The Lego Ninjago Movie Review and Spinjitsu Masterclass Event with Jade Jones

We love the Lego Movies in our house! That brilliant mix of kiddie and adult humour that ensures us parents are going to thoroughly enjoy it as much as the kids means they are films to watch over and over again as a family! So, as you can imagine, we were very excited about the brand new Warner Bros. film ‘Lego Ninjago’ that’s being released all over the UK this weekend and the fact that we’d been invited to a special event with double Olympic Champion Jade Jones!

Taking place against the iconic backdrop of London’s Tower Bridge, this promotional event was a thrilling morning for everyone and a fun way to whip everyone up into a frenzy ready for the film screening later! There were clips from the film being shown on big screens for all to see, Dick and Dom from childrens’ TV were hosts and the super lovely Jade Jones gave a Spinjitsu materclass and happily chatted to everyone afterwards!

Lego Ninjago event jade jones dick and dom

jade jones lego ninjago spinjitsu

lego ninjago spinjitsu masterclass

All the children had a fantastic time.. I mean, it’s not everyday you get to do something as amazing as this is it? Jade Jones is certainly an inspiration and one who so many of the children who were at the event aspired to be! Little Taekwondo champion wannabe’s meeting their idol and getting some fantastic hints and tips on how to achieve their dreams. This of course was relevant to all the children to remember for which ever path they want to take in life! Plus of course they were taught some impressive moves that they could go away and use in their next battle!

jade jones lego ninjago

Jade posed for this lovely photo with my daughter!

lego ninjago movie

My boys here admiring this amazing Lego construction!

Later on it was time to head over to the lovely Empire Cinema, Haymarket for the UK preview screening of the Lego Ninjago movie and my boys were beside themselves with excitement! They’d been looking forward to it for weeks knew… just knew, because they told me millions of times in the weeks leading up to this, that it was going to be AWESOME!

lego ninjago movie screening review

Film Synopsis: The battle for NINJAGO City calls to action young Master Builder Lloyd, aka the Green Ninja, along with his friends, also secret ninja warriors. Led by Master Wu, as wise-cracking as he is wise, they must defeat the evil warlord Garmadon, who also happens to be Lloyd’s dad. Pitting father against son, the epic showdown tests these fierce but undisciplined modern-day ninjas as they learn to check their egos and pull together to unleash the inner power of Spinjitzu.

Kids are familiar with the Ninjago TV show and the Lego sets that have been around in the shops for years, so this brand new feature film from Warner bros. has been highly anticipated! If your children have been waiting to see it, they won’t be disappointed, and neither will the adults in the family!

The film begins with a little real life scenario starring Jackie Chan, who voices two characters in the film, it then dives into the animation. We are introduced to the secret Ninja’s, who are all school friends, the main one being the ‘Green Ninja’ Lloyd, who is a bit of a loner normally. This is because everyone knows that the evil Lord Garmadon.. the ‘Baddie’ in the film, who is constantly attacking and trying to take over their city, is none other than Lloyds’ estranged Father. Lord Garmadon doesn’t know this though, not initially anyway!

Fast paced and full of action and the funny little one liners we’ve become accustomed to with the Lego movies, we were all hooked! My boys were laughing and jumping up and down in their seats at various parts, especially the action bits… simply loving it! I love admiring the actual Lego pieces, the bricks and tiny bits that make up the bigger picture. Even though it’s animation you can totally see that every single part of the scenes are made up of the actual pieces that you would find in the Lego toys! This fascinates me!

There’s a sentimental undertone to the film as Lloyd and his Father have moments where they try to reconcile. Even though this brings a softer side to break up the action, I did feel as though one part in particular towards the end dragged on a bit too long. I found my children to be losing interest a tad and this point and it was unnecessary. A bit too much. But then it was back to the fun which was all was forgotten!

We thoroughly enjoyed this movie and my boys have been raving about it ever since! It was a great day out for us and on the way home on the train my little O was practising some of the Ninja moves he learned at the Spinjitsu Materclass that morning! 😉

Lego Scooby Doo Blow Out Beach Bash Movie at Legoland

We were invited to Legoland Windsor last week to watch the new Warner Bros. Lego Scooby Doo Beach Blowout Movie in their super 4D on site cinema. The movie itself wasn’t in 4D, which I was so happy about as my twins don’t really like the 4D experience… it scares them. So Phew!

