Christmas Party Dresses

Next week, I am going on my first proper ‘Work’ Christmas party since having my children! And I’m so excited!

I’ve only been back at work properly since March of this year and I love my job. I’ve been out of the whole office environemnet for a long time and I’d forgotten about things like the office Christmas party! It almost sounds comical saying that… conjuring up visions of naff parties in offices or restaurants where everyone gets drunk and embarrasses themselves! Ha well I’m sure I’ve been to some of those in the past but this one is going to be a very grown up, sophisticated affair (we hope) as my boss has organised a fantastic night out in a very exclusive, swanky hotel for dinner, drinks and dancing.

I can’t wait.

We have decided to book a room too and really spoil ourselves for a change… it’s going to be such a treat!

But first things first, what am I going to wear? It’s dressy, but we don’t necessarily need floor length numbers. We’ve been discussing it for a while now in the office and everyone is buzzing with excitement and talking about what they are going to wear…. we’ve had some of the girls in the office ordering online and having multiple dresses delivered to work…. which means we’ve had a few catwalk shows this past week! I haven’t seen anything that’s taken my fancy though.

I do already have a dress I might consider wearing. It’s Ted Baker and I’ve only worn it once and it’s gorgeous, but a bit plain. I think because it’s Christmas, I want something a bit more…. well, sparkly, or Christmassy!

So I’ve been having a look online, although preferably I will purchase from a store so I can try on as I go, I much prefer doing it like that…. can’t be dealing with ordering, then waiting for delivery, then it not being right, then having to order all over again! How annoying! I’m hitting the shops tomorrow, but I have had a quick look online at the high street stores and these are some of my faves…….

  Christmas Party Dresses

I like the idea of a jumpsuit too…..

jump suit

jump suit


Embellished Maxi Dress – Lipsy £130.00

Bow Back Floral Dress – Hedonia £85.00

Burgandy Sequinned Dress – New Look £40.00

Gold Sequinned Dress – River Island £60.00

Red Bandeau Dress – Coast £90.00 (reduced John Lewis)

Black Embellished Prom Dress – New Look £59.99

Yellow Bow Dress – Ted Baker £159.99

Black Sequinned Top Playsuit – New Look £29.99

Blue Velvet Dress – River Island £28.00

Black Jumpsuit – Topshop £98.00

 Red Jumpsuit – £25.00

I’ve included one online item here, and that’s from who have some gorgeous party wear. I haven’t included ASOS here but they have a very extensive range of going out clothes so if I can’t find anything in the shops, that’s where I’ll be turning… and what I love about them is that once you click to view an item you like, it gives you suggestions on items to wear with it, like shoes, or even bras… as you can see here!

It’s incredibly difficult finding something to wear at times, especially when it’s for a special occasion, and I’m sure that even though I love some of these outfits here, the likelihood of me trying them on and them all looking amazing is quite slim!

But hopefully I’ll find a gorgeous ensemble very soon … I shall keep you posted.

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  1. Love the jumpsuit! Not so easy for loo trips though – I’m ever practical!!! Have fun – not been to a Christmas “do” since student days!

  2. They are all stunning dresses, I like the 6th one which is a bit sparkly and fancy x

  3. I haven’t had the chance to dress up in soooo long. i hope you have a fab night!

  4. lovely choices, will be treating myself next year to lots of party dresses!1

  5. I kind of miss work Christmas parties, mainly because I have little excuse to dress up these days. I hope you find something you like! x

  6. I’m looking forward to seeing which one you choose!! Have a great night out!

  7. Some fab choices here! I am self employed, but maybe I should treat myself to something sparkly and take myself out for dinner!

  8. Can’t wait to see what you finally decided to buy. I really like burgundy sequined one, though I doubt I can carry it off.

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Yes I like that one too, although I couldn’t find that one in the shop… I picked a silver glittery number… pics to follow 🙂

  9. I love the burgundy sequined dress. I really hope that you have a fantastic time!

  10. Shopping online is much easier but I always buy dresses only “in person”… I need to like the feel of the fabric too

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Oh yes… i like to have a good look around and feel the fabric etc, although if i’m desperate I’ll buy online!

  11. Sadly, none of them would suit me! However, the little black number is my favourite.

  12. I need to find one too, but havem’t had a chance to look around the shops – love the lipsy one

  13. I do love a jumpsuit but maybe not for a party where I may be drinking…….. Potential loo accident

  14. I can imagine how excited you must be! 🙂 That black jumpsuit looks a whole lot more expensive than it is, a rarity these days. I think it’s a great selection but I’m always partial to black. x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      I like black too! The dress I’ve actually gone for is none of the above…. it’s a silver sparkly number! Pics to follow..

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