Council Houses – Or Lack Of

After watching Channel 4’s programme last night ‘How to get a council house’ I was angry. It wound me up. For anyone that didn’t see it, it was the start of a three-part documentary showing how people get council houses today. This first part followed applicants and housing officers from the Tower Hamlets borough of London and to say it was provocative would be an understatement!

I feel there are two main problems with the state of the council house situation.. It’s blatantly obvious and I honestly can’t see why the Government doesn’t act. I’ve no idea WHY they don’t act because they, like me, MUST know what’s going on here. All I can think of is that they must have their hands tied by some upper governing body because if I were running this country I’d sort this out pretty sharpish.

Problem 1 – Immigrants

This isn’t controversial as far as I’m concerned. It’s fact. We are a small island and whilst I’m not against immigrants per se, WE HAVE TOO MANY!!!!! We cannot cope. Oh and by the way we’re opening the floodgates next year to the rest of the Eastern European countries; the poorest ones. Can’t wait for that (NOT).

Problem 2 – Houses

Thatcher, whilst again, I’m not anti (I grew up in the North of England so I have plenty of negative experiences about her Premiership but I’m not here to slate her as I know she did lots of positive things too, for some) – by bringing in the ‘right to buy’ scheme of council houses, whether good or bad for people at that time, is a huge contributing factor to the issues we face today. THERE AREN’T ENOUGH COUNCIL HOUSES!!!!!!!

I know there are a million and one other reasons why the housing system isn’t working which I couldn’t possibly try to cover here but I feel that the above two are without a doubt the biggest.

This country is being stretched to within an inch of it’s life in every way and I for one am worried about the future of my children living here.

I haven’t linked up to the lovely Mummy Barrow’s Ranty Friday yet so today I thought I’d write this post to join in and get this off my chest!


  1. The other problem as I see it is that council houses are for life. And i dont believe that is fair.

    If people in a council house go on (ie their situation changes) to get jobs where they can afford rent then they should give up that council house and do so. I dont think it is fair that they get to stay in the council house whilst earning decent money and blocking the way for somebody else.

    By all means if their situation doesnt change, can’t change, then yes, they are entitled to the house adn should stay, but I know of several families where two or three members of the family are earning very good money yet they are still living in their council house. Whilst thousands are on the waiting list who are living in “temporary” accomodation.

    To me that is not right.

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Yes I agree that’s definitely wrong. Sad that people should leave but at the same time if they can afford it they should. We have all gone without at times to pay rent/mortgage so why should they be entitled to such cheap living if they earn decent money. x

  2. I was thinking along very similar lines as Mummy Barrow. There is always this “I have rights” stigma that people carry through life with them, and if they’ve lived in a council house yet now have a well-paid job and can easily afford to rent privately, or maybe even buy, then surely their ‘rights’ change, just like ‘rights’ change when claiming other benefits, such as Tax Credits and Income Support.

    I didn’t watch the program but I imagine it was a hit on Twitter…

    CJ x

  3. Sonya Carter says

    Hi = I watched the programme and was left seething!! It seemed to me the most needy cases were overlooked and the family which really annoyed me was the lady who turned down a beautiful 3 bed flat,,,,,,,,,,,,because of no parking space – and yet did not have a car- but was thinking of getting one!!! grrr the poor gent who was working and his family stuffed in 2 rooms was not getting a look in – and that poor single parent lady who had been on the list 10 years was 5th in the queue and could only go and look on as another family took the flat instead!!! she didn’t want to be racist but she obviously felt betrayed when an ethnic family took it.

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