We haven’t been to Legoland for years and it was something we definitely wanted to do this summer, which made this invitation all the more special!

I took my twins, my daughter and my daughter’s friend along with me to help with the review 😉 We arrived nice and early and after the obligatory Costa we headed round to the screening. All the kids were very excited about seeing the film… the boys more than the girls!

lego scooby doo

Lego Scooby Doo Movie

It was funny seeing the famous Mystery, Inc. gang as Lego! I always find it fascinating how Warner Bros gets this so spot on! They all looked brilliant! The film starts off with the friends heading off to the annual Blowout Beach Bash… a party that promises 3 fun-filled days of summer laughter and enjoyment! But of course, nothing goes THAT smoothly for our favourite gang and it’s not long before some Ghost Pirates roll up, threatening to ruin the good vibes! Scooby and his friends must foil these spooky swashbucklers and save the beach bash once and for all! Do you think they will succeed?

The film is really very good. It’s a brand new original Lego story, full of the usual wit that we have come to expect with all the Lego films! There was the whodoneit aspect that we love Scooby Doo for and of course the loveable Scooby himself!

My boys loved it and were completely engrossed the whole way through!

lego scooby doo movie

The Lego Scooby Doo Blow Out Beach Bash Movie is available now on DVD and on Digital Download. Take a look at the trailer…. it’s a perfect summer movie for the kids to watch over the holidays!

After the film we headed into the park to enjoy everything else Legoland had to offer! One of my twins’ favourite things was seeing all the amazing figures and scupltures that were made out of Lego! They’re not huge theme park fans… I let my daughter and her friend go off on their own with their fast track wrist bands to go on as  many rides as they could, which they did, but my boys gained more pleasure from the simpler side of Legoland. The basics.

There are loads of different areas in the park like the Ninjango World, Heartlake City where the Lego Friends live, there’s the Kingdom of the Pharaohs and Duplo Valley to name a few, but my twins absolutely loved the Imagination Centre where they could build things and explore! They even went on the Skyrider… a little car that travels along an aerial track. It’s slow and easy and gives great views over the park. This is a perfect ride for the very young guests or any child who is a little nervous!

We also ventured over to the Atlantis Submarine ride which was truly amazing! Even I loved this! You all get on and it lowers into water, taking you on a magical underwater adventure. There are lots of fish and even sharks to spot!

The ‘show’ at Legoland was another highlight! This one was The Pirates of Skeleton Bay and had some super stunts in! Like this one below… that tower was incredibly high! There was also fire and jet skis and plenty of action!

We did so much and it was great to spend some time with fellow bloggers Katy from Modern Mummy and Kate from Life Daily…. we did some rides together including The Heartlake City Express! Perfect for a group selfie 😉

Photo credit: Katy from Modern Mummy!

bloggers legoland

There really is so much to see and do at Legoland, we didn’t manage to get everywhere and now it’s left us wanting so much more. The ideal would be to have an overnight stay in one of the themed onsite hotels which look so cool! Definitely something to look into for the future!

We had the best time! Exhausted when we got home but full of happiness! Thanks Warner bros and Legoland for a wonderful day!

twins legoland

Boss Baby Movie Previews – Our Day from Two Perspectives

Ever since I read about new film The Boss Baby being released, from a press release I received at some point last year, I just knew it sounded and looked absolutely unmissable!

the boss baby review

We were lucky enough to be invited to a preview screening at London’s Westfield, with a visit to the fantastic Kidzania first!

Because the film explores view points from different perspectives, as in the adults v’s the children, I thought I’d write about our day from two perspectives… one from me and one from one of my twins..O.

So on the morning of the event.. having to get up early to make sure we were at the venue for 9am…

O is up nice an early encouraging me to hurry up “it’s The Boss Baby today and I’m so excited”! So he sit’s on the sofa and watches TV.

