

The back of the box has tons of information about that particular character, each one completely individual. Their likes and dislikes, what they’re good at etc, their whole personality is shared so you can really get to know them! Each doll also comes with a little storybook which doubles up as a pretty bookmark.

Blondie Lockes is inspired by Goldielocks and the Three Bears. Reflections of this story are incorporated into every details of this doll. Her lusciously long blonde hair, her dress which has pictures of cute bears on and her earrings are bears holding keys!

ever after high

ever after high dolls review

The attention to detail is amazing. Just look at the shoes! And those gorgeous blue tights 🙂

Little girls love their dolls. They notice and appreciate every single detail so having many little intricacies about the dolls to discover is so much fun!

Cedar Wood, even though she’s supposed to be not quite as well behaved as Blondie Lockes, is as equally pretty and fashionable. Being the daughter of Pinocchio, she has the appearance of being made out of wood but she is dressed to impress with a cute little pinafore number and her beautiful brunette hair is braided at the front. My daughter liked this – she loves girlie hair styles!

ever after high dolls review

Loving the socks with ribbons!

These dolls are highly collectable – there are a number of characters in each range… all as lovely and interesting as the next. It’s my daughter’s birthday this weekend and she has requested some more, which I’m going to buy for her. She really does enjoy playing with them for hours, quietly on her own, using her imagination, creating unique scenes and scenarios for the dolls. She spends ages brushing their hair and she even incorporates some of her Monster High Dolls too into the games!

I love this. It’s great to see her playing. I like that these toys take her away from her iPad or the TV for a time while she immerses herself in play. It’s what toys were invented for and these dolls really capture her imagination.

You can buy Ever After High Dolls at most toy retailers. They usually cost around £16 and are aimed at girls aged 6 years and above.

We were sent the above two dolls in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions our own.

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