Wednesday Words – Quote #4


I love this quote. I believe it, although we can’t always have 100% of people around us who lift us, sometimes people can’t help being difficult or in need and we cannot turn our backs on them.

But I do believe certain individuals can be a drain on us, mentally. Some people are just downright miserable, for no reason, perpetually moaning, never happy with their lot. You know the ones, they seem bitter, constantly putting others down or worse, putting YOU down.

They sap your energy and bring nothing to your life.

Have you ever had a friend or partner like that? Sometimes it’s difficult to spot until you wake up and smell the coffee!

These people should be avoided at all costs, if possible, and if not, try to spend as little time with them as you can 🙂

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Wednesday Words – Teenager

My Teen has been especially exasperating this week so I came up with this little ditty for this weeks Wednesday Words!


Posing – as usual

My Teenager

My teenage boy, it’s safe to say

drives me mad its true,

the constant pestering all day

and cheeky comments too.

At times his teachers do despair

but luckily for him

they think he’s great, I’m not sure why

he puts no effort in.

His fun and charming ways ensure

he’ll win them all around

Intelligence and wit shine through

when not acting the clown.

He eats me out of house and home

and constantly wants cash

for clothes and haircuts, looking good

he really is quite flash.

Lifts to here and lifts from there

for him and all his friends

“where is this” and “can’t find that”

the torment never ends.

Girlsfriends too I can’t keep up

Snapchat, Skype and that

Instagramming all the time

I like to poke fun at.

He’s not all bad though, heart of gold

A mummy’s boy it’s true,

we laugh at almost anything

he’s kind and caring too.

I spoil my gorgeous teenage boy

because I love him so

he’s growing up so fast it’s mad

and I want him to know,

How very proud I am of him

he’s everything and more

My bestest friend in all the world

My son, who I adore.


© Mummy Endeavours

Crazy With Twins
Prose for Thought

Wednesday Words ‘Quote’

I just love the simplicity of this quote. I like to read it often as the words really strike a chord with me.


This is the first time I’ve joined in with this link up hosted by Emma at Crazy with Twins, so I’m very excited! It’s nice to be part of the very first Wednesday Words of 2014, click on Emma’s badge below if you want to have a look at what it’s all about!!

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