I, meanwhile am also up. But unlike O, I am running around like a headless chicken. Once I’ve jumped in the shower and tried to find something to wear, I shoot downstairs to ask the three kids what they’d like for breakfast. O’s twin, H wasn’t feeling great last night and we were all a bit worried as to whether he’d be ok to go out, but he seemed better this morning! We were all pleased. However, the three of them are staring at me blankly as I ask them the million dollor question…. what would they like for breakfast! Grrr…. “We’re in a hurry you know……”!

During breakfast the kids chat excitedly about the film, wondering what it will be like.

I am running around again choosing outfits for all three children. After breakfast I give said clothes to them and encourage them to get dressed as quickly as possible.

O take his clothes.

I continue to get ready and clear up after breakfast. I do my makeup etc then I go to check back on the kids.

O is sitting watching tv. In his Pyjamas!

I turn the TV off and remind him that if we don’t leave soon we will miss the film! This seems to spur him on.

Once at Westfield O is excited to be at Kidzania, although we have been before so he’s done a few of the activities there.

kidzania baby boss

He decides he doesn’t want to do anything and instead wants to eat some of the specially prepared breakfast treats that have been put out for us!

I take my daughter and her friend over to the Newsreaders part of Kidzania because she wants to do that.

kidzania london newsreading

I leave O eating with my friend and his twin. His twin H has informed me that he feels sick! Gosh.. ‘not now’ I’m thinking… beginning to go into panic mode!

O continues to happily stuff his face and manages to go up to the different food and drinks tables to get one of everything… bacon butty, pastries, cakes, apple juice, black current juice, oh yes and a little pot or two of fruit!

I have no time to eat anything at this point. My daughter finishes her news reading ‘job’ so we then head over to grab some last minute food ourselves, although now we’re getting called away  because it’s time for the film to start and we need to get over to the Vue cinema. H is hanging off me complaining of feeling sick which I’m now very worried about!

O skips happily through Westfield’s beautiful shopping centre to the cinema which is located inside Westfield itself. Not a care in the world!

Once in the cinema I encourage all the kids to go to the toilet. Past experience has told me this is a must. H needed a ‘wee’ right at the very end of a film once and when we got back into the auditorium, the credits were going up!

We pick some seats. I put H right on the end who keeps saying he’s ok to watch the film (he’s not going to let feeling sick get in the way!) but I’m very worried about him. I’m actually extremely stressed at this point. I give him a bottle of water to sip and hoped that the film would take his mind of it poor thing!

Meanwhile, this is O… he’s sat ready, 3D glasses on and just can’t wait for The Boss Baby to start!

I think you can see the pattern created throughout the morning…

As a Mum, I spent the entire morning flitting around like a manic woman in various stages of stress and O spent his morning completely relaxed, doing as he pleased, feeling excited and happily looking forward to the film! Two very different takes on the morning!

the boss baby movie reviews

Actually I think all the other children, apart from H spent the morning like O. All just with one thing on their minds…. the film! The girls here in the pic above eagerly awaiting for it to start… we took our seats straight away and it looks here as though the whole place was empty, it wasn’t. It was absolutely full by the time the film begun!

Kids just don’t care about anything do they? They’re usually just in their own little worlds while us Mum’s are in the background taking care of everything! But that’s as it should be. My children are very considerate of me but I wouldn’t want them to take on any of my stresses or worries. I want their childhood to be as happy and carefree as possible. There’ll be enough stress when they grow up and try to make their way in the big wide world!

So what is the film like?

Our verdict on The Baby Boss….

The movie starts off with only child Tim, narrating, telling us about his perfect happy life with his wonderfully attentive perfect parents! He has a delightfully overactive imagination and loves nothing more than inventing games to play! We then witness his whole world begin to fall apart when his parents have a new baby! Obviously highly exaggerated but absolutely hilarious to see the horror on Tim’s face and the carnage that immediately ensues when his little brother The Baby Boss (voiced by Alec Baldwin) arrives!

But this is no ordinary baby brother. This one can talk like an adult, carries a briefcase and wears a suit! This is a baby with an agenda…. he’s with Tim and his family to fulfil a mission, set by the Baby Corporation he comes from, to ensure that the baby species continues to be the most desirable thing in the world… as it’s being pushed aside by the arrival of something even cuter!

