Christmas in July – Toys

A lot of big stores and brands showcase some their new products for the coming Christmas –  in July. It’s a time for the media (and bloggers) to get a first glimpse of a selection of the exciting array of goodies we can expect to see in stores this festive season, giving them an opportunity to prepare festive editions of their correspondence, advertising and promotions in advance. It happens every year.

I was very excited to be going along to this event in particular because the PR company involved represent some of the best known TOY brands around. I was invited to take along my children too as obviously the day was geared towards them and for the purposes of review I think their feedback is paramount!

‘Christmas in July’ this year was particular strange because of the heatwave we have been experiencing! On the day it was very HOT so myself and my three youngest children who were travelling to the event by tube were dressed for the heat… not very christmassy at all! We had a short walk round to the venue which was a gorgeous London town house located just by Hyde Park.

We were greeted at the door by a life size Sonic the Hedgehog and Tatty Teddy, which were amongst some of the toys showcasing inside…. this went down well with my children who were immediately excited!! Once inside the house we were told how all the rooms had been arranged to feature particular brands of toys – my kids couldn’t wait to run around and look at everything!

Then we saw HIM. Father Christmas was in the  house…. the big man himself had made a very special out of season visit to say hello to all the children!

meeting father christmasMy Girl meeting Father Christmas on a HOT day – completely surreal!!

The first ‘Toy Room’ we ventured into was represented by toy shop giant The Entertainer; so many goodies in here – just like an Aladdin’s cave, my children spent quite a while in this room playing with various fun toys. The Silly Moo game appealed to the toilet humour side of my children who absolutely loved the fact that it poo’d as well as milked! It’s a game in which you throw a dice to milk the cow – the udders proved endlessly fascination too. They also had a remote control ‘Minion’ from the Despicable Me movies – this is a prototype but one that will go into production very soon they hope – my boys spent ages playing with this!

micommsSilly Moo game and the Despicable Me blow up remote control toy

There was also a  REAL fire breathing dragon!!  Well ok it wasn’t real but it looked pretty real, very detailed and had a button which released some vapour from the dragons mouth making it look like smoke – so cool, I think this will definitely be on the wish list for my twins boys this Christmas. Then there were the HexBugs. We love these anyway and have a few at home but new for this year they have tubes in which they can climb up and down. In fact, you can buy individual tubes and make your very own circuits – fantastic!

The next room we ventured into was the Sonic the Hedgehog room. He’s going to be big this christmas apparently. I remember Sonic from years ago when it first came out on the Sega Megadrive console – it was hugely successful – we had one, think I must’ve been around 15/16 years of age so the brand is obviously still very strong, knowing how to change and adapt over time making it appealing to a whole new generation!

My Girl posing in a woolly Sonic hat next to the bunk beds all kitted out in Sonic bed covers – my twins wanted this bedroom!

Onto the Nickelodeon room next – all four of my children watch this TV channel so I knew this would appeal. They had interactive dinosaurs from the show Dinosaur Train which could communicate with each other – very high tech and exciting! My boys love little action toys they can hold easily in their hands, they also love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so these action figures and playsets went down a storm. They are so much fun. One of my twins was taken with the Ninja Turtle watch – wouldn’t take it off!

The enticing toys in the Nickelodeon Room

I can’t leave this room without mentioning the new for this year ‘Build A Bear – Spongebob’ soft toys…. how amazing is that? You can now buy the Spongebob teddy’s to stuff and dress up from the Build A Bear outlets…. I’m sure these will do extremely well this christmas as they are such popular characters!

My twins boys had fun in the JCB room which had tons of JCB toys to play with including ride-ons, before heading outside to the rooftop terrace to try their hand at Swing Ball. I had this game as a little girl and it’s brilliant in the garden for all the family to enjoy in the summer months, or any time you wish!

Patrick from the Spongebob range and my boys having a game of Swingball

Back inside we found the Tatty Teddy room! A cute little room filled with the ever growing Tatty Teddy collection. They too have a new interactive range of teddy’s now which can ‘communicate’ with each other – this seems to be a theme across lots of toy ranges, so obviously a big thing for this christmas probably coming off the back of the ever so popular Furbies of last year!

The Tatty Teddy new signature bear is very different to the original one too… a soft, silky, smooth looking bear which I think would be perfect for a new baby or younger child – or anyone for that matter that loves soft toys!

micomms 5Tatty Teddy’s

Right at the end of the day when we were getting ready to leave, there was one thing that caught my eye which is brand new and has success written all over it; the ‘PlayAway’ child’s suitcase. Kiddie suitcases have always been a big hit in recent years; children love to have their own little bits in their own little case and these new ones not only have an amazing image on the front, they have a secret compartment that neatly comes apart from the lid of the case which can hold an array of little items like pens, pencils, drawing pads etc…. or any special items that the child wants to keep safe. Children will just love these.

micomms9The Fab PlayAway Cases

Finally it was time to leave. My three loved going around each room in a state of anticipation wondering what they were going to find and to finish it off, in christmassy style, they were given a goodie bag each; a christmas printed gift bag (which we then carried all around Hyde Park to some unusual looks from the public!) stuffed with goodies. It’s funny because there were a couple of Annoying Orange toys in there – this is something that we know about because of my Teen – it’s an internet sensation, You Tube actually, a make shift silly animation series. But obviously now they have gone mainstream and have been made into toys. Amazing!

So we came away with a couple of ideas for the christmas list… but my children have a whole five months to wait yet 🙂


  1. I’m very jealous! Looks like there are some fab new toys coming out – can’t believe Santa made it as well!

  2. I can imagine them telling their school friends “I saw santa yesterday”. “Nooooo you didn’t, derr, stop making things up!
    What an awesome day!

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