Christmas can be all sewn up at The Perfume Shop

the perfume shopthe perfume shop

Like most females on the planet, I love perfume. It’s the ultimate luxury indulgence and I really don’t feel fully dressed and ready to face the world until I’ve had a spritz! It’s the finishing off of an outfit! And do we ever grow out of enjoying a good old whiff and test of all the gorgeous fragrances that are on display in the perfume department of a store? Seeing if we can pick out a new favourite? I love trying them all out.

And speaking of ‘perfume shops’…. last week I attended a press event for The Perfume Shop, to get a glimpse of all the products they are selling right now and in the lead up to Christmas. Walking into the event was heavenly, like stepping into a beautiful Christmassy treasure trove of loveliness! The perfumes on display looked  so divine I almost felt like a child in a sweet shop! What to look at first?

the perfume shopEverywhere I went there were stands like this one!

As I wandered around, I realised that I definitely needed an update in the perfume area of my life, I wanted to find some new favourites. The main thing to note about the Perfume Shop is that it sells ALL the major brands. I think some peoples’ perception of the high street store is that it’s a cut price shop that sells last seasons hits, kind of like the garments many shops bring out in the sales… but I can categorically say that’s it’s not like that at all. The Perfume Shop is bang up to date with all the new releases, as well as stocking all your old time favourites, whatever they might be! The prices are competitive, which gives it the edge of course and it’s fantastic… it’s what we’re all looking for, especially this time of year because let’s face it, perfume is rather costly, which admittedly makes it even more desirable, naturally but whether we’re splashing out for a well deserved treat for ourselves or as a gift for someone else, we want to get a good deal. And that’s the beauty of The Perfume Shop.

If we really wanted to, we could seriously do ALL of our Christmas shopping here, there’s something for every relative and friend… I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a brand new shiny bottle of a beautiful fragrance, and considering a lot of people can’t justify the cost for themselves, they’d especially welcome a gift like this.

I have to say I’m a massive Marc Jacobs fan, who isn’t? Everyone goes crazy over not only the gorgeous fresh scents but those bottles?!!!! They are a work of art in themselves and are a very clever marketing tool, enticing us to look, touch and feel the bottle and fall in love before we’ve even smelled the fragrance!

marc jacobsThe newest addition to the Marc Jacobs collection is the Daisy Dream.. stunning or what? 

The bottles are a big draw these days. Some companies are going all out to create a new show stopper. The celebrities seem to be going down this route and anyone who’s anyone, or even a no-one seems to have a fragrance out these days! Others are trying to create that simple but classy look!

Men love aftershave almost as much as women love perfume and there are almost as many different varieties. This one, Boss by Hugo Boss has been the No1 mens fragrance for many years apparently.

the perfume shopBoss by Hugo Boss, it has that real aftershavey man smell, can’t quite describe it but it smells so good! I can see why it’s a best seller.

And what about the children I hear you ask? Well, The Perfume Shop have got this covered. They have quite a selection of kids perfumes and aftershaves that any well groomed child would adore! We were at a party a few weeks ago for my 5 yr old twins friend from their class at school and whilst they sat down at the party table to enjoy their food, I got a whiff of something sweet and beautiful… on closer inspection, it was the little birthday boy who was wearing Batman aftershave! Ha! His Mum told me a relative had bought it for him and he loved it! He’s 6 🙂

The Perfume Shop has the Batman aftershave for children, as well as a Spiderman and many others, all boxed up as a great little gift sets. For the little princesses out there though, how about this one…..

the perfume shop frozenA Frozen inspired perfume and little bag set!

I’m sure any little girl would love waking up on Christmas morning to this in her stocking! And again, there are many others like it in store. If you’re stumped as to what to buy someone for Christmas, you won’t go far wrong with perfume.

Looking at the Top 10 most popular perfumes for men and women, there aren’t any surprises in there. Coco Chanel is in there, which used to be one of my favourites years ago!

the perfume shopJust some of the favourites

I’ve had a few ‘favourites’ over the years, some of which I’ve been completely loyal to and haven’t worn anything else other than those at that time! It’s funny how we do that…. we like to have that signature scent, something that makes us… us, and something that will maybe leave it’s mark on someone special, that will make them think of you whenever they smell it! Ah romantic!

I remember when this perfume came out, I think I must’ve been around eighteen years old, or thereabouts and when I discovered it…. Wow was I blown away! I used to wear it all the time and was completely in love with it, and the bottle!

the perfume shopJean Paul Gaultier 

I don’t wear it any more. Not that I don’t like it, but because it’s a part of my past, an era where it shared many a good time with me and brings back lots of memories, so I feel as though it should stay back in that time. Where it belongs.

Nowadays I tend to flit from one perfume to another. Maybe I have too many but I do absolutely, totally and utterly love to have lots of perfumes to choose from when I’m getting ready to go out! And I was really in my element being at the lovely press show for The Perfume Shop. They even, very kindly, gave me quite a few to take home!! I was actually squealing like a small child inside at the generosity!

This is one that I haven’t worn before, but since being given it to take home, I’m loving it…..

the perfume shopthe perfume shopA bit of an oldie but oh such a goodie! Chloe.

Plus, I’m the envy of all my friends right now having bagged this brand new one too….. and I LOVE IT…. wearing it all the time!!!

Mac Jacobs Daisy DreamThe gorgeous Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream – I couldn’t resist another photo!

the perfume shop

So, I have a couple of new faves now to add to my perfume collection! I will be starting my Christmas shopping soon too, and relatives will be asking me what I want… so maybe a trip to The Perfume Shop will be on the cards for everyone!


  1. I LOVE the Marc Jacobs bottles, so collectible, but my fav smell is JPG!

  2. My fella wears Boss Bottled everyday for work!

  3. I really need to do a shop with perfumes for christmas!

  4. I love perfume bottles they are always so pretty and I think every year I must buy my mum a new bottle!

  5. That bottle is really sweet isn’t it. I ought to wear perfume more.

  6. youbabymemummy2014 says

    This looks like an amazing event! I LOVE that Daisy Dream bottle, so pretty x

  7. Love the Frozen one they dont miss a trick .x

  8. Marc Jacobs do make great bottles in the womens range don’t they? I’m a lover of Paco Rabane but BOSS by Hugo Boss which you pictured has been my signature scent for the last 12 years.

  9. That is such a stunning bottle! Hope it smells as good as it looks!

  10. I love the Marc Jacobs bottles, they are amazing x

  11. I’m not a big user of perfume but my girls would adore the Frozen set.

  12. Such beautiful bottles. I must update my perfume too.

  13. Ooh I haven’t tried Daisy, I do love channel chance and vicktor Rolf too x

  14. I rarely get to wear perfume these days but I am swung by a pretty bottle too

  15. The Daisy Dream looks positively dreamy. Love the bottle, can’t wait to visit the shop and test it out.

  16. I actually haven’t been perfume shopping for a few years now. It’s so hard to spend some dedicated time on it with two young children in tow. It sounds like there are some lovely scents for sale.

  17. What a wonderful event, I love jean paul gautier perfume , its one of my fav.

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