The Boss Baby (like all babies!) begins to take over the whole house, causing mayhem and taking ALL the attention. Tim tries to ‘expose’ him but without fail, until one day the two of them hook up to help each other out in a bid to make everyone happy again!

The boss baby movie

Created by Dreamworks Animation, the film offers the heart-filled message about the importance of family and is an authentic and broadly appealing original comedy of all ages.

We loved the film. The children were all suitably captivated throughout. I mean, it must’ve been good, H didn’t complain once about his tummy ache during the whole film, and was even hopping and skipping on his way out of the cinema he enjoyed it so much! We laughed out loud and I must admit to shedding a tear towards the end, but then I’m an emotional wreck when it comes to anything even remotely soppy!

A big thumbs up from us and definitely one to take the children to during the Easter holidays! The film is so unlike anything we’ve seen before in terms of storyline, that I would say you simply cannot afford to miss out. A great movie for all the family!

The Boss Baby is out now across the UK.

Here’s the trailer…..

The Girl On The Train

I recently received a fab delivery containing a copy of newly released box office smash The Girl On The Train DVD… along with some of my favourite choccies and a box of popcorn!

Girl on the Train DVD film review

It was a coincidence being asked to review this movie because at the time of receiving the email, I’d just started reading the best selling book by Paula Hawkins, which I’d borrowed from a friend at work. I’d heard it was really good so it was something I’d wanted to read for ages. Then the film came out and I was like Nooooo, I have to read the book first!

Anyway, the book (a psychological thriller) was certainly a page turner and I did manage to finish it in super quick time so I could watch the DVD! I couldn’t wait to find out how the film compared to the book. I’d heard that some people thought the film was actually better, which is unusual as it’s normally the other way round!

So, in case you’ve neither read the book OR watched the film, it’s about a young woman (The Girl) Rachel (Emily Blunt in the film), who has lost her way after her divorce and lives in a bit of a fantasy world. She drinks too much and interferes somewhat with her ex husband Tom (Justin Theroux – pic below with Emily) and his new wife! She finds herself watching the world go by every day on her commute to work and sees the same people in the same houses along the railway lines. It’s some of these lives she unwittingly gets involved in when she sees something from the train one day. The story then takes you on a dark, mysterious journey as Rachel tries to uncover the truth.

The Girls on the train film review Barry Wetcher/Universal

So, my honest opinion having seen the film now, was that I think I watched it too close to reading the book, where every single detail was still etched in my mind. Films can’t cover every single detail so of course, bits are always missed out. If you haven’t read the book or at least not so recently, it would be a million times better!

I think it’s probably a difficult book to portray on the big screen because of the diary style writing and the jumping back and forth between lives and times but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

The book is set in London with the commuters travelling to Euston. This is the route I take to London as I live only 15 minutes away from Euston on the train, and although the other stations are fictional, I could really relate to the Victorian houses and views from the train. In the film, the commute is into New York and the houses are quite substantial so it didn’t quite capture me in the same way!

Emily Blunt is brilliant. I think she captures perfectly the desperate, pathetic character of Rachel. She’s a complex, mixed up character who hasn’t got a clue what she’s doing half the time because she’s always either drunk or hungover! But you find yourself willing her on in the hope that she can either do something right or sort herself out! Emily Blunt definitely carries the film as she is such a huge part of it.

The film definitely draws you in from the start and like the book (even though I knew the end, let’s pretend I didn’t!) you find yourself eager to know what’s going to happen next and where it’s going to take you. There are some great twists and turns in the story which is what makes it so good and the film didn’t lose any of the suspense. The cinematography was instrumental in keeping the tone of the film dark and rather grim at times. I would’ve liked to have seen a bit more from the character of Anna, as I don’t think her nastier traits came across too well and the ending seemed a little rushed but does keep you guessing right up until those final scenes!

I thought the film moved along at a very fast pace. It seemed to have finished as soon as it started, which is obviously a very good sign!

I really enjoyed The Girl on the Train and would highly recommend. I have lots of friends who have seen it and not one said they didn’t enjoy it.

