Christmas Shopping

So it’s the week before Christmas and I’m struggling to find presents for the kids. It’s a difficult year this year in that respect.

Usually, all the children have a clear idea of what they’d like but this year they don’t. Apart from Teen who wants a Moped. Still.

He wanted one for his birthday last month…. he went on and on and ON about all the ways it would be beneficial for him (and us) to buy him one. In the end I managed to talk him out of it and instead we bought him a new bike. Which at the time he was happy with, but as a couple more of his friends have managed to persuade their own parents to buy them a moped, he is back on the moped bandwagon once again!

We ARE coming round to the idea though, simply because since he’s had his bike, a road bike, I’ve been worried sick. He races around at god know how many miles per hour, no helmet, nothing. So it’s got me thinking…. would he actually be safer on a moped? Restricted (which his will be) their maximum speed is 30mph, he’ll be in the middle of the road so can be seen easily and he’ll be wearing a helmet. But we’re not entirely sure. The price tag is another issue…. we’ve been looking for a decent one in the lower price bracket and have seen a couple but they keep being snapped up before we get the chance to look at them, so we’ve had no luck. At this rate Teen will have nothing for Christmas.

My daughter hasn’t got a clue what she wants. She’s come up with some very random and differing suggestions over the past few weeks but none have stuck. I know she’s just saying things for the sake of saying SOMEthing. I cleared out our playroom recently and was shocked by the amount of toys in there that never get played with, so I’ve made a pact with myself to not buy tons of new toys this year.

We normally go overboard and it’s stupid. Our children have pretty much everything, there is nothing new out there that they want. There’s just more of the same.

At the moment my daughter has a few presents. A couple of new toys and a pair of Hunter wellies! We have yet to decide on her main present.

silver huntersSilver Hunters which my little girl will love

I started wrapping some presents today and actually, I think the twins have enough now. They have quite a few new toys, but this year I’ve bought them some clothes, new dressing gowns, pyjamas and slippers instead, and I know they will love opening those too. I also put away some toys from their birthday in August because they had so many. After their party we had at least four black bags FULL of presents and we’d already bought them a lot ourselves; they were overwhelmed so I decided to keep some back. Good plan as I have now re-wrapped those (they had no idea I hid unopened presents by the way) in the same paper as the other gifts and voila – more presents! Quite pleased with myself for that little move!

For a main present for the twins we have bought them a Hudl2 each from Tesco. I have researched the whole tablet thing extensively and the Hudl2 seems to come up top for the best tablet right now, other than the iPad. I considered iPads (mini’s) but I’d want to buy the most recent up to date one and they cost around £300+ each, and being as I would probably need to buy three (my daughter would go mad if I bought the boys one and not her, but she has a kindle fire already) I was looking for a decent, cheaper alternative. I also have points on my Tesco Clubcard which means I have practically got one Hudl2 for free!!! Pretty cool eh? I will restrict play but I think a tablet is the way to go as they absolutely love playing Minecraft and it will stop them fighting over our Ipad, or trying to get our phones or one of the older kids’ devices! They will use them more than they would any other toy anyway and there’s only so many toys a child needs!

hudl2Hudl2 I’ve bought one in blue and one in red

I love Christmas and I want the kids to have piles of presents under the tree on Christmas morning. I can’t wait to see their little faces light up is amazement and disbelief as they clap eyes on the mountain of presents before them that Santa has delivered! Of course it’s easier to make a huge pile when there are four kids but I love that they stand there for a moment, aghast, not knowing where to start…. then diving in! I mix up the wrapping paper too so they all have to search for the presents with their own name on… they love this and it really adds to the excitement.

So, here I am again… school’s finishing up and I’m not finished shopping. Every year I say I’m going to start my shopping much much earlier but I never do! I’ll most probably be nipping out Christmas Eve for the final few bits, as usual!

Have you finished all your Christmas shopping? Do you start really early? What have your children asked for this year from Santa?


  1. We have done all ours and have to say found it very easy this year

  2. To be honest I still haven’t even started but my son has only asked for a thundercat toy so I think it’s going to be easy to get sorted. x

  3. Wow those silver hunters are AWESOME I wonder if they have them in Baby’s size…. We are getting her an 8ft Trampoline for the garden 🙂 Have a lovely Christmas x

  4. I love those silver boots! I’d like a pair.
    I’ve done all my shopping pretty much all online but I’m still waiting for some of it to arrive arghhhh hope it gets here on time!

  5. I’ve almost finished – its been so tough trying to find things for everyone though. No one wants anything specific!

  6. What a great idea to save some presents from birthdays.

  7. I have done the shopping but I do feel that for my daughter each year it gets harder and harder. I refuse to give money as Christmas presents because I think it has no thought to it and you may as well stop giving anything!

  8. I totally admit I’ve given up on shopping now – the other half has claimed all his presents already, my Dad found his on “accident” and my Mum tried to throw hers away thinking it was an empty box.. Oh the fun lol. x

  9. OOh my ex threatened to buy our daughter a moped for her 16th – I vetoed that, was too scared! He wanted to do it as it can bring down your car insurance bills the following year as they already have some no claims discount. My littlest and oldest are still easy, but the 11 year old is tricky to buy for – too old for most toys, and too young to just want an envelope of cash!

  10. i did mine really early this year, hope you get finished in time!

  11. Really wishing i had put a pair of Hunters on my Christmas list!
    I hope you get sorted – you sound as if your there…. worrypot!
    Have a fantastic christmas xx

  12. Love those Hunter wellies. I’m not finished….need to get a move on. Quickly!!

  13. I have a really strict budget at Christmas and prefer to spend more on the kids birthdays. Eliza did get a pair of Hunters recently and I do have welly envy

  14. How cool are those silver hunter wellington boots ace

  15. I got my daughter a Hudl2 using my Tesco points too. It is fantastic! We are all very pleased with it. Very child friendly, just what she needed. I love the Hunter boots 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Christmas.x

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