What to Do if You Experience Pregnancy Discrimination at Work

Although the law protects you against unfair treatment at work due to a pregnancy, it’s not uncommon for women to find themselves struggling at their workplace, or even pushed out of a job due to falling pregnant. In certain industries, where it may no longer be safe to work whilst pregnant, your employer should work to find you a suitable position that you are able to fulfill during the time until your maternity leave commences. Sadly, many employers today still do not treat women fairly when they’re pregnant or want to take maternity leave from work. If you feel that you would have been treated fairly were you not pregnant, your employer may be breaking the law. Here’s what to do if you are treated unfairly or wrongfully dismissed from your workplace due to pregnancy.

1. Get Legal Advice:

The first step is getting legal advice from an experienced solicitor who is used to handling similar claims. They will be able to look at the specifics of your situation to let you know whether you are being treated unfairly, and whether it’s worth thinking about making a claim against your employer. If you’re trying to avoid a lengthy court case whilst pregnant, then it may be worth speaking to experienced settlement agreement solicitors who will be able to increase your chance of coming to an agreement with your employer outside of court.

2. Keep Records:

If you are going to make a claim, then it’s important that you are able to provide evidence of the unfair treatment. If you were dismissed for seemingly no reason when your employer found out that you were pregnant, then this may be evidence enough. However, in most cases, it’s not always as simple as that. It’s a good idea to keep detailed records of how your employer’s treatment of you changed from falling pregnant onwards. For example, if you lost out on opportunities for progression or were demoted to a lower-paid position.

3. Know Your Rights:

It’s important to be fully aware of your rights surrounding pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. Legally, you are protected against pregnancy discrimination from as soon as your employer is informed that you are pregnant, however, you are not legally required to tell your employer about the pregnancy until fifteen weeks before your baby is due to be born. Once your employer has been informed, you are protected against unfair dismissal, unfair treatment, redundancy, and discrimination on pregnancy grounds.

4. Pregnancy or Performance?

If you are dismissed from work during pregnancy, most employers will not admit that it is because you are pregnant. However, bear in mind that there will be circumstances where a dismissal during pregnancy is for fair reasons, for example, gross misconduct is not protected against whilst pregnant. Except for in the most serious cases, your employer will need to warn you beforehand if you are about to be dismissed. It is unfair for your employer to dismiss you for pregnancy-related reasons, such as absence due to morning sickness or the need to make adjustments to accommodate you.

Your employer should not treat you unfairly because you are pregnant – if this is the case, get legal advice today!



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Most Effective Exercises to Tone up Your Body

exercise better yoga

If you have been dieting for a while, you will know that as you lose weight, you need to start toning up so that you can achieve some longed-for definition. This is certainly me! I don;t need to lose weight, but I desperately want to tone up! But, if you’ve been combining dieting with exercising to lose weight, it can difficult to swap your regime to one that works on toning alone. Toning your body isn’t just about the way you exercise, it is also about how you treat your body and the way you eat. Here are some ideas to help you tone your body while still staying on track with your diet….

Think About What You’re Eating

When you’re looking to tone your body, what you’re doing is trying to tighten up the muscles and skin so that your arms and legs get more defined. The problem that some people have with this is that they still try to stick to their low-calorie diet while attempting to tone. Your body and muscles need calories to work so that they can work efficiently. By sticking to a low-calorie diet, you are not giving your muscles enough fuel. It will not only take longer to tone your body, but the results won’t be as good as you are expecting. That doesn’t mean that you should eat everything, you should stick to a diet that is high in nutrients and vitamins, just increase your calorie limit.

Start Eating Better Carbs

If you’re just starting your diet, or you’ve now finished dieting, you need to start swapping your carbs for better ones. Instead of eating potatoes, white bread, and pasta, you should eat food like fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. It is also a good idea to start eating nuts, seeds, and avocados as they contain healthy fats. These types of food will give you the energy you need without adding anything negative to your diet. It is important to eat regularly, up to five or six meals a day, to keep your energy levels up, especially if you are exercising a lot.

Keep Up Your Protein Intake

Although you may be limiting certain foods because of your diet, it is important to maintain a high level of protein. If you can keep eating foods such as dairy and animal proteins, then you can maintain your muscles during your diet. If you don’t, then as well as losing weight, you will also lose muscle mass, which you don’t want to do when you are trying to tone up. If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, then there are many other alternatives to dairy and meat that also contain good proteins.