I will certainly be watching it again… that’s if I get the chance because a couple of relatives and work colleagues have all asked if they could borrow my DVD first!

You can buy the DVD and Blu-ray now from all good retailers.

The Lego Batman Movie UK Premiere

Lego Batman Movie Premiere

Last weekend we were invited to the amazing Imax cinema Leicester Square, London, to see the highly anticipated new Lego Batman Movie!

My twin boys were beyond excited at the prospect….. I mean really, what child (especially boys) isn’t going to get hysterical about a film that combines the cooler than cool Batman, but also their favourite toy, Lego?! Yes, this film was destined to appeal to every single kid (and big kid) in the whole entire world!

We arrived in Leicester Square at the Imax and there was a little press area outside for photo’s which we made use of 😉 this led inside where there was fun in the foyer! There were snacks and drinks (the coffee went down very well on this Sunday morning!) and entertainers on hand in the shape of face painters, illustrators and circus skills artists!



After having a mooch round we headed to our allocated screening room to grab some seats! The Imax is a great cinema with those magnificent screens and luxury seating with plenty of leg room. It’s such a treat coming here!

lego batman movie premiere

We couldn’t wait for the film to start!

legobatman movie

lego batman movie review

Right from the start, the very first scenes brought action and suspense, with Batman being everyone’s dream Superhero…. oozing charisma, immense bravery, confidence and almighty wit to save the day! So much craziness and fun is piled into the first few minutes! I glanced sideways at my twins who were literally on the edge of their seats almost shaking with excitement!

We are introduced to Batman’s arch nemesis, The Joker, early on and it’s their relationship that provides the backbone of the storyline!

the joker lego batman movie mummy endeavours

The film pokes fun at the whole Superhero thing! The main characters, Batman and The Joker in particular are massively over characterised and send themselves up throughout the film, which is hilarious!

Batman is voiced by Will Arnettt. It’s an extreme, gravelly growl, similar to Christian Bales’ but deeper! This amused me so much but it’s absolutely perfect! We learn that, although he’s an utterly amazing superhero and great at keeping Gotham City out of the hands of the bad guys, Batman is a little complacent and still a loner. He’s completely self absorbed and has no time for anyone else in his life… apart from of course, his guardian and butler, Albert! This aspect makes for a funny scene when, despite his immense wealth and supersonic Bat Cave (the vast array on Batvehicles kept here is mind boggling…. another feast for the eyes of little AND big kids!), Batman still sits eating a microwave dinner for one and laughs at soppy movies!

That’s all set to change though as he reluctantly, and in some cases, unwittingly, allows people into his life, who in turn help him in his bid to save Gotham City from the clutches of the conniving Joker once again!

I admit to being blown away by the sheer scale of this film and the attention to detail animation wise. The whole world is made out of Lego and not in any place did we forget, Every single tiny ‘brick’ had a use… this fascinated me. The huge wide angled sweeping camera scenes were just visually breath taking. There was so much content in this film, from the detail in the backdrops to the incredible dialogue.

The dialogue was what made this film stand out!

I’ve said this about a number of kids films before, when there’s been added content placed in a kids film purely for the adults that take the kids to watch. But the script for this Lego Batman movie was on a whole new out of this world level! It was pure genius. The jokes and references came thick and fast, with much of it going over kids’ heads of course… but they were more than satisfied with the action and fun bits… the adults in the audience with us at this press showing were all equally as appreciative of the humour, laughing out loud and enjoying every second!

I love the fact that Batgirl is in this movie too…. something for the little girls out there! She really proves to be a great character and role model too!

We all loved this film. My twins said their favourite bit was when Batman sang a song, which I have to admit was very funny! I haven’t seen them this excited about a film upon leaving the cinema for a long time. They could NOT stop talking about it and have asked if we can see it over and over again!

All three of my children said they thought it was much better than the first Lego movie, and they enjoyed that so this MUST be good!

It’s a fantastic film, funny, intelligent and very clever.  Definitely not to be missed. Highly recommend. 10/10.

The Lego Batman Movie is released throughout the UK on 10th February!

Here’s a little taster…..

UK Premiere of The BFG

How exciting?

