Our Christmas and New Year 2013/14

I was a bit confused as to what I wanted to do this Christmas, in terms of where I wanted to spend it.

We usually go to the mother in laws for dinner and spend the rest of the day there. OH’s sisters are there as well as other members of the family so usually quite busy.

I have done Christmas dinner on a couple of occasions at our house which was fine, even if everyone did have to wait forever to be fed!

I lost my Mum five years ago now so there is my Dad to think about. He lives up North, in Lancashire, and we visit each other regularly. He has been down to us sometimes for Christmas and other times he has gone to my brother so this year I thought I’d like to spend Christmas at his home, my childhood home, with him.

But it’s a bit tricky.

Mainly because I would have to take ALL the presents for four children in the car with us on the journey – not sure I could hide a pile that big, even if I DO have a big car. Staying all over Christmas would need a fair bit of luggage for six people so it would be pretty impossible for presents to fit in too.

But also because there’s limited room at my Dad’s. He has an average three bed house but to accommodate seven people (incl. him) is a very tight squeeze.

My Dad could’ve come down to us but we decided to do what we’ve done the past few years which seems to work out well, and that is to spend Christmas day and the few days after at home, then drive to my Dad’s to spend new year with him.

So that’s what we did.

The OH goes back to work so he stays behind, leaving just me and the kids, which makes the sleeping arrangements easier too, and I love having that quality time with my Dad where we can just be together, and the kids absolutely adore him.

I love being around my Dad. He’s the most amazing man, the best. He’s kind, fun, happy and ever so generous in terms of his time, affection and patience. Even though it hurts me that I don’t live nearby and I can’t just ‘pop round’ when I want, sometimes I feel as though it gives us more time together if that makes sense.

When I visit him, I stay for a while, at least a week, it used to be a lot more when my oldest was small and I didn’t have to restrict visiting to school holidays, which means we can spend every moment together just catching up. It means that we can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together and I can say night night to him before going to bed in a house that holds so many dear and precious memories.

I then get to wake up and spend another whole day with him.

I’ve always been a Daddy’s girl and since my Mum passed away I have become rather protective of him. He’s getting on a bit now which scares the living daylights out of me and makes me want to appreciate every day I have with him.

I know many people who live near their parents don’t spend as much quality time with them as I do with my Dad. Quite often people do just ‘pop in’ to their parents house meaning they’re not getting that all important quality time, so it makes me feel better to know I have more than that.

My Dad stays with us a lot too but when I visit him I get the opportunity to see old friends and spend time with my brother and his children, my two nephews, who live nearby. His kids are of similar age to mine and they all get on so well. It feels ever so cosy when we are all together.

Back to Christmas day though. The presents were only bought and wrapped a few days before so it was a mad rush – nothing like leaving it all to the last minute but hey, that’s how I roll!!

Every year I tell myself I will start early but of course I don’t. Next year I most definitely will 😉

No matter though, we had everything we wanted and more.

We spoil our kids at Christmas, as much as possible that is. I don’t think you can spoil them too much, not at Christmas. Not when they’re small and believe in Santa and all the magic that it brings. Seeing their delighted faces, amazed with wonder when they see their presents under the tree, along with all of us being together and happy in those moments, is what makes Christmas special for me and what will make special memories for them when they’ve grown up.

Presents piled up under and around the tree

Presents piled up under and around the tree

I loved Christmas as a child and I remember always having so many presents, a main one and then lots of other, cheaper gifts all mixed up with my brothers gifts in the same wrapping paper. This was great because we both had to frantically search for the labels to see who the present was for which made it a lot more exciting than having a pile each. This is a little tradition I have carried on for my own children. My parents didn’t have tons of money but they made sure we had the best Christmases.

In our house we make sure we take our time opening presents, restricting the kids to a few at once, otherwise they’ll have all the paper ripped off in 10 seconds flat without even really noticing what’s inside and resulting in a real lull afterwards. We remind them to look at what each other has received too so they can feel appreciative and it makes the excitement last longer.

