Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 Week 52

Yay! I’ve made it to the end!

The very last week of Project 365 2014, well technically it’s longer than a week but not quite two…… so we call it the last week, it’s actually eleven days. I’ve taken a photo a day for the whole year. It’s been challenging, especially linking up with the others in time but even if I didn’t, I still wrote the post and kept up. Other weeks I’d miss entirely and do two weeks at once, or three.. although I think I only did three weeks together twice! Many of the others did this too so I don’t feel too bad about that.

I’ve mentioned before that many of the participants dropped out over the course of the year, for varying reasons, so I do feel proud that I’ve made it right to the end and hope I do the same next year. I’m thinking of making changes though for next year… especially in the layout. 2014 has mainly consisted of iphone pics, purely for convenience, but I’ve hankered after a DSLR for a while now (I should’ve asked for one from Father Christmas!) so maybe at some point (soon, when I buy one) I’ll attempt to take some more skillful shots!

So, onto the last week of the year…. it was incredibly busy the first days in the lead up to Christmas, I don’t think I went near a computer once. Shock horror! I just didn’t have the energy or inclination… I still had so much Christmas shopping and organising to do. I was pretty stressed to be honest. Christmas Day itself was lovely but once Boxing Day arrived, I turned into a slob and decided to get my feet up and chill out as much as I could!

For the photo’s, I’ve split the last eleven days into two groups, the first being before Christmas and the second, after.

Week 52

Project 365


Day 355 – Sunday 21st December – We went to see The Snowman on stage. It was an early morning show, which meant we had to be up and on the train at stupid O’clock, in the cold, when really we wanted to have a lie in! The production was amazing though, very magical and the kids loved it, definitely worth the effort. My Dad also arrived at our house, ready to stay with us all over Christmas.

Day 356 – Christmas shopping, and I went to pick up my twins Christmas presents, a Hudl2 each. Very excited!

Day 357 – O doing a jigsaw! I hardly saw them today I was out and about, rushing around.

Day 358 – Christmas Eve. Took this late at night after Father Christmas had ‘been’…. 😉

Day 359 – Christmas Day!! Woohoo – the day finally arrived – I obviously took many photo’s but thought I’d use this, as the kids are on aforementioned tablets! They were in their element. My daughter has had her Kindle Fire for a while now though, her main present was a PlayStation!

Project 365

Day 360 – Boxing Day. Playing Twister…. ok, lying on the Twister mat!

Day 361 – We went to see Disney on Ice at the O2 with friends. Loved it and it was nice to get out of the house again after hibernating for a few days!

Day 362 – Took my daughter to her friends house to play and popped into the park with my boys. We met one of their classmates there and they had a lovely time. Again, bitterly cold today.

Day 363 – A very frosty garden!

Day 364 – More playing at home, this time with teddy bears. Love it when they play imaginary games.

Day 365 – New Years Eve. Teen was out at a party and was staying at a friends house, I missed him, it didn’t feel right without him with us but he’s growing up now and would rather be with friends… *sob*. The rest of us stayed up until midnight, even the twins! I’m surprised they made really, they flagged close to midnight but we kept them up to see the fireworks on the TV, which were amazing. I took this image (not a good one admittedly) during the display and it’s probably the most apt one for this day.

That’s it! 2014 Project 365 all done and dusted.

Happy New Year Everyone.

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Project 365 and Diary Updates Weeks 49, 50 and 51

Another bumper three weeker from me this week so lots to cram in! The end of Project 365 (a photo a day, every day for a year which is hosted by The Boy and Me) is in sight for 2014. After this post there will only be one more and then it will be the start of a brand new year. I plan to participate in the project again, even though many weeks of this year I haven’t joined in with the others… I’m still taking part and I do enjoy finding photo opportunities and writing up the posts. I’m sure it will be a fab part of the blog for me to look back on in the future… and for the children to read (and possibly cringe at!)

So, heading back to

Week 49

Project 365 week 49 2014

Day 334 – Sunday 30th November – We had been to the Pokemon event in Central London so afterwards we decided to hit Leicester Square for a mooch round. Stopped here to watch this act which was a mixture of dance and drama… was very comical!

Day 335 – Doing the daily reading books from school. This is sometimes a chore and the twins are not quite there yet with their reading, although it IS coming along…. some days they just don’t want to do it and that’s fine but if it’s been a couple of days I panic and absolutely insist they read, which doesn’t always go down well!

Day 336 -The twins Christingle service at our local church. It was very sweet. But at one point my boys stayed seated when almost every other child went to the front. I felt sorry for them, I know this is because of their shyness, so I went and sat with them, even though parents were supposed to stay at the back!

