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It’s that time of year when we parents are frantically rushing around trying to re-stock the school essentials that our children need for the start of the school year. I don’t know about anyone else but it drives me mad the extent of which my children go through things.

Uniform that they’ve grown out of is one thing, but it’s the stuff that gets lost or ruined which I have to re-buy that really gets me.

Daughters cardigan has a chewed cuff, the other one is no where to be seen and the jumper is stained. She’ll need all these replacing, even though they still fit her!!

Son has a ripped shirt, actually that’s not accurate, the pocket on the shirt has been completely ripped off, leaving a messy looking area… and another shirt has red ink all over one side. These two were new last term, both of which still fit but will need replacing! As will his blazer which has no buttons and has threads pulled!! I wouldn’t mind but he’s 14 and should be looking after his things a little better by now shouldn’t he?

And don’t get me started on the pencil cases!! The less said about these the better. Within weeks the brand new, cool pens, pencils, rubbers etc etc that I purchase at the beginning of every school year (and they don’t come cheap either) will be lost or swapped for someone else’s!

All part and parcel of the returning to school routine/fiasco after the summer holidays. It does kind of make us reflect on our own school time though. Happy or not, it’s a time that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

I enjoyed school. In my later school years I attended stage school where they had a strict uniform policy, and I mean we had to buy the LOT. Blazer, purse belt (lol), long kilt, shirt, tie, overcoat and scarf!!! The long winter coat was hideous – not what you want to be strutting around in as a teenager!!!

With this in mind, it brings me on to this fantastic competition I am running; I have teamed up with children’s fashion retailer Vertbaudet and you can WIN a pair of school shoes of YOUR CHOICE from the fabulous Vertbaudet back to school range!

This competition will run for FOUR days only, it MUST end on Friday at noon in time for me to pick a winner and for them to pick their prize. I will try to have the shoes sent out on Friday so the winner will have them in time for school; I know most schools aren’t back until mid next week! Even if you’ve already bought for this term, why not order the next size up?


To enter please fill in the form leaving your school uniform experiences from your OWN school days! As well as this I am asking for you to either ‘LIKE’ my Facebook page  or follow me on Twitter Fill in the box below with your entry…

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And the winner is:  Carroll Marsh – Congratulations Carroll

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your entries!

Terms and Conditions: This competition is being run by Vertbaudet, they are the prize providers and I am simply hosting this competition for them. The competition is open to UK residents only.  


  1. Thank you 🙂 x

  2. I remember my first school uniform! It was grey and Maroon so I wore a grey pinafore dress over a white blouse and had a maroon and white tie and maroon cardit! My memory cannot be bad at 38!

  3. laura banks says

    i didn’tmind my school uniformit was black

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      My first secondary school was black and/or grey and they didn’t really mind how you worked it!!!!

  4. I am that old that my first school didn’t have a uniform when I was there, it was only introduced when I left. Sadly I had to wear uniform in my upper school though

  5. I will never get over my shock of learning we had to wear “P.E” pants when I started middle school, horrid navy blue nylon big pants! lol mind you, 25 years later and I have learnt this style is the comfy-est, just not nylon lol 😉

  6. Amanda Hart says

    We had green jumpers, green knee length socks, green and yellow striped ties and grey skirts. It was hideous!!! But looking back at pics we did look smart and all had very shiny hair!! Oh and no lovely black patent shoes, NO brown shoes YUCK

  7. I really do not miss my bottle green uniform and boater! Don’t think I ever will!

  8. My school uniform was black or navy with a school tie. The main fight we had with the teachers about the uniform was with the tie. We wore it so it couldn’t be seen (and usually not tied, it was just hung round our necks), so we were constantly challenged with “where’s your tie?”

  9. I loved my uniform in the summer it was the gingham summer dresses of any colour and the rest of the time it was grey/back skirt and white shirt my days at my Primary were my happiest there were 6 children in my year at school and only 19 people in our joint class.

