Silent Sunday – 19/01/14


Dog-Sitting Suprise

My lovely Dad has been on holiday in Australia for the past six weeks. Yes folks, that's SIX WEEKS if you please! I mean, is it alright for some or what? He has been (deservedly) enjoying endless weeks of glorious sun while back here, in the freezing subzero spring temperatures (ok, we were spoiled with a few warm days during that time), I have been dog sitting his pooch. I won't name her, she may not like it. I might be breaching dogs' privacy rights or something hehe. But yes, I, very reluctantly, agreed to take care of his precious mutt while he was away.

What's quite funny about this is that I'm quite anti-dog really. I've got nothing against them personally and I wouldn't be unkind to one but (without alienating myself from all you dog lovers out there) I don't really like them near me or around me. They're dirty and they stink! Even if it's the cleanest dog in the world, it will still smell - of dog! I cant stand the slobbering and licking, they filthy your home (no escaping that fact - a teeny weeny dog might be an exception) and need looking after like babies! They need walking twice a day whether you want to or not, if it's pouring down with rain, gale force winds or snowing, they need to be taken out to do their business. Otherwise they do it, delightfully, in the bloody garden! Then, and here's the repulsive part.... We humans, the superior being, have to pick up their poop?!!


No, I wasn't looking forward to this at all. But my Dad's dog is ok. She's a bichon frise which means she's doesn't moult (bonus), she's quite small and fluffy, cute and well behaved. The children were all excited.

I was extremely worried about how she would settle as my dad lives on his own with her so you can imagine how loyal she is. We arranged for my dad to come and stay for a few days before he went so she could familiarise herself fully with her new surroundings. She has stayed here quite a few times before but only with my Dad, this time it would be very different for her!

Surprisingly she settled in very well. She spent the odd time lying by the door, probably awaiting her Masters' return, but she didn't cry at night as I expected. I put her bed in my Teens room (his request) and she seemed fine. We took it in turns to walk her, sometimes Teen, sometimes me, sometimes all of us. What started off as something of a chore soon became an activity I actually looked forward to. I started to invent things to do or places to go just so that she could come along too. She came on school runs, I went to the park a whole lot more with the children to incorporate her walk, I even booked her in at the parlour for a wash, clip and pamper! I met up with other friends who had dogs (during the day when I'd be usually meeting friends with kids) just so we could go dog walking in the park and then head off to a cafe - where I would sit lovingly outside, in the cold (unheard of, I hate the cold) with this animal. I also found myself spending more time than I should have choosing exciting treats for her in the supermarket!!


My Twins with the little cutie

You can see where this is going can't you? To my complete and utter surprise I actually fell in love with her! She followed me everywhere and became 'MY dog'. I've never experienced this before. We had a dog once (a bad experience as he was vicious) but he was my OH's really - that was his Master so I guess it didn't feel the same. Having a dog that is totally dependant on ME made me feel differently. It's like having a fifth child! I enjoyed playing in the garden with her, feeding her, cuddling her, seeing how happy and excited she got when I walked through the door. I even didn't mind picking up her poop in the end. Wonders will never cease!

The children adored having her to stay and will miss her terribly. As will I.

My Dad is back now and I can honestly say I don't want her to go.

I think I'm a changed woman. I get it. I can see what the big deal is in having a dog and I now want one of my own! 🙂

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