Shopping for a Wedding Guest Outfit

A wedding is a wonderful occasion, and it’s always touching to be asked to be part of someone’s special day. However, for a lot of wedding guests, attending the celebration can potentially cause some financial strain. If you have to travel far for the wedding, you will need to pay for accommodation as well as fuel. On top of this, there are the expected wedding presents to be purchased, an appropriate outfit for both the ceremony and reception, plus other expenses. Some things you can’t avoid paying out for, but you can save money on clothing.

Buy One Thing

On these occasions, it’s tempting to buy entirely new pieces to put the outfit together. This is where shopping can get expensive, and it really isn’t necessary. If you want to wear something new to the wedding, try to only buy one item. Firstly, look through your clothes to find something that is suitable for the event, whether that’s a dress, blouse, skirt, etc. When you go out shopping, buy a pair of new shoes or a jacket that will match what you have chosen. It’s a simple way to spruce up what you already have at home, and won’t break your budget.

Look for Deals

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your wedding outfit, but still want to look as though you have, take the time to search for deals. A lot of these discounts can be discovered via online websites who specialise in promotional deals. You can find many big name brands on them, for example, such as these New Look discount codes. There might also be the opportunity to shop during the season sales and grab yourself a bargain that way. Additionally, there are always designer outlets that offer discounts on their clothes.

Will You Wear It Again?

A classic problem with buying expensive occasion-wear is that you might not have an opportunity to wear it more than once. Although it might be tempting to purchase a beautiful evening gown, ask yourself, “will I ever wear it again?” Be realistic in your answer, as although there might be potential for special events in the future, fashions do change. You might not be as keen on this particular style in later years. Choose timeless designs, but also something you could wear at less formal events – like a birthday party or another more frequent celebration.

Hire an Outfit

This option might not appeal to everyone; however, it is a viable way of saving money on a wedding guest outfit. This is especially true if you see no occasion in which you will wear it again and don’t want it taking up any space in your wardrobe. Although, you need to be extra careful not to spill anything on them, or damage these hired outfits, as you will be charged.

Naturally, you will want to look your best at a wedding. It’s nice to buy something new, but it shouldn’t cost you hundreds of pounds.

Cosy Coats for Autumn/Winter

I love Autumn, especially days like today as I’m sitting here with the sun streaming through the window. It’s not really cold but it’s getting that way. The mornings are a lot fresher so we do need coats or at least big cosy cardigans to throw on now.

I like to be warm. I’m not one to suffer the cold gladly. In the Winter I’m layered up… camisoles, long sleeved tops then a jumper. In fact this year I’m thinking of buying thermals! Yes I’m turning into a granny but I literally hate being cold.

Right now I’m looking for those all important warmer clothes for the school run. Standing on a school playground or outside a classroom is no fun when the wind is howling, the rain is lashing and you’re not wearing the correct attire! I want a new coat. I have smarter coats but they’re more suited to days out, not the school run. What I need more than anything else right now is a nice warm coat that I can just throw on and off easily, but I don’t want something scruffy, I want it to look good too.

While looking online I came across website Esprit, a clothing brand I HAVE heard of but never shopped in. Not sure why really, I guess with so many clothing websites all fighting for our attention some can get lost. Or we tend to shop in the highly advertised stores, but Esprit had some lovely coats for all occasions. I was impressed… here are some of my favourites…

espirit coat

How cosy does this look? If this had a hood I’d be buying it immediately! I like it’s longer length.. I bet it’s like wearing a duvet!

coat espirit

Love this tweed coat, the shades of green and blue would look especially lovely with jeans. What you can’t see too well in this pic is the glittery thread running through. Although fab for dressing up, this is not what I’m looking for for the school run. Not cosy enough.

cosy winter coat espirit

I NEED cosy and warm and definitely need a hood as I don’t do umbrella’s…. not on the playground anyway! Considering all my requirements, I want to go for this one (above)… it’s pretty perfect and ticks all the boxes. It has some great features like the belt, which can give me a nice cinched in waistline. The all important hood.. this one is soft and furry which is what I want. I’m also loving the buckle on the collar, this will be perfect when it’s freezing, windy and I want to feel all snug! I love it. It is quite pricey at £125 but for me, I will wear a coat for years so it’s a good investment.

