My Beautiful Girl turns 10

Here she is, my daughter. The most perfect human being on the planet as far as I’m concerned!

And last Saturday we celebrated her 10th birthday.

I’m in shock actually that she’s 10. TEN! Double figures! How the hell did THAT happen?

It seems like a big milestone.

But I’m not going to say ‘she’s growing up fast’, because really, at the moment, she isn’t!

Yes, she’s getting bigger. A lot bigger. Especially in recent months. Her body is slowly starting to change. She suddenly feels heavier in my arms and on my lap!

But she’s still my little girl. She’s still very much a child in the way she thinks and acts, and I’m holding on to that as long as I possibly can!

I’ve realistically got another year or two before things will no doubt change forever. But I’m not going to dwell on that right now. I really do try and savour my time with her. I feel completely blessed to have her, she’s truly the loveliest person.

And now she’s 10!

So back to her birthday!

To celebrate my girl turning ten, she invited 7 friends out to the cinema to watch new Disney film, Tomorrowland.

The girls!

The girls enjoyed the film. I did have concerns about it though after someone very kindly told me it was really boring the day before, but luckily the girls didn’t think so! It’s a more ‘grown up’ Disney offering so possibly not suitable for small kids, but it does have George Clooney in which was a bonus for me!

After eating popcorn and candy floss in the cinema, instead of having food somewhere like everyone does after the party, we headed off to a Dessert Parlour, Kaspas, that’s just opened up in our area, for some more sugar overload! Oh yes! Kaspas is a relatively new chain of yummyness and is definitely the place to be right now around here! We’ve already tried it but some of the girls hadn’t, so they were very excited about going!

Kaspas Desserts

My girl had an absolutely fantastic time. She and her friends laughed non stop and stuffed themselves with waffles, ice cream, chocolate, cookie dough, sundaes… it was dessert heaven!

She had a perfect day.

A perfect birthday for a perfect girl 🙂


Let's Talk Mommy

Missing my girl….

My little girl has gone on her first school trip to stay away from home.

She went yesterday and she’s back tomorrow but today, I’m missing her so much.

I remember when Teen went on this same trip, back when he was in year 5 too. A PGL activity trip that I think many schools run for this age group. He loved it. I missed him but I knew he’d love it, he was that sort of child; very outgoing, confident, sporty – I didn’t really worry too much that he’d miss home. He had some great friends and was used to sleepovers etc.

But my girl is different. She’s quieter and a lot more homely.

I remember she must’ve been in year 1 when Teen went, and she was horrified at the thought of going on a trip like that herself! Of course she was only little at that time, but I couldn’t imagine it either.

Even up to last year she was adamant she would not do the trip. But once we received the letter in the Autumn of last year, giving us all the details and a deadline for the first payment to be made, she decided she wanted to go. All the children at school were talking about it and she knew she didn’t want to miss out.

I’m glad, because I wouldn’t have wanted her to miss out either. I suppose many of the children would’ve felt apprehensive, it’s a young age to be staying away from home in a strange place. They had no idea what it would be like.

As momentum at school started to build when the trip date approached, my daughter became very excited about it! I would even go so far as to say she was looking forward to it! Bless her.

I thought it would be nice to go out shopping, just the two of us, to let her choose some of the things she needed from her kit list. I treated her to a new suitcase. Yes we have some already but they’re all a little large and anyway, I wanted her to feel special and have one of her own! (Although I did insist on a neutral colour so it can be used again by any of my sons!)

She chose some new clothes, just basics like leggings, t-shirts and a new raincoat (children have a nasty habit of growing out of everything!). She also picked out a little wash bag and a few of those mini toiletries that shops like Superdrug and Boots do! She loved that bit!

zoella wash bag and perfumeThe cute Zoella wash bag she chose. Oh and I even treated her to some gorgeous smelling Zoella perfume! She felt very grown up!

So she was all set.

Sunday evening she had a little wobble. To be expected. She couldn’t sleep and came downstairs once or twice but when the morning came around, she was back to being excited again.

Everything was packed. A secret note to her was written by me and hidden in her suitcase, ready for her to find during her trip! I packed a few sweet nibbles too for some cheeky night time snacks (I don’t want her little tummy to be empty… maybe she won’t like her dinner – who knows?!).

Here’s my Girl when we arrived at school! The case looks bigger than her in this photo!

