You’ve Got a Friend in Me #Thinkwayfriends

It’s all back to school now within the next week and I have to say I’m gutted. I love having my kids off and spending all our time together! I love the leisurely mornings we can have and hate the early routines of school runs… waking up the kids, rushing them out of the door! This next term too sees the return of the dark mornings which are the worst!

My twins always struggle with back to school after summer holidays. They have been known to cry at the classroom door… not because they hate school, they don’t, it’s just they want to stay with me. Last year though, we tuned a corner and I think (hope) this will be the case this year.

The reason for this change is because they know they will be seeing all their friends again! They’ve got to the age where they realise the importance of friendships and how much joy they bring. They love their little ‘gang’ of boys and getting together again at school after the long break will be lots of fun!

This motley crew is made up of my twins and their school friends at a party just before the end of term in July!

Friends are THE best thing about school, I think most people would agree. When you think back as an adult to your own school days, it’s the laughs you had with the friends you made that will probably stick out the most in your memory!

This week we were sent some brand new Toy Story Buzz and Woody toys from Smyths to celebrate all things friendships! We’ve had Woody and Buzz before in our toy collection. In fact, we have quite a lot of the characters from the film as all four of my children have been into them over the years and they’ve popped up frequently under the Christmas tree! Teen (19) even had the original ones from way back when! But these, made by Thinkway Toys are definitely the most true to life ones we’ve seen! At 12″ tall they’re nice and sturdy, with Buzz being able to stand up on his own!

They’re stunning aren’t they?

toy story buzz and woody thinkway toys

Buzz and Woody were definitely the best of friends in the Toy Story films. Yes they disagreed and had their fall outs, but that’s completely normal for best buddies isn’t it? Children can relate to these two favourites as they learn all about friendships themselves. Buzz and Woody are great role models too as they stick together through thick and thin and don’t give up on each other when times are difficult! Buzz has rescued Woody and Woody has rescued Buzz throughout the 3 Toy Story films!

Now we’re on countdown for the release of the brand new Toy Story movie coming out next year in June 2019! Toy Story 4… how exciting! I can’t wait to see what all the toys get up to this time… the last time we saw them, which was way back in 2010.. can you believe it was THAT long ago? Andy went off to college and ended up giving his beloved toys to the little girl round the corner! I wonder if we’ll get to see Andy again? I hope to see lots more Buzz and Woody adventures…. and there’s bound to be some new characters as there always has been with each new film release!

Great friendships come in all forms and aren’t just for school… even siblings can be the best of friends and nowhere is this more true than in my home with my twins…. they are the epitome of best friends and are always happiest playing together! They are kind and supportive of each other, yes they have their moments when they argue, but they are fiercely protective and I hope this is what they find in school friendships they make too.

twins toy story toys toy story 4

I decided to take the two sets of best friends out for an afternoon play at the park…. Woody and Buzz and my twins! They had lots of fun!

toy story friendsEnjoying the see-saw together!

toy story BuzzBuzz Lightyear liked the play house

toy story woodyWoody liked the slide

toy story buzz and woodyEnjoying the rope climbing frame

toy story buzz lightyearLucky Buzz even got to share some ice cream

My twins have played lots with Buzz and Woody since we’ve had them and now I’m giving you the chance to buy some of your favourite Toy Story Characters with my new competition!

There’s a £50 Smyths voucher to be won here on the blog and all you have to do to win is fill out the Gleam widget below!


£50 Smyths Voucher #ThinkwayFriends

Best of luck!

If you have a child starting school this September… here’s to them making lots of new wonderful friends! For those that are returning…. here’s to lots more fun with the great friends they already have and for the new ones that might come along!


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Big teeth growing behind baby teeth & losing teeth!

So my twins are in Year 2 at school and were the only kids in their class not to lose a tooth yet.

Until this week.

Fair enough, they’re the youngest in the year group so it probably makes sense that they would lose their teeth last, but it doesn’t work like that. And anyway, quite a number of their classmates had lost a good few teeth in Reception, TWO years ago!