  10. One of the worst things about school uniform (other than the terrible colour) was when there was a trend for pulling a person’s tie so tight that they couldn’t undo it! Even worse was being tied to something using your tie, again with the knot so tight that you spent ages trying to escape. Ahhhh… Happy Days!

  11. Hayley Wakenshaw says

    I remember moving to a new town and a new school when I was nine. I’d never had to wear a uniform before, and we were poor as church mice. This was in the days before ASDA and Primark sold cheap clothes: everything I wore came from charity shops or was home made. Uniforms in those days had to come from the approved uniform supplier, and they were hideously expensive. So we couldn’t afford one. I had to go to school in plain clothes for months. The headmaster got more and more annoyed and the other kids picked on me more more and more. I can’t imagine any kid wanting to wear a school uniform more!

  12. I never needed to wear uniform! Uniforms came to our school just before I left 🙂

  13. Laura Vitty says

    My school was really strict and I can remember people pulling on our ties (yes, even the girls had to wear them!) and pulling them so hard that the knot couldn’t be opened and that meant you were a swot because you had a swot knot!

  14. TracyJo (@tjsi1963) says

    My uniform was a dark green skirt, jumper etc and white blouse, which I really, really did not like. Mind you, I didnt like school either!

  15. Rebecca Mercer says

    My school had a strict uniform, for PE we had to wear PE Knickers! Very embarrassing walking round in them when your a teenager lol

  16. My eldest son is starting secondary school tomorrow, the one I went to, we wore black skirts and white blouses then in the 5th year we voted what colour we wanted. We chose navy and jade. His uniform is a lot smarter, and drastically more expensive!!

  17. Helen Atkins says

    My first uniform was grey skirt, red jumper i love it good job because it was a really strict school and you had to pass inspection each morning.

  18. I used tippex on the inside of my blazer to customise it 🙂

  19. Left you my hamster skirt story and following on twitter

  20. CHRIS ANDREWS says

    all l can remember is wearing a grey pinafore and white blouse, fo routdoors we had to wear a blazer and a straw boater. Didn’t mind at the time but looking back – yuk

  21. Judith Luscombe says

    I still laugh when I think of my Grammar School uniform, my mum bought such a large and long skirt that I dont think it would fit me now. I used to roll up the waistband by about 12 inches as soon as I left home and then sneek into school with the hope that the headmistress didnt see. Inevitably she did notice all us girls with mini skirts which resulted in the skirts being let down beneath our knees, but as soon as she disappeared out of sight we would beginning rolling it up again. It brings back happy memories though.

  22. Tina Lawton says

    Loved my primary school uniform, it was a grey skirt and white shirt with a red and blue striped tie on elastic 😉

  23. cheryl lovell says

    We were the first year to wear a blazer so i was gutted! I used to urn my skirt up and wear my tie back to front!

  24. Emma Lewis says

    My P.E kit at school was hideous! Yellow/green polo shirt, tiny green shorts (that showed everything) and an optional green skirt. My uniform wasn’t too bad, except that we had to wear a really baggy grey sweater because they never fit.

  25. My first uniform was maroon cardigan, white shirt, maroon tie and grey skirt. That was OK, it was the long grey socks that I hated!

  26. adam smith says

    my uniform at primary school was white shirt black trousers/shorts, green jumper and yellow tie. hideous

  27. Tiffany wills says

    My secondary school uniform was awful white blouse and a black and yellow/orange tie (like a bee) black trousers strict no nail vanish or makeup no trainers suppose it was a good think but it’s everything a girl wants ah those were the days

  28. Jen Russon says

    Our school had a no uniform policy. I remember being picked on for wearing a sugar puffs t-shirt. Looking back I can see why lol!

  29. Anne Woodthorpe says

    My school uniform was the normal mandatory back skirt, blazer and white shirt. However our tie was red, yellow and black with a hint of green…and as for PE…well shell suits were in!!!!!! OMG I loved my purple shelly.