She happily got on the coach and was sitting with her friend. We waved them off and that was it. They don’t know who they’ll be sharing a room with until they get there. This is obviously to prevent complaints. They were invited to write some names of friends they’d like to share with beforehand, and I’m sure the teachers will ensure they get at least one of those with them.

That’s worried me a little though. I hope she has been with someone she feels comfortable with, otherwise that could upset her.

The worst thing about the whole trip though for me, is the no contact allowed. We cannot call or speak to our children and they cannot call us. This is for the best according to the school, and being as they’ve been taking children away on trips like this for years, I’m sure they know best. It’s to prevent homesickness kicking in. The children might be fine, then speak to a parent and suddenly miss home. It also prevents parents worrying if their child was to cry on the phone. But no contact is difficult. At this age, I don’t think there are many parents that would say they haven’t spoke to their child for this long!

It feels strange.

And I’m sitting here on Tuesday evening missing my girl so much. The twins are missing their buddy and the house doesn’t feel the same without her.

She’s home tomorrow and I can’t wait.

I can’t wait to see her pretty little face and hear all about it. I hope she’s had an amazing time. I’m sure she has.

The weather has been perfect for them.

I can’t believe she’s had her very first trip away from home.

Growing up.

Mermaids and Pirates

This is my daughter dressed up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid!

Ah bless her! Ha! She used to love Ariel and was obsessed with mermaids in general back then!

Ariel costumeMy beautiful girl dressed up as her favourite mermaid, Ariel

This photo was taken on the day of her 6th birthday party (nearly 4 years ago) where the theme was Mermaids and Pirates. She was in year 1 at school and I’d decided to hire a function room so we could invite her whole class, something I thought we’d probably only do one year because for her subsequent parties she pretty much only invited girls!

pirates partyMy gorgeous twins in their pirates costumes – how cute?

mermaid and pirate partyJust a few snaps from the party!

mermaid birthday cakeHer gorgeous cake.

mermaid partyAriel the mermaid on a rock!

It was a great party. I hired an entertainer who was amazing, the kids loved her AND she brought an inflatable pirate ship too! I’d also hired a caterer to do the food so I didn’t have to worry about feeding so many kids… seems extravagant but it was actually very good value and I don’t think I would’ve spent much less buying everything myself! Plus it was a one off it and was worth it, saved me a lot of time and stress!

My little girl will be 10 this year… she doesn’t actually seem that much different than she did when these photo’s were taken! She’s definitely not grown very much 😉

I’m linking up this post with What’s The Story again over at PodCastDove with another trip down memory lane.  And also with Magic Moments at The Olivers Madhouse.
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My Girl turns 9

This week I am busy organising my daughters birthday. She will be nine.


I cannot believe my baby is going to be that old! I realise everyone says it, but really, where the hell has that time gone?

I don’t want my Princess to grow up, I want her to stay young for a little bit longer, she’s perfect just the way she is right now, and nine seems so much older than eight for some reason. God knows what I’m going to be like next year when she’ll be double figures!!

She is my only girl out of four children so she is very special. But not just because she’s a girl, it’s because of her and who she is; her sunny, delightful personality; her kind and caring ways and how she makes me feel like I’m the best thing since sliced bread!!

She’s a real Mummy’s girl. She absolutely worships me and wants to be near me at all times! Even when I’m making dinner sometimes, she wraps her arms around my waist and tags along whilst I move from one worktop to the other lol! She loves to cuddle up to me and often asks me to sleep in her bed at night with her so she can snuggle… of course I try to oblige because I’m all to aware that one day, probably soon, she won’t ask again.

Our bond has always been strong right from the start. I breastfed her, co-slept with her and was with her 24/7. She literally would NOT go to anyone else and as a stay at home mum at that time, and having a six year age gap between her and my son, I wanted and relished our close relationship.

My girl is everything I could’ve hoped for. If someone had asked me before I’d had children to describe what my perfect daughter would look and be like, I would’ve described her. She was perfectly girlie when she was little and has grown to be such a little character, so very funny and quirky.

So this week I’m making sure she has everything she wants for her birthday on Friday (she hasn’t asked for much at all bless her so this isn’t difficult, hehe), for her main present she wants a practice gymnastics beam, which we’ve bought… not exactly sure where it’s going to go but we’ll find somewhere! Other than that I’ve had fun shopping for some lovely gifts that I know she’ll love. I’m also making sure that everything is in place for her party, which this year is an ice skating party on Sunday! I’m looking forward to this one, as is the rest of the family because we’re ALL going to join in and get our skates on!! I’ve told her friends Mums that they too have to get on the ice!

