Week 27 Photo – School Mini Enterprise

Aww my Girl.

Here she is at school this week, taking part in Mini Enterprise. The school does it every year for the Year 6’s, whereby they sell things on stalls and it’s a lot of fun for them. They have a couple of weeks to sort out teams decide what they will sell on their stalls. They can do anything they want… but they are given a very small budget so they have to be creative.

My daughter here is doing hair (one of her favourite past times). Her team were doing hair, nails, tattoos and the boys were doing milkshakes with ice cream and making popcorn! The rest of the school are invited to bring in some money (small amount) to spend on the stalls and then parents can come along later to spend money! The kids really enjoy it and it teaches them a little about entrepreneurship!

My lovely Girl will be leaving school in two weeks time… this will be one of the last times I’ll probably photograph her at school and in her uniform. Bless her she looks so cute in her frilly little ankle socks here….. I’ll miss seeing her dressed in this uniform.

I’ll be talking more about this as the school term ends. My twins have a big school milestone too coming up. They’ll be leaving the Infants for the Juniors, which I haven’t quite got my head around yet! Yikes… it’a all moving way too fast!

I haven’t done a weekly roundup post on the blog for a few weeks…  School has been manic with all three younger kids involved in school plays and sports days and trips, we’ve been incredibly busy.

This week I should’ve really been at the Christmas in July shows which are taking place in London. I usually attend as many as I possibly can every year and love them, but I simply haven’t had time this year. I’m hoping to get to some though this coming week.

I’ve also been helping Teen prepare for a very important job interview this week. He’s down to the last round and he had to write a presentation! He’s only 17 so it was a very daunting task for him! I don’t want to say too much about it though in case nothing comes of it but he said it went well so fingers crossed!

Hope you all had a great week!

Week 20 Photo 2016 – My Girl


This week has been all about her really.

My Girl.

She’s going on her school trip tomorrow to the Isle of Wight (boohoo) so I’ve been trying to make sure everything is ready and in place.

She’s needed some new clothes because she’s grown so much recently! She’s been eating like a horse and has really shot up! She’s still one of the smaller ones in her year group but she’s catching up fast now! This residential trip is a PGL 5 day activity trip which means she needs all sorts of clothing for every weather eventuality. It’s such a pain because the weather looks so changeable right now. We’ve had to buy clothes for hotter days as well as cold days. We just don’t know so we have to be prepared!

I’m going to miss her so very much. She’s such a Mummy’s girl and loves snuggling with me and generally just being around me. Bless her, that will probably all change when she reaches the teenage years so I’m unashamedly making the most of it now!

She did the residential school trip last year but that was only for 2 nights and although she enjoyed the activities, she was glad to be home and didn’t enjoy the experience overall. She was homesick. It put her off going this year but in recent months she’s been getting excited. She’s a year older and knows the ropes so hopefully it will be a happier experience!

I think she’s going to really enjoy herself this time.

Fingers crossed!

In other news this week, I’ve been finalising details for my Girl’s birthday party. It’s in two weeks time.. more on than later though.

My Girl and I also went to our local little theatre (where the above photo was taken) this week to see some of her friends perform in their theatre group production of Bugsy Malone. It was a fun night and they all performed brilliantly!

Hope you all had a good week 🙂

Week 16 Photo 2016 – Play House

wooden playhouse

This has been happening this week!

When I returned from my Dad’s house last weekend after visiting for a week or so, THIS was in our back garden!

My OH had knocked this up in a couple of days!

To say the kids were ecstatic would be an understatement! They’ve wanted a climbing frame/playhouse for ages and even though they’ve got a plastic playhouse, it’s a bit babyish for them now. We have a trampoline and other garden toys but climbing frames are so expensive for the lovely wooden ones, and usually quite small…. so as my kids are getting a bit older now, it hasn’t seemed worth it.

I am over the moon with this…. I think it’s amazing and I’m very proud of the OH for building it and surprising us (he’s rubbish at keeping surprises usually!). It even has a little balcony on the first floor! It’s not finished…. it’s really just the beginning. The top section will be enclosed and insulated 🙂 Then we will add to it as we go along. Our garden is quite big so we have the room to be as creative as we want. The kids have put in a request for a bridge, climbing wall and a slide!

You can see my little H on the top there, giving you an idea of the scale… and his twin is underneath, just about visible in this shot!

My children absolutely love playing in the garden, they spend most of their time there for at least one half of the year so they will get so much pleasure from this! We’ve already had the neighbours’ kids round to climb on it and I’m sure there’ll be plenty more…. I can’t wait to see how it evolves over the coming months!

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Week 15 Photo 2016 – Blackpool 

Blackpool at high tide sea

I love this photo. It was taken in Blackpool this week after a fantastic day in the Blackpool Tower.

The sun came out late in the day and we spent an hour or so down on the seafront here before we went home.

