Christmas Goodies at Asda

I love the lead up to Christmas in the supermarkets, all the scrumptious food and enticing gifts. I like the small stocking filler type gifts that adorn the shelves – they start to arrive just after Halloween and gradually build up to eventually take over the whole store!! So much to choose from.

I shop at a variety of supermarkets, I’m not particularly loyal to any of them because luckily where we live we have all of them on the doorstep. But I have to admit I do enjoy visiting my local Asda, it’s huge. I have never got into the whole online supermarket shopping, I mean, I’ve done it, many times but I much prefer to gaze a morning away (if I have the time) wandering round Asda.

I genuinely believe they are the cheapest, the food is very good quality. I think they have the best selection of clothes at George, especially kids clothes, and this Christmas they have tons of fab Christmas food and gifts on offer.

We were very kindly sent a box of treats from Asda to try at home. My kids eyes lit up when they opened the box – as though Christmas had come early! They peered inside, it revealed lots of bubble wrapped goodies so the children had to literally ‘open’ each item!!


The first bits my children picked out were these yummy waffles which went down a treat. I heated them in the oven then slapped tons of butter on!! The soft and fluffy mini marsh mallows are delicious, we still have some of these left – saving them!

asda christmas gifts 2013

These gorgeous, cute little decorations were played with as toys by my children. My twins adored the two little animals, in fact they had a bit of a fight on their hands as my daughter loves rabbits and wanted this rabbit for herself!!!

There were a couple of gifts in the box, a selection of body scrubs and creams by The Orange Tree, some stylish matching hand wash and hand cream by Blooming Gorgeous for Asda, and a set of fancy pastel coloured cups.

What I couldn’t wait to get my hands on though was this huge solid chocolate slice. I was a bit mean and opened it one night after the kids had gone to bed – pure greed! I didn’t eat it all at once though I promise!


Thick, sweet, delicious chocolate. Utterly indulgent.

Oh and I also have this….


Might pop this champagne open on Christmas day – I love champagne dahling

But don’t worry, I wasn’t leaving the kids out completely! They loved these candy canes…

The bag if candy canes had a very generous amount of treats inside which means we'll all be eating them beyond Christmas!!

There’s something really magical and Christmassy about candy canes and this bag contained a very generous amount which means we’ll all be eating them beyond Christmas!!

Such a fab array of goodies for us…. really enjoyed looking through and trying it all out.

Before I go I feel I must mention the toy section in Asda.

I went into Asda today looking for some reasonably priced presents to wrap up for the kids, things like pyjamas and slippers that are very good quality but not expensive. I don’t want to waste money, I have four children. My twins love pyjamas with characters on and I picked up some fab ones in packs of two. They also have a great selection on onesies, I bought my twins some fluffy Superman ones, cape and all!

I was surprised by the enormous selection of toys. They stocked all the big brands. I was planning a trip to Toys R Us too this afternoon but I didn’t need to go, I picked up more than enough at Asda. And I know that I won’t get the same products cheaper anywhere else.

There are now five shopping days left before Christmas… Eek. If you haven’t got everything you need yet, like me, I’ve only just started, head on down to your nearest Asda and see if you can pick up some fab treats and gifts at prices that won’t be beaten.

Disclaimer: I was sent the box of treats to try free of charge in exchange for an honest review

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