Should be lots of fun, I can’t wait!

Gymnastics Champion

Gymnastics girl

Yesterday my Girl competed in her very first gymnastics competition.

She’s only been doing gymnastics two terms and only one as part of the squad. I was a little reluctant to let her start in the squad as it meant jumping from the one hour a week recreational gymnastics, to three times a week, two hours per session full on training!

I was worried that it might be too much. That it would spoil her enthusiasm for it by becoming too pressured! I’d also heard a few minor horror stories about this particular gym school – that they were a bit too strict and upset some of the girls.

But I was wrong. She loves it. She loves all of her coaches. Yes they do a lot of strengthening at this stage, preparing them for the more difficult movements and to compete within the squad but my Girl is absolutely loving it.

She had been training for yesterdays competition for a number of weeks, learning small routines for the four apparatus – Beam, Vault, Bars and Floor.

We all went along to watch and support her as a family. I felt extremely nervous but she didn’t bat an eyelid. She was too cool for school – Breezed through all four routines and won!

She was the overall Champion of her group!!!

She was amazing. And what was even more lovely to see was all the girls supporting each other. They were all brilliant and it was a close call but my Girl won bars and floor and just pipped the others to the overall winner’s spot which was fantastic for her! She’s not at all competitive really and would’ve been happy for any of the others to win which makes it even more special to me that it was her and that all her hard work paid off!!

Proud Mummy doesn’t even cover it! x

What’s The Story? Magic Moments – Holiday Snaps

Beach fun sandbanks

I absolutely love this photo.

It was taken whilst on holiday in Poole, Dorset in 2010, on Sandbanks beach.

What I love about this photo is that it shows my boy who is now my Teen, when he was 11 years old. He enjoyed this holiday so much. It was the August before he started high school and he was still my little boy, my baby!! I loved him at this age, still do of course, but this was before all the changes that go hand in hand with high school, teenage years and growing up.

He loved being with his Mummy at this age. He was old enough to be able to have lovely conversations with, yet still young enough to want cuddles, play with his siblings and be happy to be at home with his family. He was still a child!

I miss him being like this.

The photo also shows my gorgeous little girl who at this point had just had her 5th birthday. She was glued to me all the time when she was small, she wouldn’t do anything without me! Bless her.

We had such a fun, happy time at this beach that day, giggling all the time. Sandbanks beach is truly beautiful. We were making the most of it though as it was the only day really that the sun shone in the whole week we were down on the South coast. The weather had been great leading up to the holiday but changed and rained practically every single day we were away. Typical!

My twins were gorgeous little babies too at this point in time:

baby twins

God, I’d love to give them a squeeze right now looking at this!

My children are growing up too fast. I know I’ve said it before but I really would like time to slow down a bit please!

Here are a few more pics from that holiday….

dorset sandbanks kids

Treasured memories of a lovely time. X

Birthday Party Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood kids party

My daughter is very girlie. This past year saw her and her best friend get into the whole make up and hair thing. It was a phase which seems to have faded out slightly now (thank god) but at the time they were FaceTiming each other constantly, doing their Girls World’s hair and make up. They had a collection of makeup, brushes, concealer, powder, glitter…the LOT!

It was hilarious listening to them. I think they had both watched far too many YouTube videos of American kids doing their make up – our girls were talking in American accents the whole time and would start off by saying something like –

*In American Accent* “Hi everybody, and welcome to this make up tutorial, I’m [insert name] and I’m going to show you how to do….. smoky eyes!!” ..and so on! It was too funny!

Anyway, for my daughter’s 8th birthday this year back in June, we decided to give her and her friends the star treatment. We booked a cute kids hairdressing salon that had a party room downstairs decked out like a Hollywood starlets dressing room, just gorgeous and perfect for our little princess…..

little girl hair doneThey got their hair done

little girls make upTheir make-up done

little girls nails doneTheir nails done

party dance movesThey practised their dance moves

DSCF1731Dressed up

dressing up girlsAnd had a fabulous time.

The venue was amazing, as were the ladies involved in hosting it, they really took their time and nothing was too much trouble for them. Happy 8th birthday to my girl x




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