Drink Water

Your muscles, just like the rest of your body, are made from mostly water – 70-80 percent in fact. It can never be emphasised enough how important it is to stay hydrated, not just in normal circumstances, but also when dieting and toning up. Water is vital for helping your body develop new muscle, while dehydration can cause the muscle to break down. Don’t forget to always take water with you when you are exercising and continue to drink during the day as well. You should also try to avoid drinks that are high in caffeine such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks. The caffeine will bind to the water in your body as it passes through, so you will lose more water drinking caffeine than drinking any other drink.

Interval Training

If your usual weekly routine involves lots of cardio, then you might get better results for your muscles if you switch to interval training. With this type of exercise, you do short bursts of intensive exercise followed by a longer interval of slower training. If you can do this for two to three times a week, you will see that your muscles will tone up as well as getting the cardio workout you need. Some exercises such as Pilates, already do this slowing down and speeding up which is ideal for toning.


When it comes to strengthening your muscles without excessive weights, there is nothing better than yoga. The exercise itself is not that demanding in a cardio way, but it can be extremely effective at toning your body and making you stronger. It’s especially good for people that can’t, or don’t enjoy intensive workouts or long periods of cardio. Hatha yoga is particularly good. It’s also something that you can do at home with a DVD or by watching Youtube! As with any exercise, even yoga, you should build up to it gradually, especially if you haven’t exercised for a while. I would love to get into yoga. I might give it another go this year.

Mix Up Your Workouts

While exercise is great for your body, if you want to get more from your workouts, then try to mix up the way you exercise. By trying to work more than one muscle group at a time, you will cause your body to release more hormones and burn calories for longer, even after your workout. It means that instead of doing two different workouts a day, just do one mixed workout once a day. It also has the benefit of burning calories faster and toning your body quicker.

Take Time to Rest

Just as important as exercising and eating healthily, is taking time to rest in between your workouts. Stress can cause the body to store more fat and diminish muscle, so try to do something you love to help relax you. It is also vital that you rest in between workouts so that your body can repair itself. If you don’t, you will pick up injuries that will prevent you from exercising for longer. Rest also includes sleep. The more sleep you get, the better it will be for your body. You repair your body in your sleep so the more hours in bed you get, the better the results will be at the end.

By doing these few things, you can start to tone up your body in the right way and get the best results from your workouts.

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Why You Should Take Your Kids for a Health Check

It’s easy for issues such as poor eyesight, aches, pains and ailments to go unnoticed in your children, as they won’t often tell you themselves. If something is wrong with your child’s overall health, it may not get picked up during a routine trip to your GP or nurse, so you must keep vigilant to any changes in behaviour that may indicate that something else is going on. Schools and nurseries are rife with bugs and germs at this time of year, so it’s best to try and keep aware of what illnesses are doing the rounds if their classmates are sick and unwell. If you think that something is wrong with your child, then don’t delay in making them an appointment with the relevant health care provider.

 Book a trip to the opticians

There are a range of signs that you should look out for if you think that your child is having sight related problems. If they are blinking or squinting, or if one eye is looking upwards or in a different direction to the other, then this is a clear sign that something isn’t quite right.

Other signs could be that your child is sitting incredibly close to the TV, rather than remaining on the sofa where they usually sit. Do check in with your child’s teachers if their school report is slightly under par, or perhaps they have noticed some strange or unusual behaviour – often a drop in the standard of schoolwork can be attributed to them not being able to see the whiteboard adequately. It’s important that you tell your little ones exactly what to expect before their appointment. All Eyes are an Optician in Cambridge who will make your children feel welcome and excited about their eye test as soon as they begin their visit. Why not talk to children about their favourite characters, such as Harry Potter, who wears glasses, and explain to them that they will soon be too. Make this as fun and light hearted an experience as possible.

Visiting the doctors

Visiting the doctors might be scary or daunting thought for your child, so it’s important that you make them feel as relaxed and safe as possible. My twins used to be petrified of the Doctor and would never let him/her listen to their chests or check anything! It was always forced and incredibly difficult. Explaining that they are visiting the doctor to help them feel better sometimes helps. Most children hate having injections, or their temperature taken, so try to keep your little one as calm and relaxed as possible during any examinations. You can reward them afterwards with a treat or healthy snack, so that they associate any further trips with a pleasant experience.