I was glad though. It meant my boys were still officially (well to me) my babies. I don’t want them to grow up fast, they’re my last children of four and to say I’m savouring every millisecond I spend with them would be an understatement.

I absolutely worship my little boys and it terrifies me how times flies, I hate it. I have a 17 yr old boy so I’m acutely aware of the speed in which they grow up. It seems like yesterday that he himself was losing his first tooth… and now he’s almost a man, towering above me!

My twins have had a wobbly tooth for ages now! H’s little bottom tooth first (I think it’s always this one that comes out first isn’t it?), then O’s. But because they are them, little worriers, they didn’t want to ‘wobble’ their wobbly teeth manically like most kids. My daughter doesn’t leave her teeth alone and they’re usually out in no time from the constant interference! But the twins were playing it very cautiously, barely touching their wobbly teeth, which meant they didn’t really get any wobblier!

Then a strange thing happened!

We noticed that H had a new tooth growing BEHIND the loose one! This was a first for me, I hadn’t seen anything like this happen before. My older two kids’ teeth didn’t do that and I panicked slightly!

This can’t be normal I thought. He can’t have a tooth growing there surely? The ‘big’ tooth looked massive compared to his tiny wobbly tooth, as though it didn’t belong there at all! It’s further back in his mouth and it’s not inline with the others! Eww…. it looked weird to me, abnormal. This should not be happening I was sure of it!

Of course, I tried to force H to wobble that wobbly tooth and MAKE it come out! I was convinced that his lack of wobbling and subsequent prolonging of the tooth being in his mouth, was the reason for this new tooth to be growing at the back. It simply had no room!

H was in no rush though. I think he was concerned about it coming out. It must seem a little scary though to a youngster.. the thought of a tooth literally falling out. He hadn’t gone through it before so he didn’t know what to expect!

Fast forward a few weeks and the tooth was still there and the big tooth was still growing behind, getting bigger!

More panicking by me, so I did what every other parent does these days when they’re worried or don’t know the facts about something…. I googled it!

‘Big tooth growing behind baby tooth is this normal?’ was what I typed in I think.

Of course, there were trillions of answers and all of them confirmed that it was indeed quite normal. It reassured me that once the baby tooth fell out, the big tooth would move forward and be in the right place. Usually this happened by itself, but some Mums took their kids to the Dentist, who pulled the tooth out.

I felt better. I decided I would just leave it to nature and let the tooth fall out naturally.

Which it did this week!

Whilst brushing H’s teeth, I actually thought the tooth was out. It was hanging there by a thread but still attached! I told him it would probably come out at school and to try not to worry.

losing baby teethHere is the tooth hanging out, and you can see the new one behind. It had actually started to move forward already at this point, which is what probably forced the baby one out!

When I picked him up, it certainly had come out! At lunchtime whilst eating his food! He was very happy and excited! He had his tooth in his pocket and couldn’t wait to show me!

After all the worrying, the tooth simply came out when it was ready.

The Tooth Fairy made a visit that night but low and behold, H’s other bottom tooth at the front fell out the following day (yesterday) and then his twin, little O’s tooth, which hadn’t been quite as wobbly… fell out during the night! We had to go hunt for it this morning in his bed! I was so happy O’s had come out too, I’m sure he was feeling a little left out!

first tooth outO’s gappy mouth!

Jheeze! These teeth are like buses – you wait ages for one to come out then three come out all at once!

The teeth have come out without any problems, the big tooth is moving forward and into place and because the teeth weren’t rushed (being wobbled all the time) there wasn’t any blood or even any redness where the tooth had been!

But you know what this means don’t you? My babies are growing up, I can’t deny it! (sigh)

Big boys now with some big teeth… and big gaps!

gappy teeth





Twins Milestone – Going to school alone

Because my twins Oscar and Hugo have always been incredibly shy, they find the most familiar of settings uncomfortable sometimes.

School has been one of those settings.

Considering kids go every day, for a shy child, school can still seem slightly daunting, however familiar they are with it. It’s the fear of the unknown… there’s bound to be something new happening each day after all, and the fear of being singled out, asked a question or asked to read out loud etc is real.