  30. My school uniform was grey, it was always slightly oversized as i lived with my gran and we relied on hand me downs from my elder cousin lol omg! when i think back on what i looked like i cringe but hey i was a happy kid it didn’t kill me lol

  31. michaela britton says

    We actually got to design our own schools uniform in year 9 which I thought was great

  32. Charlotte Clark says

    I miss my school uniform! Wore a blue and white dress in summer and a nice black trousers and a polo shirt in winter 🙂

  33. Hayley Todd says

    I was educated abroad and high school was compulsory until the age of 18. The school system was extremely strict, as was the uniform dress code! We had to wear white frilly ankle socks (turned down to just on the ankle bone), brown heavy buckled ‘sandals’, a pea green pinafore with a belt around the wait and v-neck and a white short-sleeved open collar shirt underneath! Plus, a deep emerald green blazer….it was hideous!

  34. Kelly Koya says

    We never had to wear uniform in primary school and I loved wearing my summer dresses once the weather warmed up! Having jsut forked out £100 for my son, I do wish he didn’t have to wear uniform neither!

  35. Laura Newport says

    I remember having to wear a tie, it took me a long time to learn to do it properly!

  36. My school uniform in primary school could either be grey or navy so my mum chose grey and then it turned out I was only one of about three others that wore grey and the other two were boys! I moaned all year and then the following years she gave in and bought me navy blue 🙂

  37. Natalie boundy says

    My first school uniform was horrible grey jumper and black skirt /trousers I used to roll my socks down like touch d sausages and pull my sleeves right up lol my mum used to go crazy saying I’d ruin them lol but I thought I looked way cool

  38. zahra heena says

    all done xx <3

  39. Susan Paterson says

    On my first day in P1 (way back in the day) my mother was very precise ensuring my school uniform was perfect….lovely grey skirt, white shirt and school tie… up in two ponytails to the side…..all ready for my first school photo….unfortunately one of my bobbles broke before the picture got taken and the teacher think to remove the other one…..therefore my first school photo shows me grinning from ear to ear with one side of my hair in a pony tail and the other side flat round my ear……embarrassing!!!!!!

  40. I distinctly remember my first day at senior school ( I was just 11) I got stung by a wasp ..still have the scar to prove it! We could wear a navy skirt or tunic style dress with a navy & white stripped blouse. I chose the tunic and loved it ..still don’t like skirts… 45 years on!

  41. I didn’t really like school. It didn’t start well when a girl puked up on my new school uniform on day 1 at comp. Still, am trying v. hard to enthuse my two kids!

  42. We had bright purple blazers and in the summer purple pinstripe dresses. Hated it then but would love it now. I can remember us all wearing our ties the narrow way around too.

  43. Katie Robertson says

    I used to love my school uniform, especially the summer, a gorgeous red dress with white spots. And a few years now (*coughs*) since my school days, I also still remember the smell of my first school satchel too. Lovely to know my twins now go to the same school I went to!

  44. Nicola Holland says

    I remember all the girls lining up at our traditional boarding school to have our skirts measured with a ruler – they had to be one inch below our knees. If not then it was an hour’s detention – ouch….

  45. Sherry Poppy Owen says

    My uniform consisted of a daffodil yellow shirt (honestly, that’s the colour the school called it, daffodil yellow!), navy skirt! Our p.e tops were yellow airtex and navy blue p.e.knickers! We were allowed to wear a navy p.e. skirt over the top if they felt sorry for us lol My eldest daughter now attends my old school and whilst the daffodil yellow shirts are still the uniform, the rest has improved a lot and she’s now allowed to wear shorts or jogging bottoms for p.e. 🙂

  46. We didn’t wear uniform in primary school but in secondary I hated it. I wore a knee length navy pleated skirt that made me look 3 sizes larger. A prim white shirt and maroon striped tie.

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