Day 337 – My daughter took part in a choir service with other schools, it’s a huge event in our local area and she was really looking forward to it being her year to do it. It was a wonderful evening of song…. they sang beautifully and we had a lovely evening.

Day 338 -I’d been to the Britmums Christmas get together, which I unfortunately had no photo’s from but had an enjoyable morning at. Afterwards I made the  most of the day and attended a press show for Heals. This is their new range of candles which are divine!

Day 339 – My work Christmas party! This is me on the right with two of my colleagues (actually the lady in the middle is the owner of the business!)

Day 340 – After last night’s party we stayed over in the luxury hotel and spent the day relaxing, walking around the beautiful grounds and chilling in the spa. Heavenly!

Week 50

project 365 2014 week 50

Day 341 – Sunday 7th December – The kids had made some decorations at their Nannies house, these big paper lanterns that they wanted to hang on the tree… which looked completely out of place!

Day 342 – Had to take Teen’s bike wheel into Halfords for yet another puncture repair. O and H each got a bike out to ride around the shop on while we were waiting.

Day 343 – Had a cheeky bacon butty for lunch. Naughty but nice!

Day 344 – A bedtime selfie.

Day 345 – Started some Christmas shopping, but had to stop off for the obligatory Costa. Love it!

Day 346 – Wear your Christmas Jumper day in aid of Children in Need. My boys were sent these adorable jumpers from Mothercare!

Day 347 – We had been invited to a special screening of new film Night At The Museum 3 ahead of the Premiere which was taking place next week. The film was fantastic…. we enjoyed every minute if it in the brilliant Imax theatre in Leicester Square.

Week 51

project 365 week 51

Day 348 – Sunday 14th December – Another event! This time for a screening by Netflix of their new kids series ‘All Hail Kin Julien’. It was held at swanky Mayfair club, Mahiki and there were a few celebrities present which was rather exciting…. I’d taken my daughter’s friend along and they were only interested in Pixie Lott, who very kindly posed for this photo.

Day 349 – The twins had made Christmas hats at school, this is O’s little creation!

Day 350 – I helped at the school for O and H’s Christmas party. I love being there with them and being involved in their little life at school… watching them with their friends. Bless my gorgeous boys.

Day 351 – Another day, another Christmas jumper! Actually today was my birthday. I’d spent the day (school hours) with the OH who had taken the day off work. This was the first time he’d done this in years and it was….. really nice!! We went to Westfield shopping centre in North London, did a bit of shopping and had lunch! Didn’t take any photos though unfortunately!

Day 352 – My daughter Christmas Church service this time. Her year group took charge and did all the readings. They also performed the songs from their choir service last week.

Day 353 – School broke up today, Friday and I treated my daughter to a visit to the London Coliseum to see the English National Ballet perform the Nutcracker. It was the most magical production, such a treat for both of us.

Day 354 – I wanted/needed a lazy day today. We were all exhausted, the end of term and in need of a break. We lazed about all day and even played on our old Wii! Forgot how much fun Wii Sports was!

Hope you’ve all had a great few weeks and you’re all ready for Christmas! The next Project 365 will include the last 11 days of the year and won’t be written until the new year…. so I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas! See you on the other side 🙂

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Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 – Week 48

So Project 365, a photo a day, every day for a whole year, is now on Week 48! We’re getting there.. only four more weeks left of 2014!

I think this year has flown by, as does every year but as I get older, the faster the years go by, which is frightening.

It felt decidedly colder this week, but the excitement of Christmas is building and I’ve made a small start on my Christmas shopping. I have been incredibly busy at work, which is great but struggling to find enough hours in the week to do everything I need to do. I’m desperately trying to keep some calm at home amidst extensive clearing out of old clothes, toys and general possessions! Our house isn’t exactly small but we simply don’t have anywhere to put anything any more, and with the imminent, undeniable arrival of more toys this Christmas, it is imperative we make some room!

Anyway, here is my Week 48 in pictures.

Week 48

project 365

Day 327 – Sunday 24th November – It was a mega lazy day for us today. I got nothing done and was rather annoyed with myself! I did manage to take a pic of this beautiful sunset though 🙂

Day 328 – My little boy, O was awarded the very prestigious Star of the Week at school. Bless him. He was slightly embarrassed by the whole thing actually, but I was proud as punch!

Day 329 – The hats and mittens made their first appearance of the Winter!

Day 330 – My sister in law had her first baby this week, and this was the first time we met him! A gorgeous baby boy who as yet, still has no name!

Day 331 – Teens girlfriend was round tonight. My younger three adore her (as do I), as this photo shows… my girl always wants to do her hair and she makes lots of fuss of the twins, which they lap up!

