Cosy Coats for Autumn/Winter

I love Autumn, especially days like today as I’m sitting here with the sun streaming through the window. It’s not really cold but it’s getting that way. The mornings are a lot fresher so we do need coats or at least big cosy cardigans to throw on now.

I like to be warm. I’m not one to suffer the cold gladly. In the Winter I’m layered up… camisoles, long sleeved tops then a jumper. In fact this year I’m thinking of buying thermals! Yes I’m turning into a granny but I literally hate being cold.

Right now I’m looking for those all important warmer clothes for the school run. Standing on a school playground or outside a classroom is no fun when the wind is howling, the rain is lashing and you’re not wearing the correct attire! I want a new coat. I have smarter coats but they’re more suited to days out, not the school run. What I need more than anything else right now is a nice warm coat that I can just throw on and off easily, but I don’t want something scruffy, I want it to look good too.

While looking online I came across website Esprit, a clothing brand I HAVE heard of but never shopped in. Not sure why really, I guess with so many clothing websites all fighting for our attention some can get lost. Or we tend to shop in the highly advertised stores, but Esprit had some lovely coats for all occasions. I was impressed… here are some of my favourites…

espirit coat

How cosy does this look? If this had a hood I’d be buying it immediately! I like it’s longer length.. I bet it’s like wearing a duvet!

coat espirit

Love this tweed coat, the shades of green and blue would look especially lovely with jeans. What you can’t see too well in this pic is the glittery thread running through. Although fab for dressing up, this is not what I’m looking for for the school run. Not cosy enough.

cosy winter coat espirit

I NEED cosy and warm and definitely need a hood as I don’t do umbrella’s…. not on the playground anyway! Considering all my requirements, I want to go for this one (above)… it’s pretty perfect and ticks all the boxes. It has some great features like the belt, which can give me a nice cinched in waistline. The all important hood.. this one is soft and furry which is what I want. I’m also loving the buckle on the collar, this will be perfect when it’s freezing, windy and I want to feel all snug! I love it. It is quite pricey at £125 but for me, I will wear a coat for years so it’s a good investment.

I have a coat which I go back to year after year that I’ve owned for about 16 years! That sounds crazy doesn’t it? There have been years when I haven’t worn it so I guess it’s had a rest here and there and I’ve bought loads of coats since, but nothing really compares. It’s the warmest coat I own, without a doubt. A classic black, smart, brushed suede style and I just love it so much. But it doesn’t have a hood.

I wonder if the above coat, if I buy it, will take over in the favouritism stakes? I think it could give it a good run for it’s money!

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  1. Ooh I love the tweed one. I’ve been searching for a work coat and when you said it has glitter through it….

  2. The Daisy Pages says

    Oh that top coat – totally like wearing a duvet! Wouldn’t that be just perfect on those cold, wintry days when you’re standing outside the classrooms waiting for your kids…often peering through the windows and seeing they’re nowhere near ready while you’re absolutely freezing!!

  3. Jess @ Catch A Single Thought says

    Ooh the last coat you have shared with the furry hood is right up my street. I’ve been on the lookout for a longer length coat to wear on the school run so I’ll definitely check Esprit out; thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve actually heard of Espirit but I’ve never bought anything from them yet. I’m on the look out for warm jackets as I’ve got feeling this is going to be a cold winter

  5. I love layering too! I love that last coat, the belt cinching stops it looking too bulky!

  6. I love the last one with the fur. It’s the perfect winter coat, I love that it’s longer than most, definitely one to keep you cosy! x

  7. I love the black coat – the buckle on the collar makes it look different. Also love the furry hood. It looks ever so stylish. At £125 it’s not that expensive too – for a coat that is!

  8. Ohhh this is so useful – thank you. I too hate being cold and I need a new trusty coat for the horrible school runs

  9. The tweed one is my favourite! I’m currently on a world tour following the sun and I actually miss wearing/buying big coats!

  10. I love these coats. I bought 3 of the kids new coats last weekend. They were a definite hit. Next it’s hats and gloves.

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