A trip to the dentist

Most children, and adults, hate visiting the dentist. So be prepared for distress, tears and tantrums before you’ve even got them out of the car! Teething and the loss of milk teeth can be an incredibly painful experience for younger children, so make sure that they understand the dentist is here to help them. Once they are at the dental surgery, you can get your child to interact with their dentist, by counting the number of teeth that they have lost, or are yet to lose. Make sure that the visit to see the dentist remains a positive experience, as hard as this may be. Remind your child that poor oral hygiene will see them have a return visit sooner rather than later – even more of an incentive to ensure that they brush their teeth both morning and evening.

Poor eyesight, toothache and aches and pains make your little ones grumpy and grouchy. Be sure to book them in for a health check if you feel that they need medical attention straight away.

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How to Ensure Your Child Is Eating Enough Protein

Protein is a vital part of a healthy diet for a child. Protein is necessary for the growth and development of the human body; it can also be used as a source of fuel if other food groups that provide energy are lacking. Any parent knows that it can be difficult to make sure your child eats a balanced diet, especially if they’re a fussy eater. Depending on their age, children need different amounts of protein. A one to three-year-old requires about 13g, while a four to eight-year-old only needs about 19g, and when they hit their teens they need between 46 to 52 grams a day. With these little tips you can ensure your child is eating enough protein.

Cook Tasty Food Together

Find some recipes that you and your child, or the whole family, can cook together. By cooking fresh food, you will know exactly how much protein is in the meal and how much your child is receiving. Find foods that everyone likes; a fan favourite for everyone is lamb. Lamb is a great source of protein and can be cooked in a variety of different ways. You can make burgers, pies, stews and Sunday roasts. If you get stuck for recipe ideas, there is lots of inspiration to be found online.

But What If My Child Is Vegetarian?

You don’t necessarily need to eat meat to get all the protein you need. Other foods such as avocado, spinach, quinoa, nuts, fruits, veggies and grains are all great alternatives. You should also able to find vegetarian and vegan meats in your local supermarket; these are packed full of protein. You can either purchase them fresh or frozen. These products usually have a longer sell by date, as they are free from animal products.

Packed Lunches

Don’t be afraid to get a bit more creative with your kids’ packed lunches for school.  Make sure you are filling their sandwiches with something such as egg, hummus, chicken salad or peanut butter. By changing it up every day, your child is less likely to get bored with what they eat at lunch time; it also makes it more fun! Instead of crisps or chocolate, put some cubed or string cheese and crackers in as a snack. String cheese can be more fun than a packet of crisps as well as your kids can make it into different shapes. This way it will keep them more engaged in what they are eating. Another couple of great ideas is to include either eggs or nuts as well as some fruits and veggies in their lunchbox.

Experiment with Food

Keep your child interested with food by experimenting. Cut fruit and vegetables into interesting shapes, let them pack their own school lunches, and even encourage them to do interesting science experiments with food. By sneaking a little science into their food, they’ll be learning how to cook different foods for later on in life and will learn which foods are healthy for them.

With these tips it will make it a lot easier for you to ensure your child is getting a well balanced diet, that ensures their continued growth and development.

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Virgin Active Fit for Kids – Active Crew

Last weekend my daughter was taking part in a fitness class specially designed for children. The classes, or ‘programmes’ are running in selected Virgin Active fitness centres throughout the UK, as well as in schools and communities,  and we were invited to their North London centre to experience them first hand!

I am a firm believer in kids taking up sports, it doesn’t matter what type, just as long as they are doing something on a regular basis. I’ve always thought it benefits all aspects of a child’s life from building confidence to increasing concentration levels in the classroom. Some children though, aren’t so keen on regular sports so finding some from of exercise they will enjoy can be difficult.

That’s where the Active Crew programme comes in.

Aimed at 8-15 year olds, and brought in association with renowned fitness group,  SAQ International the Active Crew programmes bring a mixture of fun and movement in a relaxed environment, there’s no pressure involved, just an enjoyable class where you can work at your own pace towards gaining Crew Skills! The specialist coaches support kids through a term long course of weekly (or more) classes to help improve fitness levels, learn teamwork and build self confidence.