Day 332 – A kids party after school! My boys with a classmate!

Day 333 – We went to the X-Factor! A friend of mine was given the tickets from one of her friends, she could’ve had any show but decided to see the dress rehearsal as this was the only one that kids were allowed to watch! My daughter here, we loved it, it was amazing! All the acts sounded much better live, it was a real treat.

Hope you’ve all had a good week! Back next week with more Project 365.


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Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 – Week 47

Week 47. Christmas is creeping up and I have yet to start my Christmas shopping. Really need to get cracking with all that.

For now though, here is my week in pictures!

project 365 week 47

Day 320 – Sunday 17th November – I spent the afternoon sorting out stuff to go on Ebay. I have so many things to get rid of so I began by clumping items together to list. This little set of dolls might come in handy for someone’s Christmas!

Day 321 – O and H have recently started to improve their reading skills. That is, they’re starting to ‘blend’ their letters together and managing to read a lot of words. Reading for us all has become a more enjoyable experience now, instead of a torturous nightmare! O received this in his school bag today! I was ever so proud 🙂

Day 322 – My daughter’s new gymnastics leotard arrived today! She was practically waiting by the letterbox for it!

Day 323 – The twins still like to run around on the field after school while we wait for my daughter but it’s far too muddy now and I think it’s time to pull the plug on it for this year! I’m having to scrape thick mud off their shoes before they climb into the car!

Day 324 – Another Thursday, another press event. This time for the Clarks shoes kids range for Spring/Summer 15. Some gorgeous items on display.

Day 325 – Minecraft playing!

Day 326 – A blogging event at Virgin Active. My daughter took part in a fitness class as part of a new initiative the centres are rolling out to help teach children of all ages the important of being fit and healthy. We went for a swim afterwards together and had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

Hope you’ve all had a good week! Back next week with more Project 365.

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Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 Week 46

Not long to go now until the end of the year and the end of Project 365 for 2014. Taking a photo a day has been way more difficult than I imagined and I love getting the old iPhone out at every opportunity, but ensuring a photo has been taken every single day is not easy when I’m extremely busy and not doing something that immediately makes me reach for the camera! This project has made me a lot more aware of photo’s and making the most of any mundane situation! As you have probably noticed over the weeks!! There’s been lots of very mundane images over the year but hey, that’s what it’s all about really. This is real life.

I’m immensely proud I’ve got this far, considering many people have dropped out of the project because of the reasons I’ve mentioned, and I’m absolutely determined to finish the year!

So, week 46. What have we been doing this week? Well I’ve been working, I’ve been doing the school runs, I’ve been helping with homework, I’ve been shopping, I’ve been to a blogging event, I’ve been keeping on top of the household chores and duties and I’ve been hounding Teen to revise. Just a usual week in the life of me then!

Week 46

project 365 week 46 2014Day 313 – Sunday 9th November – Dinner at Nannie’s house and H cuddling her lovely little doggie.

Day 314 – The twins have started library again at school after the half term and H brought this book home. It’s a technology book with tiny writing and lots of scientific facts. Perfect for a 5yr old, NOT! How the hell was he supposed to read THAT?!! Ridiculous that he wasn’t coaxed into choosing something more suitable.

Day 315 – O and H in their new winter coats from Next.

Day 316 – All three of my boys were snuggling up in bed after school watching The Lego Movie on DVD. Aww I love seeing them like this, so cuddly and cosy when it was wet and miserable outside. My girl was having fun at her school disco!

Day 317 – Thursday seems to be events day! Next was last week, today it was Mothercare. I always have a lovely time with the Mothercare team so I like to make sure I can attend. This photo shows some of the amazing Little Bird range by Jools Oliver. So retro and gorgeous.

Day 318 – Children in Need day at school and the infants could go in dressed in spots or as superheroes. Here are my two dressed as Iron Man and Spiderman!

Day 319 – Saturday was spent looking at a couple of Colleges for Teen for next year. At the moment he’s planning to stay on at school for 6th form but he is keeping his options open and finding out what Colleges have to offer. It was an interesting day. OH was working so the younger ones tagged along. Grabbed this shot in McDonalds where we stopped off for a quick lunch!

Hope you’ve all had a good week! Back next week with more Project 365.
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Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 – Weeks 43 44 and 45

Project 365 is a photo a day, taken every single day for a whole year. I have another bumper three weeker today. The last few weeks have flown by, as they always do.

Week 43

Week 43 was a busy one and left me feeling exhausted. I really was chasing my tail this week.

project 365 2014 week 43Day 292 – Sunday 19th October – A lovely sunny day so I took the kiddies to the park, they rode their bikes. It’s nice to get out and make the most of the sunshine.