Oscar and Hugo are now in Year 2 and 6 yrs old. It’s not been an easy ride as they’re the youngest in the year group too…. premature August borns. But they have settled in and their confidence is growing all the time, albeit slowly.

Within their comfort zones, with their close group of friends and their regular teachers, they’re great. They do have each other too to lean on in times of doubt.

Up until the start of year 2, neither of them had been to school without the other. They’re in the same class… something I insisted on and had to fight for when they started school initially, and it’s worked well. But going to school without their twin just hasn’t been an option really, because of the shyness, and because they’ve always been together. It’s a whole other new experience that they just haven’t seemed ready for.

It hasn’t really mattered though to be honest because during reception and year 1, my boys were pretty much ill at the same time. They had colds together and bugs together… it may have over lapped a day or two when one possibly could’ve gone in, but at such a young age I was of the opinion that I wouldn’t want to cause them stress unnecessarily. They were just about coping with school so I didn’t want to upset the apple cart, so to speak, by forcing one of my boys to go into school on his own kicking and screaming.

This year though I made a promise to myself that if one was fit and healthy enough to go to school then he should, even if his brother was off. Year 2 is a big step up academically so I didn’t want them to miss school and fall behind, plus I believe they’re strong enough to cope now.

Last term I had to put this to the test quite early on.

Oscar and Hugo both picked up quite a bad cold and were off school for a day or two together. Hugo improved but because of his asthma, Oscar was in no way well enough to be in school….. so the day came.

Both myself, Scott and my daughter Poppie chatted with Hugo about it the evening before. We explained how he should go to school because he was well and that Oscar needed to stay home because he was ill. We had already discussed this at length over the summer, so that both boys knew it might happen but when it came to it now, I wasn’t sure how Hugo would take it.

To my surprise though, Hugo seemed ok with it. Excited even, and this hadn’t waned by the the following morning. He ate his breakfast and got dressed, all while I was reassuring him that he would still be doing his normal activities at school, even without Oscar (they sit on different tables anyway and play with other boys in a large group so it’s not as if they’re glued together).

But when it was time to go, Hugo’s mood shifted. The reality kicked it. He said he didn’t want to go without Oscar and began to cry.

My heart sunk and I felt so upset for him but reminded myself that I couldn’t just keep him home, however much I wanted to at that moment.

It was getting late though and I didn’t have time to faff about, we needed to leave. But I had to handle it right if I was going to get him out of the door!

I cuddled and squeezed him tight and tried to make going to school on his own sound fun. Different. Exciting! I suggested that now he’s a ‘big boy’ and doing so well at school, his teachers wouldn’t want him to miss any lessons and how great he would feel once he’d done it. I said anything really to encourage him and he gradually came around.

Just out of the car at school with a renewed excitement. 

I could see he was trying to be strong as he slowly, reluctantly climbed into the car looking sad. My heart went out to him. But once we arrived at school he spotted a friend and they ran in together and he didn’t bat an eyelid. Woohoo – wasn’t expecting that! I thought he would go to pieces at the door but no. I was so relieved. I did ask his teacher to keep an eye on him in case he felt a bit ‘lost’, as I reminded her this was his very first time at school without his twin and a big moment.

I felt emotional as I walked back to the car. It was a big deal for me too… a milestone in the lives of my beautiful boys. I then started to overthink… what if Hugo was on his own at lunchtime and on the playground at playtime? I had visions of him hiding in the corner somewhere, desperately missing his brother.

I fretted all day. Oscar even had a little cry at lunch time when we were discussing what Hugo would be doing at that moment. Bless him. He was worried about his twin too.

I literally couldn’t wait to pick him up.

I needn’t have worried though. Hugo came running out of his classroom absolutely beaming and full of himself! He’d had a great day and couldn’t wait to tell me all about it. It was wonderful, I felt so happy for him.