Leicester Square beckoned again as it was time for the long awaited summer blockbuster The BFG.

I have been so lucky to attend a few red carpet events now and they are truly amazing… It really does feel so special to be part of it all, mingling with exciting people.. celebrities and press alike, and being one of the first people in the Country to see a film!

The BFG is a kids film but my 6yr old twins were a little unsure. They’d seen a few adverts on the TV and were worried they wouldn’t like it. They were concerned that it would be too ‘scary’. Of course, the Big Friendly Giant isn’t in the least bit scary himself because we all know he’s friendly, but my boys have read the Roal Dahl classic story at school and they know there are some ‘baddie’ giants in the film too… these were apparently what they were afraid of. Cinema screenings are also dark and very loud, something which many young children dislike, so add into that some giant faces on screen and I can see why they were unsure.

As no one had seen this film, there was no one to ask what their kids thought so I decided to convince the boys that it would be fine, and off we went!

The weather was amazing at the atmosphere in Leicester Square was electric.

the BFG

The Square itself was cordoned off to make way for a magical Giants land which could be explored…

… Like Giant footprints!


The kids loved discovering many of the artifacts from the story. My boys could even name most of them… which I was rather impressed with, proving they were listening closely at school when the book was read to them!

the bfg

the bfg premiere


They even got to sit on the BFG’s chair!

If you’ve been out and about lately in London, you may have spotted some of the BFG’s Dream Jars. There are a few in other cities but most are in London. They are on display until 31 August to support the work of Save the Children and Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity by being auctioned off at Paddle8 (I really want one!) .. so you could even own your own Dream Jar.. how amazing would that be?

At the premiere, many of the Jar’s were on display all together and my children loved looking at them….

Walking on the red carpet into the Odeon Leicester Square was very exciting!

The BFG UK premiere

Once inside and seated, awaiting the film to start, someone VERY special was there to introduce the film.

HIS film.

Yes, STEPHEN SPEILBERG himself appeared on stage, looking totally unassuming… I had no idea he was even going to be there, let alone standing right there in front of me!

I was completely starstruck. I mean, this was epic! It was STEPHEN SPEILBERG… is there really anyone bigger in the movie world?!!

Stephen Speilberg premiere BFG UK

I felt so privileged to be in the same room as this incredibly talented legend.

He spoke about making the movie, how he hoped we enjoyed it and then introduced onto the stage the cast, including the little girl who played Sophie, Ruby Barnhill, who took over the mic to say a few words of her own! I think she was just a tad excited!

the cast of the BFG

Then it was time to watch the film.

What did we think? Well here’s some blurb about the film first…

‘From the imaginations of two of the world’s greatest storytellers, Roald Dahl and Steven Spielberg, THE BFG tells the extraordinary tale of a young girl named Sophie (played by British newcomer Ruby Barnhill) and the Big Friendly Giant (played by Oscar Winner Mark Rylance) who introduces her to the wonders and perils of Giant Country. Together they embark on a marvellous and buckswashling adventure filled with snozzcumbers, dream jars, frobscottle and even the Queen (Penelope Wilton)! The mismatched pair form an unlikely friendship that will inspire enormous bravery in the BFG and give Sophie a taste of the family she dreams of’

Our Verdict

So first of all, my twins weren’t in the slightest bit scared at any point during the movie! Just so you know…. so that was the first big tick in the box! Some reviewers have described the film as being too long but I didn’t notice. My children and I were completely engrossed and didn’t flinch the whole way through. In fact, when I looked at my children, they were absolutely transfixed on the screen… the film was really quite hypnotic at times.

There was plenty of beautiful cinematography as we entered the mystical Giant world. The scenes where the BFG hows Sophie where the ‘dreams’ are kept under the water are truly magical.

I must admit to not having read the classic story myself so I could enjoy the story as the film presented it to me. But my twins pointed out afterwards that some parts of the book that they remembered weren’t in it. Not that this bothered them but they did notice!

For me I absolutely loved the film… I couldn’t wait to tell all my friends with kids that they most definitely should go see it.