I have a coat which I go back to year after year that I’ve owned for about 16 years! That sounds crazy doesn’t it? There have been years when I haven’t worn it so I guess it’s had a rest here and there and I’ve bought loads of coats since, but nothing really compares. It’s the warmest coat I own, without a doubt. A classic black, smart, brushed suede style and I just love it so much. But it doesn’t have a hood.

I wonder if the above coat, if I buy it, will take over in the favouritism stakes? I think it could give it a good run for it’s money!

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3 Rules for dressing young children

When I had my first two children 6 years apart, it’s fair to say I spent a lot of money on clothes for them. I splashed out regularly on a either a designer pair of jeans for my oldest son, or a dress & coat combo for my baby daughter, even though she probably had no real need for it! I loved it and it gave me a lot of pleasure to see them looking so stylish.

But as time wore on and especially since my twins came along, splashing the cash on clothes that would still get end up getting food stains on them or that they would grow out of in no time, wasn’t so appealing. Buying two of everything for my twins simply meant I had to buy much cheaper items!

And do THEY even notice? Of course not, but dressing young children can still feel like an uphill struggle at times,  so what are the three main ‘rules’ to adhere to when dressing young children?

Don’t give in to the latest trends

From Frozen to Lego to Big Hero 6 our children are ruled by what they see on the cinema screen and what their friends are wearing. Don’t give in to their cries of ‘Becky at school has one’, but if they really won’t let up (just remember how bad peer pressure was when you were young) do some research and find a cheaper alternative. Sites, such as LamaLoLi, offer discounted branded clothing featuring all your kid’s favourite characters. I’m not a fan of novelty clothing but I do give in because the children love it so much!

Don’t dress them up like little adults

I can’t stand this. I think kids should look like kids. Stylish yes, but mini adults – oh no! I recently saw some little girls boots that looked like a young woman would wear, snake skin with high heels… yuk!

There has been recent heavy debate over a campaign by Burberry, which had young female models depicting older supermodels Kate Moss and Cara Delivigne. With their contoured cheekbones and grown up outfits making them appear years older than they actually are, Burberry has received a backlash from the advertising campaign. You may think they look cute but for many it’s unsettling, kids already seem to be dressing and acting older than they should – as this Buzzfeed post attempts to convey – so let’s stick to more age appropriate clothing.

Let them choose

Gender-neutral clothing is a hot topic at the moment, with many parents refusing to dress their children in clothing that reflects their gender to avoid sexist viewpoints being inflicted on them. It doesn’t just apply to clothing though, many toy companies and shops are having to act more ‘gender neutral’ and suggest that their products can be worn or played with by both boys and girls, not one or the other.

I wouldn’t say I’m all for going gender neutral but letting your children choose what they want to wear, unless it’s just their underwear and wellies, is fine…. go with it. It’s important that they are allowed to discover what they like and who they really are on their own terms and as a parent it’s important that you are open to this path of self-discovery – plus, kids change their minds so often that what they want to wear for a week could quickly change the next.

Children apparently only become aware of their gender between the ages of 3 and 4 and do not realise it’s permanent until they are 6 or 7. The concept of blue and pink clothing for children to tell apart the sexes actually came about in the 1980s, when prenatal testing for the baby’s sex became available. That’s when parents wanted to buy gender depicting clothing and accessories for their child. Nurseries would be decked out in pink or blue themes and children would be dressed only in a style that reflected their gender.

This couldn’t be more different from earlier times. For example, boys in the 1800s would wear dresses and their hair shoulder length until the age of 6 or 7, which was also when they would receive their first hair cut. The concept of pink and blue for babies was once determined by eye colour, blue was best for blue-eyed babies and pink for brown eyes.

Don’t believe that by letting your little boy try on a dress or allowing your little girl to wear a football kit that they will grow up confused. My twins have often been forced into wearing dressed up in all sorts of girlie ensembles by their big sister – leotards, tutu’s, hair bands etc…. they are quite happy to oblige her – for a while!