Hugo had learned that he could do it. He could go to school on his own and it would be absolutely fine. I’m sure it gave him a whole new sense of belief in himself, that he could do anything!

Proud just isn’t the word. Bless my little boy.

One down, one to go!

Then just before Christmas, the tables turned and this time it was Hugo that was unwell. That meant that it was Oscar’s turn to go to school by himself.

Oscar struggles more with his self confidence than Hugo. He’s  more shy. Even though they’re similar, Hugo has always been that little bit easier to manipulate. Oscar is very, VERY stubborn. When it came to talking him round to going to school without Hugo for the first time, I knew it wasn’t going to be quite as straightforward.

He didn’t want to go. He was absolutely adamant. He wanted to be with Hugo and stay home. He told me in no uncertain terms that he wouldn’t go. I could see the worry on his face.

I didn’t want to insist, I felt sorry for him because to me, he’s so small and vulnerable. But I knew he needed to do this now for his own development and growth as an individual. No excuses. It would be good for him. He was acutely aware that Hugo had ‘done it’ already, which helped, but it still took quite a lot of coaxing to get him dressed and into the car on the day.

I had to resort to “Mummy will get in trouble if I don’t take you to school” tactics in the end when he wouldn’t budge. It was traumatic and stressful but at last though, he seemed to concede. I must admit I felt a bit evil (for want of a better word)… for ‘forcing’ him to go. All sorts of emotions were going through my mind. I was angry at the ‘system’ momentarily, for making me HAVE to take my child to school when all he wanted was to stay at home with Mummy and his twin brother.

He was reluctant to get out of the car. I was hoping and praying I wouldn’t have to take him in crying, that would’ve been the worst, but eventually he did get out and went into his classroom without any tears.

It was me who choked back tears.

Oscar not looking so sure.

Again I fretted all day but again, like Hugo, when I picked him up, Oscar was very happy, probably not AS happy as Hugo was, but he’d had a great day and I could see how chuffed he was with himself which made my heart melt. We did it! He too could go to school on his own now. Although he did say he wanted Hugo to go with him tomorrow!

I cannot express how delighted I am that both boys have achieved this big milestone in their little lives.

I’m also pleased with myself that I waited until now to do it. There was no rush and even though it wasn’t straight forward, I do believe they were ready. Had I done it when they weren’t ready, it could’ve caused them long term distress which I was not going to risk. No way.

Big boys now…. and I’m so very proud of them x

Double Twins!

Time for ‘What’s The Story?’ again, where I share a photo and tell the story behind it. I like doing this with old photo’s, giving me the opportunity to look back and reminisce, something I love doing, especially as the kids are growing up so fast! I like nothing more sometimes, than to sit at my computer and look through photo’s…. does everyone do this?!

twins in pram

Anyway, this photo is from 2010, on a glorious Summer’s day when we’d taken a walk to our local little park, not far from our house.

I had my gorgeous twin boys in their pram, and my little girl brought her twins too! Ha!

She just wanted to be like her Mummy.

I used to love taking my boys out in their pram, they always looked super cute sitting together… and here on this warm day, their gorgeous little chubby arms and legs were on display! They ALWAYS caused a stir, being identical… nearly everyone we walked past would want to have a ‘look’ and a ‘coo’ over them – it was very sweet and of course I was very proud 🙂

I remember this day so well, it feels so recent, yet it was over 4 years ago and my babies, all three of them in this photo, have changed beyond all recognition. My boys are at school now and my daughter is in year 5! I think she was only in reception here!


Aww my little girl…. My Mini Me.

She doesn’t really play with dolls much these days. She might have the odd fleeting faze but it’s getting few and far between now that she’s 9! And she definitely wouldn’t be taking them out in a pram! Bless her, if she ever spoke about babies, it was always ‘they’ or ‘these’, she spoke in the plural because that’s what I had… two babies at once!

This photo makes me smile, we often used to walk round to the park…. it was late in the afternoon on this day and it had been so hot. It was cooling off by this point though… much more comfortable to be out,  and we made the most of the sun before it went down.

I can’t wait for the summer this year!


