Saturday is Caption Day – 05/04/14


Whilst having a mooch round Mothercare last week, we stopped in the ELC section to have a play as we usually do when we visit…… the twins love it, there’s always plenty of toys out to play with which is brilliant, it’s like taking them to a play area… without the entrance fees lol!

Think this tent is just made for sitting in really, or for toddlers, it was only small. That didn’t deter H though.

Can you caption it? 🙂


Saturday is Caption Day – 03/01/14


This picture was taken the other day whilst out for lunch. Dessert for O was a hot chocolate brownie with ice cream – yummy! Can you caption the photo?!

Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!

Saturday is Caption Day – 21/09/13

in the footings

This was the beginnings of our extension at the back of our house.

My Girl is in the footings!! All my kids have had loads of fun during this build, messy and inconvenient for us but endless fun for them!

Can you caption it?


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Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!

Saturday is Caption Day – 31/08/13


This photo was taken this week in the garden. I’d (stupidly) taken my laptop outside in a bid to try and get some work done whilst still appearing, to my twins, to be ‘playing’ with them. I figured that the simple act of me being outside would be enough lol! Doesn’t really work like that though does it?

Not only that, the sun was so bright I couldn’t see a blummin thing on the laptop anyway, so I gave up.

I played with my twins instead. 🙂

Can you caption the photo?

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Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!

Saturday is Caption Day

I thought I’d post this one today to give you all a little wake up call during this abnormal (but wonderful) heatwave we’re experiencing.

This was taken this year… think it was February, my daughter enjoying the SNOW hehe!

Can you caption it?


Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!

Saturday is Caption Day

This little photo was taken at the weekly swimming lessons my daughter has. You know the ones, sat watching (well trying to) your child learn to swim week after week in meltingly hot conditions – not noticing much improvement in swim ability but you keep going anyway – whilst trying to keep the younger kids entertained; even bringing electronic devises but these don’t work as your smaller children just complain about the heat and boredom and start stripping off. You resort in the end to leaving the pool altogether and going to sit in the cafe because a) you can’t breathe and need to cool down  b) you can’t stand the whinging from your two 3 yr olds any longer c) their clambering all over you, fighting over who gets to sit on your lap, making you all even hotter and sweatier pushes you over the edge!!!!

Oh right….that could be just us then?!!!!!

Anyway this was taken after one of these torture swimming sessions after my daughter  had got dry…. my twins love climbing in and out of the lockers….

Can you caption this?


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Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!
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