Virgin Active Crew

First up the coaches got the kids warmed up with some fun exercises using all the latest training techniques and innovative equipment, improving basic skills like running, catching and throwing, as well as increasing their strength, ability and core fitness. All of the children enjoyed this immensely. The coaches, I have to say were incredibly motivational… everything was made fun which meant the children forgot they were exercising completely!

virgin active crew

Virgin Active CrewMy daughter getting stuck in!

The whole session was very much centred around a team camaraderie feel. The coaches were all in the mix too, shouting encouragement and supporting at all times.

A big part of the programme has been developed by the founder of the ZUU Chimps, Australian fitness expert Nathan Helberg. The ZUU Chimps was originally an extensive adult fitness regime but Nathan has tweaked it to bring the values into children’s fitness. This definitely brings another fun factor into the mix with the kids being positively encouraged to let their hair down and be more animal, as in walk like a gorilla and jump like a frog to name but a few of the moves they all carried out… (hence the name, ZUU Chimps!)

virgin active crew

virgin active crewThe wonderful and inspiring Nathan Helberg

The Active Crew course evolves and develops as your children progress, even including aspects such as eating healthily and keeping fit for life.

I think it’s an amazing programme, but the proof was in the pudding as every one of the kids that joined in with this class absolutely loved it! They were all smiling and full of beans afterwards, simply buzzing.

Virgin Active CrewAll the kids from our session with one of the coaches as well as Nathan from ZUU Chimps and SAQ International Director Alan Pearson

My daughter wants to carry on with this so I will be booking her in for a course in the new year….. it has also inspired me to get more active again too, so after Christmas I’m going to get the whole family involved and join our nearest Virgin Active Centre…. there is so much fun to be had and being fit and healthy is such an important life lesson to teach our children.


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The Inner Me Diaries – A Review

Inner me
A while ago I wrote a post about embarking on the Inner Me Vitamin Challenge! I was only a week or so in at that time and I talked about how I was finding the whole ‘taking supplements every day’ thing.I reported that although I was slightly apprehensive at first, it was in fact, incredibly easy to integrate them into my lifestyle.

inner me vitimins
The product I was testing was The Hectic Years… designed for women over the age of 30. In regards to the benefits of taking the Daily 4 Me (The Hectic Years), the supplements include tailored ingredients, designed to energise and support women like me, who have very busy lives. Each individual supplement has its own benefits:
  • The multivitamin and mineral supplement involves the energy releasing B vitamins and Vitamin D for healthy bones
  • The high strength Omega 3 fish oil capsule helps to maintain a healthy heart
  • The Lactospore Complex capsule is full of natural ingredients and antioxidants
  • The Co Enzyme Q10 capsule helps for glowing and youthful looking skin
I have been taking the supplements for six weeks in total and have now finished my challenge. I’ve already noticed a change in my energy levels since I finished the course and now I want to order some more.

I would 100% say that the vitamins improved my wellbeing. I go to bed late most nights and even though I’m always tired, I did notice that I wasn’t feeling as sluggish as I normally do, in fact, the late night weren’t affecting me nearly as much as they did prior to taking them. My skin felt more hydrated, and even though it’s difficult to say whether it’s purely because of the supplements, since I’ve finished them my skin feels noticeably drier again.

What I absolutely love about Inner Me is that there is a mountain of resources on their website, which not only enables you to find out about all the fabulous products, but there is a whole lifestyle section too, giving lots of hints and tips on how to make the most of your health. There are even recipe suggestions to maximise your wellbeing. It’s a beautiful website giving so much inspiration, be sure to head on over and have a look for yourself!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Inner Me was created in 2012 by founder Nikki Cooper who, in 2009, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and embarked on a quest to find supplements that would optimise her health and wellbeing. Bewildered by choice and not finding anything she could relate to, the idea for Inner Me was born. Following extensive research, Inner Me was launched, changing the days of monotonous and daunting supplement products forever.