 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg

Twin Tummy

pregnant twin tummy

This is me.

A very pregnant me with my twins, six years ago now. Actually it was around this time of year in 2009 that I found out I was pregnant, although I didn’t know I was expecting twins until quite a few weeks later!

How big is that tummy?

This was taken a couple of days before I went in to have my C-section in August, and by this point (35 weeks) I’d had enough. My tummy was incredibly heavy, as you can imagine it would be with two good sized babies inside, I was uncomfortable and everything was a struggle, but on the flip side of that I was also very attached to my bump and I didn’t want it to go.

I loved being pregnant with all of my children. Four children but three pregnancies! It’s such a beautiful, special time that I found indescribably magical. I know not everyone feels this way but apart from the early weeks with this one when I didn’t feel well, I loved every minute.

My twin pregnancy was obviously double that feeling. I felt brilliantly smug and clever at times that I had conceived twins, as though it pushed my Mummy status up a notch! I was just so proud.

However, my pregnancy was fraught with complications from the start and was very stressful. I needed to do all I could to ensure the wellbeing of my tiny sons and by this time in my pregnancy, after weekly specialist scans, I knew I was almost there. My boys had got to a good weight and this was the point my doctors had all hoped for so it was really the happiest time of my pregnancy.

After months of worrying, my identical twin boys were born healthy 🙂

I did love my tummy though, I look at this now and want to go back in time to experience it all over again, just for a little while!


 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg

Mama and More


Dentist Success

Yesterday we had a trip to the dentist.

All four children were booked in as a summer holiday treat (hehe).

My twins haven’t been before, I haven’t tried to take them until now because, well, it would’ve been absolutely pointless.

There is no way on this earth either of my twins would’ve gone anywhere near that dentist’s chair…. I know exactly what they would’ve done, and that is to hide behind me, scream and refuse to even go through the door. They are painfully shy (as I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions) and this can lead to some very difficult behaviour and intense, stressful situations, so if I can avoid a scenario that will potentially cause them (and me) a lot of upset, I will.


The Dentist has been one of those situations I’ve chosen to ignore as there has been no obvious problems with my boys teeth, but now, at almost 5 yrs old, the Other Half decided it was about time they went and took it upon himself to book them in when he had to make an appointment for our daughter. And just to go the whole hog he included Teen too…. be good to get them all done while they’re off school he said!

I had talked with O and H (my twins) about their upcoming visit to the dentist on numerous occasions leading up to the day, so they knew fully well they were going, and we seemed to reach a point where they were fine with it.

O had been to see the Doctor a few weeks before as he’d been having a lot of earache, and it was the first time in his life that he hadn’t screamed the place down as soon as we walked in. Usually he would kick and scream, he was so terrified but that time he sat on my lap quietly and after much coaxing, ALLOWED the doctor to actually look at him, albeit VERY briefly! I knew it was so very difficult for him, he was shaking like a leaf, but in that moment, I also knew we had turned a corner.

This gave me a bit of confidence to think the Dentist visit would go the same way.

My daughter was first in the chair (I think she actually enjoys it), then Teen, then it was the twins turn. But true to form, they completely went to pieces. They covered their mouths with their hands and hid behind me!

The more I tried to persuade them, the more they clung to me.

The Dentist himself was very lovely and patient. He said all the right things but they were having none of it.

It must be terribly daunting for a small child though, that first visit to the dentist. With most kids, a bit of gentle persuasion and the promise of a sticker means they’ll usually get in the chair.

Not enough for my boys.

No way.

I had to get serious. I offered to take them to the park afterwards if they allowed the Dentist to look at their teeth. I offered to call up their friend’s Mum from school and invite him over. I even offered a new toy each…. ok don’t judge, I was getting desperate!

In the end, after what seemed like ages, I suggested we leave. But told them in no uncertain terms that we would be going straight home. No park, no friend and definitely no toy.