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Wednesday’s Wardrobe – Gap

I have always loved buying clothes for my children but now I have four it’s not as easy to splash the cash so readily, which is frustrating!

I’ve had fairly large age gaps between my children so going overboard on spending was OK at one time, on the odd piece. Buying a gorgeous designer pair of jeans or shoes for my son when he was little was fine (I used to tell myself lol). Or choosing a stunning dress with matching jacket for my daughter when she was a BABY was also fine, even though I knew there would hardly be any occasions in which a baby would realistically wear such a jacket!! I didn’t care though – having a girl after having a boy was only going to go one way…. spend, spend, spend on girlie outfits!

When my twins came along things were different. Not only did I still have to buy things for the older two, but when it came to wanting to buy that special something for the twins, I had to buy two!! Not so easy. For example, if I spot a rather fabulous but plain t-shirt type top which is overpriced at say £25 (remember it’s a t-shirt!!) – for one child you can almost say OK as a treat. But for two the price goes up to £50… not so good!

And shoes?!! I like my twin boys in trendy shoes, bought them some special edition furry winter converse when they were toddlers but for two pairs I paid the best part of £100. It really is too much when the cost of living is growing all the time.

Not fair!

So naturally we have cut back a lot. And actually you can pick up some gorgeous pieces for kids anywhere these days which is great, and shopping around for styles that you like at prices you can manage is not too difficult.

A few weeks ago I went into GAP. Haven’t been in for a while as I believe a lot of their merchandise is overpriced. Some of the old favourites like tracksuits and jackets are still wonderful but I often feel like some of their more everyday items are way too expensive. And a bit frumpy.

GAP for me is one of those stores that either has loads of nice stock in or loads of tosh! It really varies from season to season.

This season they are spot on. Tons of gorgeous clothes for boys and girls.

I went in on a 30% promotion day (lucky me) so decided to have a real rummage.

Gap outfit

Cute kiss top and denim skirt

They had just introduced their Autumn/Winter collection and this outfit for my daughter caught my eye, it’s so pretty and fun…. a lovely, high quality denim skirt and a cute little peplum top with little kissy lips on.


Cute peplum top


Hair bow

My Girl accessorised with a gorgeous little sparkly hair slide bow!

This outfit she has worn to a party, it’s not too dressy – she doesn’t want to wear a sparkly party dress anymore, too babyish she says! But it can also be worn separately and more casually, the top looks nice with jeans and the skirt can also be worn with any other top. Tights, cosy jumper and boots in the winter would look lovely with the denim skirt.

My twins weren’t left out, bought these fab shirts too.

Gap shirts twins

Trendy Gap shirts

How smart are these? They are gorgeous; trendy rolled up sleeves and lined for the winter so nice and warm as the weather changes. I love buying coordinated outfits for my twins, matching but not the same, so I get excited if I see a great piece in two different colours… perfect!

gap kids shirt

H looking happy in his orange shirt

gap kids shirt

O looking casual in his blue shirt!!!

I was very pleased with my purchases in GAP but without the 30% discount I may not have bought all four items, although for good quality clothes from a trusted retailer I don’t paying that bit more.

I have got my eye on a gorgeous winter coat for my Girl which at £50 is rather pricey but fortunately she’s in between sizes right now so I’ll get her the larger size, that way she can wear it next year too, hopefully 🙂 Win!!!

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Wednesday's Wardrobe

Odd Socks – Crisis

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Nothing important anyway. (lol) I think they should be discussing the very real problem that people like me have in their day to day existence which is the Odd Sock Crisis. [Read more…]

Springtime – Wardrobe

So Spring is finally here at last. Thank God for that….I was getting a bit worried there at one stage…. must be some kind of joke by the weather dictators whoever they are! But this means I’m now wondering what to wear. Gone are all the summer garments of last year… shoved away somewhere to make room for the many jumpers and long sleeved thermals I seem to have acquired over this very long, cold winter! Summery shoes too squashed and dusty underneath all the boots etc in the bottom of the wardrobe. [Read more…]

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