Didn’t manage to take many good pictures from the morning, spent more time videoing but here are a few snaps:

Some present searching..... even our rabbit was a good boy and received some presents!! He had to really as my Girl had made him a stocking at school!!

Some present searching….. even our rabbit was a good boy and received some presents!! He had to really as my Girl had made him a stocking at school!! Teen didn’t want to photographed this early in the morning by the way, he hadn’t done his hair!

We headed over to Mother in Laws for dinner and more present opening, it was quiet there this year as one of his sisters was in Australia, one was staying at home with her own in laws but the other one was there and even though she’s the oldest of all the siblings, she’s a big kid and loves to play so we got the chance to relax a little!

H posing


O pulling faces lol


My Girl got some lovely Uggs for Christmas which she was over the moon with


But she absolutely loved these tacky little Christmassy dangly earrings… what more could a girl ask for hehe!!

We ate far too much but had a lovely day. We had another few days at home while OH was off work then headed up North.

I arrived at my Dad’s after a long three and a half hour drive and relaxed straight away.

New Years Eve we spent at my brothers house during the day then came home later to put the twins to bed. My Girl decided that she wanted to try her first New Years Eve of staying awake until midnight which I agreed to. She wanted to last year but I insisted she went to bed and I later regretted it, feeling bad because there was no reason why she shouldn’t! My Teen is another story regarding NYE but I want to write about that later.

I’d eaten so much food during the day and evening that I could’ve happily gone to bed early but I was determined to see the new year in. My Girl started to flag around 10.30pm and I thought she might not make it, she was a little bored I think as all we were doing was watching TV, so I decided to play some games with her…. hangman being the one she enjoyed the most….. We know how to rock and roll in this house you know!!!

My Girl with her bedtime teddy looking very sleepy and waiting for midnight....

My Girl with her bedtime teddy looking very sleepy and waiting for midnight….

As soon as we had finished watching the spectacular fireworks on the BBC we headed off to bed….. She had been sleeping with me at my Dad’s so it’s bliss snuggling up to her!

I’m still at Dad’s right now, sitting in the dining room writing this. It’s been a lovely break, so relaxing. I’m due to drive home tomorrow which I’m sad about, I feel as though I’m in a little bubble when I’m here… away from the real world. The children never want to leave either. But I AM looking forward to seeing the OH who has missed us bless him.

All back to normality next week! I’m dreading the kids going back to school, all that getting up and out of the house early, trying to get three kids ready for school in super fast time when they don’t want to move! Teen is back on Monday and the others back on Tuesday. I’ll have lots to do when I get back so I’m relishing having my last few hours here.

I do feel rather lucky that I have this little escape, to recharge the batteries in readiness for the next school term which will be spent rushing around like a madwoman;  ferrying kids about non stop.

But for now that’s another Christmas and New Year done and dusted – time to look ahead to the coming year and make plans……. I wonder what this year will bring for us? Hopefully much love and happiness.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and wish you all the very best for 2014!


  1. You had me with your words about your Dad. This is exactly how I feel about my Dad. Luckily I live very close to my mum and dad and my dad helps me out every day. I too am a real Daddy’s girl. Beautful posy. #pocolo

  2. Looks like you had a good time, with lots of pressies and smiley faces. Tiring, but fun!

  3. It’s so lovely that you have such a close relationship to your dad. It’s a very special thing, and I can only hope my girls feel the same about hubby in the years to come.

    Very lucky kids with all those pressies too 😉 sounds like a fab Xmas! Happy new year lovely xx

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Ah thanks, we had a great Christmas and yes I do feel lucky to have had a Dad like mine. I love him so much, he simply is amazing…. I’m sure your girls will feel the same xx

  4. Sounds like you had a perfect Christmas and New Year 🙂 My husband arranged for my mum to fly over as a surprise, so we were able to spend Christmas together which was wonderful. It’s tough being away from family xx #PoCoLo

  5. What a lovely Christmas – it sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your Dad. Thank you for supporting PoCoLo this last year xx

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