H considered this for a moment. Weighing up his options. He finally then decided he would try. I actually felt a little guilty at this point so I said he could sit on my lap in the dentist’s chair, which he agreed to. The dentist made it into a ‘game’ where all he wanted to do was count his teeth. H opened his mouth, well, if you can call it opening, the dentists mirror just about managed to squeeze through the gap!

But it was enough to see the teeth.

Yay! All done. I was so happy! A sticker was promptly given, much to H’s delight and I could see in his little face that he felt as though he’d really achieved something, which he had! He was ever so proud of himself, as was I and we all cheered and clapped!

Now all we had to do was get O in the chair. But being notoriously more difficult than H, I wasn’t sure if this would be possible. He had just seen his brother do it though so he knew there was nothing to worry about, but still he was hiding.

I tried to be patient because I knew deep down he DID want to do it. He didn’t want to be the only one that didn’t have his teeth looked at. He’s not a naughty child but his shyness, nervousness and the fact that he’s so self conscious was preventing him.

I picked him up, cuddled him, sat him on my lap and talked gently to him. I almost wished I didn’t have to force him but at the same time he did need this little check up. His mouth stayed tightly shut though until finally, very slowly, he opened it just enough.

Bless his heart.

Yay again… he did it! And like H, he was very pleased with himself afterwards which is something they both needed to feel, to realise that they CAN do it and really it’s not that bad.

I was so proud of both of them. A milestone met and conquered!

And just to let you know, the dentist counted all my childrens’ teeth and the results of this fascinated me and made me giggle! Teen has 14 on the top and 14 on the bottom. My Girl has 12 and the twins have 10! I also counted mine and I have 16.. how funny! Going up in two’s each time! Sorry but this gets me every time I think about it! (I don’t get out much!)

Teen has to go back for a filling, too many fizzy sports drinks I imagine. He is booked in at the end of the month, and I will be joining him too for a check up.

Eek! That’s if I can get in the chair 😉

Reception Class School Trip

As you know by now, my twins are in Reception and on Monday they had their school trip. I put my name down to help and hoped I got picked, there are only so many parents needed so not everyone gets to go.

I haven’t been able to go on many school trips with my older two kids because I always had a younger one at home and no one to babysit. This upset me a lot. Especially with my daughter who seemed to need me to go with her but it was impossible when my twins were babies/toddlers. Even if there had been someone available to have them, they couldn’t have because my twins would NOT be looked after by anyone else and it was a bit of a big ask of someone who wasn’t used to looking after two babies at the same time!

Anyway, so last year I went on the Nursery trip and this year I was chosen to go on the Reception trip. Part of me thinks I was chosen because my twins are very clingy, and if I wasn’t going then they would have to stay with their teacher because no way would they be in a group with a STRANGER!!!!! I don’t mind whatever the reason though, I was pleased to accompany my little boys and share their little experience.

We went to the Chiltern Open Air Museum. The museum is in an area of outstanding natural beauty and is dedicated to saving the houses and buildings from our history that may otherwise have been demolished. It’s a fascinating place to visit and is used as the backdrop of many films and TV productions.

chiltern open air museumMy boys, excited on the coach just about to leave!  When we got there we were split into groups to do different activities. Our group had the Three Little Pigs story read to them, then we went into the woods to build the houses that pigs built. You can almost see a little pig in amongst the straw house if you look closely!

I didn’t get as many photo’s as I would’ve liked and I’ve obviously covered the faces of the other children to protect their privacy but we did lots of activities on our visit. We collected leaves and other natural materials to make a mask of the Big Bad Wolf, the children ran about in the many open fields, we looked around the old buildings including farms and workshops and we also watched a traditional Blacksmith in action!

20140628-112026.jpgThe children were mesmerised at the Blacksmith’s demonstration!

The weather was glorious, even though the BBC weather had forecast rain (always wrong!) and like all school trips, there was lots of walking involved….. meaning that myself and my little boys fell asleep on the coach on the way home!! How embarrassing hehe!

The Chiltern Open Air Museum is a lovely place to visit on a warm summers day. There’s not oodles of stuff to see but it’s a very calm, peaceful place which gives you a sense of times gone by.


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