My children loved it too… they thought it was amazing and felt very pleased with themselves for going to watch it! I would even say they felt quite smug that they could tell all their classmates that they’d seen it before anyone else!

I think this Disney and Stephen Speilberg’s THE BFG will become a classic. One of those films that families will all get together to watch at Christmas every year (or over and over again at any time of year) as it really does have that truly magical quality that we love.

Here is the trailer… 

The kids were given some fab BFG ‘ears’ to wear on the way home!

Robinson Crusoe – A Review

Robinson Crusoe movie

Last Sunday we headed into Leicester Square to watch a special preview of soon to be released kids movie Robinson Crusoe!

Normally I hear of films that are coming out, my children love a good animated feature film, but I didn’t hear of this as I don’t think it had been advertised yet!

It looked great thought when I checked it out online and we couldn’t wait to see it. I took my three kiddo’s along with my daughters’ friend who was incredibly excited!  She knows that we’ve been to a number of previews and premieres in the past so she was absolutely thrilled to be coming along with us this time… believe it or not, the two girls ARE in the same year at school!

We jumped on the train early so we could arrive in plenty of time to make the most of the fun in the foyer! It’s great that these events really do cater for kids well… it makes the occasion of being at the cinema feel special, and builds the excitement for the film itself.

In the foyer were all sorts of activities including face painting, balloon swords (or whatever you liked), arts and crafts.. as well as a real life parrot to see!

robinson crusoe

robinson crusoe movie

robinson crusoe movie

My twins modelling some of the funny masks of the characters of the movie…

robinson crusoe movie

There were a few celebrities in the foyer too who were there to see the film. I didn’t want to look like a groupie by asking for pics but suddenly my daughter’s friend went crazy when she spotted Linda Robson! She’s a huge fan of Birds of a Feather and was beside herself… completely starstruck! Of course I had to do the right thing and ask Linda Robson if she minded me taking a photo….. she was absolutely lovely and was more than willing…..

robinson crusoe linda robson

It really did make my daughter’s friends day! She was thrilled to bits! And doesn’t Linda Robson look amazing?

After some refreshments it was time to take our seats! The film was in 3D so we donned our glasses and settled down to watch!

The Verdict:

The first thing I just have to say about this film is…. the animation! I was literally blown away by it. I know animated films are brilliant these days, but this one…. well it was on another level. The sea looked REAL. I mean, it looked incredibly, amazingly real… to the point of me wanting to actually dive into it!

I’m sure most adults have heard of the Robinson Crusoe story (did you know the original story was written in 1719? I had no idea it was THAT old!) so you could probably guess that the film relates to a shipwreck and a Desert Island somewhere! And you’d be right. This one though has a parrot as one of the main characters… his name is Tuesday and he wants to know more about the world after only ever living on the Island where no humans had ever been. Cue Robinson Crusoe who finds himself shipwrecked on the Island and the two become friends… along with Tuesdays’ other adorable, quirky animal friends! But Robinson wasn’t the only one who survived…. two nasty, evil cats also managed to save themselves and soon they causing absolute havoc! Of course there’s the odd pirate too…

robinson crusoe review

robinson crusoe review

We loved this film! Crusoe is a gangly figure who is very awkward at first as he struggles to work out how to survive on the Island. But he’s ever so loveable and it’s wonderful to watch the friendship forming between him and the animals, especially Tuesday. The Cats are deliciously menacing. There’s lots of laugh out loud moments as you’d expect in a kids film. It also picks up a very fast pace as it drives towards the finish!

The music is great, there’s lots of stunning scenery and if you’re longing for a beach holiday somewhere beautiful this year (as I am) then this will just intensify that feeling!

Take a look at the trailer…

If you can’t wait for the film to be released… check out the new cutting edge Robsinson Crusoe website which offers a unique and interactive 360º experience immersing you in this colourful world, as you meet the characters, discover the island’s secrets, and interact with your environment. You can download character wallpapers, Facebook cover photos and colouring sheets, and head to the Apple or Android app store to get an exciting game that puts you in Robinson’s shoes as you build a home and negotiate survival in an exotic island paradise.

Robinson Crusoe is an absolute must see and opens in cinemas across the UK on 6th May 2016.

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