Day 293 – A meeting at Teen’s school 6th Form. Having a look around for next year. I can’t believe we’re doing this…. it seems 5 minutes ago that he started secondary school.

Day 294 – Another meeting at Teen’s school, this time it was to learn how we can help our children revise for their GCSE’s next summer. Learning how to mind map here, AND we were tested (hehe)! Quite an interesting and helpful evening.

Day 295 – O fell over at school on the playground bless him, banged and grazed his little forehead. Poor baby.

Day 296 – O and H have really got into colouring in and drawing lately. This makes me very happy.

Day 297 – A trip to Toys R Us and the obligatory ride around on one of their bikes/scooters (or whatever it is!)

Day 298 – My Girl at a gymnastics competition. She’s not doing it as much these days, the hours they were expecting were too long so we have cut back a little. But she still enjoys it very much.

Week 44

Week 44 was Half Term.  Started off great with a trip to London, but got progressively worse as the week wore on. My little girl became ill and we missed two blogging events at the end of the week, which would’ve been fun for the kids but we couldn’t go. My poor girl was so ill.

project 365 2014 week 44Day 299 – Sunday 26th October – Our rabbit.

Day 300 – Monday, first day of half term and we enjoyed a trip into London with friends. We had an event on board the Cutty Sark which was fun and we also enjoyed a ride on the Emirates Cable Cars. It was going dark by the time we reached the Tower of London but the sight of the poppies was still poignant.

Day 301 – Ringlets in  my daughters hair today! She was going to her friends house for a sleepover and wanted curls!

Day 302 – O and H climbed into bed with me every morning of the holidays (which I love) and they cuddle me and each other…. so adorable.

Day 303 – My poor unwell little girl. She had been sick at her sleepover the night before and just wanted Mummy cuddles today.

Day 304 – Halloween, but we didn’t celebrate this year. My Girl was still unwell and my twins weren’t bothered so we cancelled it! Here is H at a friends bowling party… a fun day was had anyway!

Day 305 – Last minute shopping on Saturday for Teens upcoming birthday. Stopped off for a hot chocolate break in Costa 🙂

Week 45

Week 45 and all was not well. I came down with my daughter sickness on Sunday, which also meant we had to cancel another fab blogging event. We had been invited to the Premiere of Christmas film, Nativity 3, which all four of my children were looking forward to immensely. In other news, all back to school for the kids and back to normality.

project 365 week 45Day 306 – Sunday 2nd November – This was the day I felt at my worst and was in bed from lunchtime. Yuk. This is a photo from later in the week that I have used, I’m sure no one will mind that it wasn’t taken on the day and will let me off just this once!! My little girl bit her gingerbread man into the shape of a heart for me 🙂

Day 307 – Monday was Teen’s 16th birthday.

Day 308 – Bonfire night and sparkler fun.

Day 309 – Wednesday I nipped into my local town as I needed to get a few bits and on the spur of the moment I bagged myself a brand new haircut. I was feeling a little down after being unwell and needed cheering up. I had quite a lot of hair cut off and a fringe cut in, so quite dramatic. Not a great photo, admittedly.

Day 310 – Thursday I was at the Next Spring 2015 event.

Day 311 – Another little flower that one of my boys picked for me at school pick up time.

Day 312 – Taste testing event for the new kids range at Ocado!


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Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 – Week 42

A photo a day, every day for a whole year.

Had a bit of a mixed week this week. Been terribly busy then had a real slump towards the end of the week. Didn’t feel good and didn’t want to do anything. A few other personal issues that added to the downward spiral. Had a much needed evening out on Saturday night though with a friend which was lovely and resulted in me feeling significantly better on Sunday. Think I’m doing too much to be honest. I have a backlog of work to get on with and there aren’t enough hours in the day!

Need a holiday I think!!

Anyway, let’s get on with the photo’s from this last week… Week 42.

project 365

Day 285 – Sunday 12th October – My pretty girl.

Day 286 – I received this fab gift from Warner Bros ahead of my Harry Potter Studio Tour that happened the following day.

Day 287 – The Great Hall at the Warner Bros Studio’s, as part of my Harry Potter visit to check out the new Dark Arts feature.

Day 288 – At the Dyson press event, this was their new robotic vacuum cleaner which is uber cool and I want one!

Day 289 – A rainy day at pick up time at school.

Day 290 – My daughter has been over the moon with these five new Club Chic bears, from Vivid Toys which we have been sent for review.

Day 291 – Struggling for a photo today, even though I was out on Saturday evening I didn’t take any pics on my phone  and all these this week are off my phone. So instead I grabbed this pic of these yummy biscuits I’m obsessing over lately! Can’t stop eating them.


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