Fun at The Marvel Universe Live show

Marvel Universe Live Cast

The Marvel Universe Live show soared into the UK in spectacular fashion and blew the socks off the venue in which it was shown!

Kicking off in Nottingham for it's official launch, the crowds loved it! Next stop was London and the O2, which is where we caught it!

Press night was a Friday so it was a mad rush after school to get to the O2! It was the day after the massive thunder storms that hit the South East and there was severe disruption on the trains! We managed to get there though.. just in time!

We grabbed our seats as the O2 started to fill up... three very excited kids, glow necklace in place, ready for the action!

The lights went down and then the show started! It was incredibly loud from the outset, with Thor booming onto the stage in a cloud of smoke!

I loved the fact that there was a proper story line to follow and the show wasn't just made up of appearances from the Superheroes and stunts! An original comic strip adventure, there is a battle over the Cosmic Cube, the source of ultimate power and one of the most feared and coveted treasures in the Marvel Universe. The Cosmic Cube has been shattered into pieces by the Mighty Thor in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Marvel's Super Heroes must band together and trek across the globe to retrieve the fractals and unite them.

What struck me initially were the out of this world special effects! The big screens at one end took us all on a flight through the windows of some kind of superhero jet plane! They also provided a backdrop for many amazing scenes!

marvel universe live

marvel universe live

marvel universe live

The show was utterly thrilling to watch! It was stunt after stunt in varying forms.... there were actual cars bombing about the arena, fantastic motorcycle scenes and explosions with real fire!

marvel universe live

marvel universe live

marvel universe live

What struck me initially were the special effects! The big screens at one end took us all on a flight through the windows of some kind of superhero jet plane! They also provided a backdrop for many amazing scenes!

It was exciting meeting the various characters as the story unfolded. We had to keep our eyes peeled as the Superheroes appeared from all directions... even from way up high! But that's to be expected I guess from the likes of Spiderman!

marvel universe live

marvel universe live

marvel universe live

marvel universe live

It was like being in the middle of an epic superhero movie from start to finish! It was spectacular, I think that's the only way to describe it!

My boys couldn't quite believe what they were seeing.

marvel universe live

Once they relaxed (and got over the enormous BANG at the start which startled them!) my boys loved it. I could see they were following everything that was going on and enjoyed pointing at the superheroes they recognised as they came out... this got them very excited! I think you can guess who H's favourite is!

marvel universe live

We didn't want the show to end even though we were all very tired at the evening performance! The boys were buzzing afterwards! I'm so glad we went to see it. It's definitely one not to be missed for any fans of the Marvel comics, films and characters. A great family show!

After the O2 the tour has taken a break but will return to the UK in December in Birmingham, before continuing into 2017 with dates in Belfast, Manchester, Sheffield and Glasgow!

You can see dates and book your Marvel Universe Live tickets here.


The trailer

Swan Lake – My First Ballet

Are you a fan of ballet? Do you have a daughter, or indeed a son who is? Have you ever taken them to see the ballet at the theatre?

I took my 9 year old daughter to see The Nutcracker last Christmas and it was a very magical experience which we both enjoyed immensely!

I think going to see a ballet is considered a pastime only for the more cultured sections of society, similar to going to see an Opera. But these shows can, and should be enjoyed by anyone at all. Choosing the right ballet to see for the first time though is important. The Nutcracker is one such ballet, because the storyline is familiar and relatively easy to follow, which is a good place to start, especially for children and those that haven't been before. But even with that, some children may find the fact that there is no dialogue and the story is told through dance alone, a little difficult to follow.

childrens swan lake

That's why the 'My First Ballet' series of ballets, by The English National Ballet has been created.

Performed by talented children (aged 9 and upwards) who attend the English National Ballet School and with a narrator to help the targeted young audience follow the story, this is the perfect way to introduce children to the art of classical ballet.

The latest installment in the series is Swan Lake.

Tchaikovsky's wonderful music and the performers will tell the famous story of the evil magician Rothbart who has turned the beautiful Princess Odette into a swan, who can only return to her human form at night. Then there is Prince Siegfried.. will he be able to save her or will he too fall for Rothbart's sorcery? The world's favourite ballet takes us on a journey from a Royal Palace to the magic of Swan Lake.

I have been offered two tickets to see the ballet when it comes to London next week and I cannot wait to take my little girl. She is going to love it. It will be at the Peacock Theatre from 2nd to 12th April before visiting a few more towns throughout the UK.

If you want to book tickets, and if you have a ballet mad little girl (or boy), then this is a must.... visit the My First Ballet section on the English National Ballet's website and see which venue is nearest to you.

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