Dentist Success

Yesterday we had a trip to the dentist.

All four children were booked in as a summer holiday treat (hehe).

My twins haven’t been before, I haven’t tried to take them until now because, well, it would’ve been absolutely pointless.

There is no way on this earth either of my twins would’ve gone anywhere near that dentist’s chair…. I know exactly what they would’ve done, and that is to hide behind me, scream and refuse to even go through the door. They are painfully shy (as I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions) and this can lead to some very difficult behaviour and intense, stressful situations, so if I can avoid a scenario that will potentially cause them (and me) a lot of upset, I will.


The Dentist has been one of those situations I’ve chosen to ignore as there has been no obvious problems with my boys teeth, but now, at almost 5 yrs old, the Other Half decided it was about time they went and took it upon himself to book them in when he had to make an appointment for our daughter. And just to go the whole hog he included Teen too…. be good to get them all done while they’re off school he said!

I had talked with O and H (my twins) about their upcoming visit to the dentist on numerous occasions leading up to the day, so they knew fully well they were going, and we seemed to reach a point where they were fine with it.

O had been to see the Doctor a few weeks before as he’d been having a lot of earache, and it was the first time in his life that he hadn’t screamed the place down as soon as we walked in. Usually he would kick and scream, he was so terrified but that time he sat on my lap quietly and after much coaxing, ALLOWED the doctor to actually look at him, albeit VERY briefly! I knew it was so very difficult for him, he was shaking like a leaf, but in that moment, I also knew we had turned a corner.

This gave me a bit of confidence to think the Dentist visit would go the same way.

My daughter was first in the chair (I think she actually enjoys it), then Teen, then it was the twins turn. But true to form, they completely went to pieces. They covered their mouths with their hands and hid behind me!

The more I tried to persuade them, the more they clung to me.

The Dentist himself was very lovely and patient. He said all the right things but they were having none of it.

It must be terribly daunting for a small child though, that first visit to the dentist. With most kids, a bit of gentle persuasion and the promise of a sticker means they’ll usually get in the chair.

Not enough for my boys.

No way.

I had to get serious. I offered to take them to the park afterwards if they allowed the Dentist to look at their teeth. I offered to call up their friend’s Mum from school and invite him over. I even offered a new toy each…. ok don’t judge, I was getting desperate!

In the end, after what seemed like ages, I suggested we leave. But told them in no uncertain terms that we would be going straight home. No park, no friend and definitely no toy.

H considered this for a moment. Weighing up his options. He finally then decided he would try. I actually felt a little guilty at this point so I said he could sit on my lap in the dentist’s chair, which he agreed to. The dentist made it into a ‘game’ where all he wanted to do was count his teeth. H opened his mouth, well, if you can call it opening, the dentists mirror just about managed to squeeze through the gap!

But it was enough to see the teeth.

Yay! All done. I was so happy! A sticker was promptly given, much to H’s delight and I could see in his little face that he felt as though he’d really achieved something, which he had! He was ever so proud of himself, as was I and we all cheered and clapped!

Now all we had to do was get O in the chair. But being notoriously more difficult than H, I wasn’t sure if this would be possible. He had just seen his brother do it though so he knew there was nothing to worry about, but still he was hiding.

I tried to be patient because I knew deep down heΒ DID want to do it. He didn’t want to be the only one that didn’t have his teeth looked at. He’s not a naughty child but his shyness, nervousness and the fact that he’s so self conscious was preventing him.

I picked him up, cuddled him, sat him on my lap and talked gently to him. I almost wished I didn’t have to force him but at the same time he did need this little check up. His mouth stayed tightly shut though until finally, very slowly, he opened it just enough.

Bless his heart.

Yay again… he did it! And like H, he was very pleased with himself afterwards which is something they both needed to feel, to realise that they CAN do it and really it’s not that bad.

I was so proud of both of them. A milestone met and conquered!

And just to let you know, the dentist counted all my childrens’ teeth and the results of this fascinated me and made me giggle! Teen has 14 on the top and 14 on the bottom. My Girl has 12 and the twins have 10! I also counted mine and I have 16.. how funny! Going up in two’s each time! Sorry but this gets me every time I think about it! (I don’t get out much!)

Teen has to go back for a filling, too many fizzy sports drinks I imagine. He is booked in at the end of the month, and I will be joining him too for a check up.

Eek! That’s if I can get in the chair πŸ˜‰


  1. Brilliant! So pleased you achieved this milestone. My kids have to go frequently as reflux has permanently damaged their tooth enamel πŸ™

  2. Ha your opening sentence, I am sure that is what my mum used to do to us x

  3. Fantastic!! Well done! My son (autistic) has serious issues with his teeth and visiting the dentist! πŸ™ xx

  4. Well done – I really need to get my son back to the dentist’s – and while I’m on maternity exemption it would be a good time to get my teeth looked at!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      It’s one of those things (for me anyway) that always seems a chore and I know we should go more often! But yes def get yours looked at while its free πŸ™‚

  5. Heeeee I go everyday to the dentist might be because I am a Dental Nurse πŸ™‚

  6. Well done, I need to take mine again very soon and I hate the dentist

  7. Well done little ones! A milestone conquered πŸ™‚ x

  8. Mellissa Williams says

    It must be daunting for little ones. Well done in getting them checked out. It’s very important to have regular check ups as you know and dental decay can lead to heart disease in the future

  9. What a coincidence! I just took my 4 to the dentists today. It was my youngests first time and I was very worried she would get upset but it went very well much to my relief. Your twins did very well, its a big thing for them. #pocolo

  10. manneskjur says

    I have a dentist phobia and found it really hard smiling and jollying the kids to go, but afterwards it made me realise that the dentist isn’t so bad after all – so it helped all of us!

  11. Well done! I still hate going to the dentist – very much try and bare it with me! x

  12. We had our first successful trip to the dentist with the little ones this year (thanks to Peppa Pig), sadly the teen needed his first filling – too much fizzy pop!

  13. It is important to get them in the habit early, so well done on getting them in. As for me, I hate dentists!

  14. We haven’t yet done the dentists – but tat is something we will be doing in the next few months and I’m dreading it!

  15. I can so relate to this – all three of mine have been very shy, getting better as they get older. Often it looks like they’re being naughty but they’re not, they’re just reacting to the situation because of their shyness and that’s so difficult. Well done in getting them all to the dentist!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Thank you, it can be very difficult at times like this, my twins are like it a lot although they are getting better. Even the smallest thing in the past has caused them great distress! I’m hoping, like yours, they just get better and better as time goes on

  16. Sounds like you and the Dentist handled it just right for your twins – glad they got a sticker!

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