The tide was high and at this particular spot the beach had literally disappeared.. all that was visible were these steps going down to the sea where the children played. The steps are part of a regeneration project that’s taken place at this part of the seafront and I think it looks great.

We’ve had a fantastic little break over the school holidays at my Dad’s. I’m driving home today, back to Hertfordshire ready for the kids going back to school on Tuesday.

Hope you’ve all had a great week x

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Week 14 Photo 2016 – Easter Holidays

I’ve been here at my Dad’s this week. I drove up here on Wednesday, which was a nightmare as there was an accident on the M6 and the huge build up traffic (including us) was shunted off the motorway by the Police! That’s the first time in all the squillions of times I’ve driven up here, I’ve ever been forced off the motorway and it’s a little worrying when you have no clue where you are! Thank goodness for google maps that’s all I can say!

So it’s our first week of the ‘Easter’ holidays…. although Easter seems like a distant memory now, and we’re having a nice relaxing time!

This is how my kids are spending their mornings here in Lancashire. Playing on their devices! I must admit I don’t mind them doing this now because they’ve been on a bit of a tablet ban recently. I decided to hide them for a couple of weeks because I was sick of seeing my children consumed by them. Completely and utterly absorbed and not wanting to do anything else. To be honest, after the initial couple of days without them, the boys didn’t ask for them. I did allow my daughter her iPad at varying intervals so she could keep in touch with her friends etc but the boys can be over obsessive, not even coming up for food (or the toilet) when they’re on theirs. I think it did them the world of good to be without them for a while. It was nice to see them finding other things to do… and just ‘playing’.

But being as we’re here I’ve given them back (for limited periods only) for a treat and I’m allowing them to be immersed!

We’ve been out and about a little around Lancashire though, enjoying the Spring weather that’s trying to present itself. I do absolutely love the countryside here, the huge rolling hills are beautiful and we plan to see more of them next week.

Hope you’ve had a great week and enjoyed the holidays x

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Week 13 Photo 2016 – BT Tower Views

View from the BT tower london

Last week I was at an event in London at the BT Tower. The event was to talk about a new initiative formed by BT and Unicef to educate children about the dangers of Internet use (more on that in a future post though!)

The BT Tower is one of the most famous London landmarks and I’ve been lucky enough to have been here once before, last year with my children. It was to see the Minions movie, ahead of it being released in the BT Store, which was fantastic in itself, but we were then treated to lunch at the top of the Tower!

The BT Tower isn’t open to the public so it does feel special to have been there now TWICE.

On this day, the view was clear and I obviously took many photo’s, as I did the first time I visited. But I love the above photo best, with the sun shining and the shadow of the BT Tower standing majestically over everything else!

The views are truly beautiful. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. I absolutely LOVE London and I could never tire of looking out over this stunning city.

Also this week, as we say goodbye to the end of March (flown by hasn’t it?), we continued to eat Easter eggs! We seem to have a never ending supply right now and I’m fed up of them! My children were still at school as they went back for the four days after the Easter break so we were over the moon when school finally broke up for two weeks on Friday! Woo-hoo! We celebrated with a trip to the park after school with the childrens’ friends.

We had a visit to my friends house to coo over her adorable baby boy and I took my daughter and her friend to a roller disco. Her friend has stayed over and is currently still here. Think she’s staying again tonight!

Hope you all had a good week x

View from the BT tower london

Week 12 Photo 2016 – Is it Spring?

This photo was taken yesterday (Good Friday)… wasn’t it a beautiful day?

I contemplated going out somewhere but the kids were so happy playing in the garden that I thought why bother? They absolutely love being at home and have each other to play with so they never seem bored. I did ask them if they wanted to go somewhere and they said no.

It’s lovely that my younger three get along so well. Yes, they fall out occasionally but the majority of the time they really are connected. They chat, make up games  for hours sometimes and just play together so easily.

I adore watching them at play in the garden. Outside in the fresh air using their imagination to create fun games. It’s being kids at it’s finest! My daughter is great with her younger brothers and they adore her. She’s getting older now though which makes these moments even more special. It won’t be long before the twins will be too babyish for her and she’ll want to do more grown up stuff! Then days like this will be a distant memory 🙁

But wasn’t it great to see some gorgeous blue sky yesterday? The twins even had their shorts on it was so mild! Spring feels like it most definitely is in the air. I’m looking forward to warmer days and sunshine… and Summer isn’t (hopefully) that far away…..

Although today it’s raining. Typical. Fingers crossed we have some good weather during the holidays.

Speaking of school holidays, in other news this week, I’ve been looking forward to the long Easter weekend. Nothing planned, which is perfect as we’ve had a few very busy weekends recently so haven’t had much time to relax at all. The kids are back at school next week for four days before breaking up for the full two weeks next weekend. A bit odd but it’s good because we feel as though we’re getting extra holiday this year! Can’t wait!

Hope you’ve all had a great week.

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