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With local Councils being extremely picky when it comes to emptying your bins…. you know…. not taking them if they are slightly overflowing or being fastidious about whether the recycling is in the correct one…. it can be an extremely frustrating and annoying experience just getting rid of your household waste!

rubbish removal clearabee

Annoying extra rubbish

What do you do if you have more waste one week? Where does it go if you can’t put it in the bin? Rubbish removal can be stressful, especially if you’ve had an occasion like a birthday… extra toy boxes for example from presents or a party meaning lots of people creating lots more rubbish! Maybe you’ve been having a clearout of one of the rooms…. changing furniture… or tidying up the garden… where do you end up putting everything you no longer want or need?

You probably decide upon leaving it all in one corner of the house, if you have space, or it ends up being left in the garden, leaving an unsightly mess until you ‘get around’ to removing it properly. Only this never happens, and it tends to sit there festering for months!

This is going on right here in my own house to be honest!

We have loads of broken outdoor toys and old paddling pools etc we need to get rid of. We even have one of those bike trailers that you pull kids around in just sitting in the garden right now. It’s all ripped and ruined but do you think we have removed it? No. Well short of physically taking it to a dump, which isn’t feasible as it’s too big to get in my car… where do I take it?

How to get rid of rubbish quickly and easily

I’ve recently been learning about a fantastic, nationwide rubbish removal company, Clearabee who are simply perfect for these types of jobs.

You can use them as and when, for a small job or for a mammoth clear out… such as furniture. They even do a same day clearance which is absolutely amazing!

rubbish removal clearabee

Man & Van

Their Man & Van service is the most popular, with every employee working directly for the company, no outsourcing, so you can rest assured he will have been rigorously vetted to provide a high quality, trustworthy service. Simply book online, choosing one of the many options for size of removals… and that’s it!

Clearabee also do a Skip Bag (Beebag) which they send out to you to keep and fill up at your leisure. It’s like a traditional skip in that way, only you can keep it where you like, you’re not restricted to it being on a drive or on the road, which incurs extra costs! The bags come in different sizes too so no need to have a huge bag just sitting around forever waiting to be filled… like what usually happens with skips! Or worse, passers by end up putting their own rubbish into your skip!

rubbish removal clearabee

It’s not always big things that clog up the bins though. Sometimes we just have too much household waste. The normal every day stuff that would just be thrown in the wheelie bin that we can’t put in there because, well, they’re full and of course we know, the refuse collectors won’t collect it if it’s even slightly overflowing!

But… Clearabee will take care of this too! Simply order some of their bin bags and fill up as you would any other black bag and a Clearbee Man with a Van will pop by, at your convenience, and remove it for you. This straightforward rubbish removal service is also eco friendly, with 90% of the waste being recycled, even the vans used for this purpose are smaller and much more economical.

Clearabee also work for many businesses who need more rubbish removal than usual.. or even just a one off job of removing items due to a shop or office refit! Prices are significantly reduced too if you join their loyalty scheme, for the home or for business premises! Definitely worth thinking about if you use them regularly.

That’s better…

Sometimes, a friend or a relative might step in and say they will help with your rubbish removal which, although cheap, is not always conducive! Not knowing when this help will materialise can end up being rather stressful as it’s clogginmg up your home or outside space, but you don’t want to pester anyone who’s been good enough to offer. So realistically, in the long run, it’s best to just go with a great company like Clearabee and get rid of it straight away, then it’s not driving you mad every time you look at it and you can move forward, concentrating on the next job in hand.

Tidy house, tidy mind so they say!

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