Nikki CooperNikki Cooper

As well as Nikki Cooper, the founder and inspiration behind Inner Me, the supplements are also recommended by a team of experts on health, beauty, wellbeing and nutrition:

  • Amanda Hamilton: nutritionist, and respected personal health commentator
  • Abigail James: skincare and wellness industry expert
  • Camille Meskill: top fitness professional
  • Elaine Slater: psychologist and consultant therapist for the Priory Hospital and London Fashion Week
All the products are manufactured in the UK and are free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colours. They are stocked Nationwide in all major outlets but the easiest way to buy is to order online, and with prices starting from as little as £14.99 for a 4 week supply, you can’t go wrong. You can even subscribe, which means every month a delightful package will be delivered to your door and you’ll never run out!
The Inner Me supplements arrive in a beautifully wrapped package, very lovely and girly!

inner me diaries

Now, as promised in my last post, I am offering YOU, my lovely readers, an exclusive discount! 
Buy one month’s supply of Daily 4 Me (The Hectic Years) and get one month’s supply free!
To claim the exclusive discount, all you need to do is enter the code MummyE when at the check-out on www.innerme.co.uk. (see screen shot below to see exactly where the discount code needs to go)
inner me
I would love you to give the Inner Me range a try, and see the benefits for yourself. Then come back and tell me all about it!

I have really enjoyed this challenge. Not only does taking the supplements mean your body is receiving all the necessary nutrients it needs, because let’s face it, busy lives mean we are not always focused on what we eat, but it inspires you to try and be fit and healthy in other ways too. I know I have become more concious of exercise and drinking more water, to work alongside the supplements, boosting their effects.

We all need to do what we can, we owe it to our families to be as healthy as we possibly can be :)


Bio Oil Review and Giveaway

I don’t know about you but I like to moisturise every time I have a shower or bath and I even though it’s boring and wastes precious time, especially when the morning rush is on, if I don’t slap the cream on my skin feels terribly dry. I don’t really mind which body cream I use, I’m not particularly fussy. In the months after Christmas I end up using the lovely smelling ones I’ve received as gifts, then if I have to buy it I usually just go for ones that are easy to apply and easily absorbed, I don’t have time to be waiting ages for it to dry before I can get dressed!

I’m always up for trying new or different products so when the lovely people at Bio Oil asked me if I’d like to review their famous product I jumped at the chance!

I must admit I’ve never used it before so it was a great opportunity to try it out. I know all about it though, I’ve seen it in the shops and read the articles in the magazines but I have always thought it’s for problem skin or stretch marks… I believe it is the ‘miracle product’ for stretch marks and it is recommended you start using it twice a day from the start of your second trimester if you’re using it for this reason. However, even though I’ve got four children I can happily say I managed to avoid stretch marks with all of them, I don’t have problem skin so I genuinely thought I had no need for this oil really.

When I delved a bit deeper in preparation for this review I can see Bio Oil has many uses, on the bottle it says it is ‘specialist skincare for….

  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Ageing skin
  • dehydrated skin’

So, goodie, dehydrated skin… that’s what I’ll use it for!

Bio Oil Review

The oil is made up of mainly plant extracts which give it that unique floral scent, which IS quite strong but doesn’t linger and is actually rather nice. It contains vitimins and minerals as well as oils, of course but the formulation has the special PurCellin Oil which apparently changes the consistency to make it less greasy, therefore allowing the skin to absorb more of the beneficial vitamins and minerals.

I have been using the oil for over a week now and although the directions of use on the bottle state you need to apply twice daily for a minimum of three months to see results, I am already noticing it’s moisturising benefits.

I have mainly been using it sparingly as a body moisturiser but paying special attention to my neck and chest, as I’m noticing signs of ageing here, and also on my feet (this hot weather means my feet need to be gloriously soft and smooth before being paraded around in sandals and flip flops!)… and the feeling of my skin being hydrated all day is fabulous. To the touch, the skin on my neck and chest feels as though I’ve just moisturised right at the end of the day, when in actual fact, it was applied early in the morning.

The formulation IS oily but not overly and it does absorb quickly but not fully, which I like and my skin needs. My skin feels completely nourished and very soft.

Obviously I haven’t been using it long enough to be able to say if I’ve noticed any significant changes to my skin but if my skin feels nice and hydrated then I’m happy. I will continue to use it and judging by how little I need to use each time I apply, I can see my little bottle lasting for quite some time, which is a bonus!

Do you use Bio Oil?

Well, if you haven’t, fear not because here on Mummy Endeavours, I am giving away THREE bottles of the fabulous Bio Oil to three lucky readers in my new competition.. simply fill out the Rafflecopter boxes and create more chances, the more boxes you fill out!


Good luck


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Disclaimer: I was sent a bottle of Bio Oil for the purposes of giving an honest review



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