You’ve Got a Friend in Me #Thinkwayfriends

It’s all back to school now within the next week and I have to say I’m gutted. I love having my kids off and spending all our time together! I love the leisurely mornings we can have and hate the early routines of school runs… waking up the kids, rushing them out of the door! This next term too sees the return of the dark mornings which are the worst!

My twins always struggle with back to school after summer holidays. They have been known to cry at the classroom door… not because they hate school, they don’t, it’s just they want to stay with me. Last year though, we tuned a corner and I think (hope) this will be the case this year.

The reason for this change is because they know they will be seeing all their friends again! They’ve got to the age where they realise the importance of friendships and how much joy they bring. They love their little ‘gang’ of boys and getting together again at school after the long break will be lots of fun!

This motley crew is made up of my twins and their school friends at a party just before the end of term in July!

Friends are THE best thing about school, I think most people would agree. When you think back as an adult to your own school days, it’s the laughs you had with the friends you made that will probably stick out the most in your memory!

This week we were sent some brand new Toy Story Buzz and Woody toys from Smyths to celebrate all things friendships! We’ve had Woody and Buzz before in our toy collection. In fact, we have quite a lot of the characters from the film as all four of my children have been into them over the years and they’ve popped up frequently under the Christmas tree! Teen (19) even had the original ones from way back when! But these, made by Thinkway Toys are definitely the most true to life ones we’ve seen! At 12″ tall they’re nice and sturdy, with Buzz being able to stand up on his own!

They’re stunning aren’t they?

toy story buzz and woody thinkway toys

Buzz and Woody were definitely the best of friends in the Toy Story films. Yes they disagreed and had their fall outs, but that’s completely normal for best buddies isn’t it? Children can relate to these two favourites as they learn all about friendships themselves. Buzz and Woody are great role models too as they stick together through thick and thin and don’t give up on each other when times are difficult! Buzz has rescued Woody and Woody has rescued Buzz throughout the 3 Toy Story films!

Now we’re on countdown for the release of the brand new Toy Story movie coming out next year in June 2019! Toy Story 4… how exciting! I can’t wait to see what all the toys get up to this time… the last time we saw them, which was way back in 2010.. can you believe it was THAT long ago? Andy went off to college and ended up giving his beloved toys to the little girl round the corner! I wonder if we’ll get to see Andy again? I hope to see lots more Buzz and Woody adventures…. and there’s bound to be some new characters as there always has been with each new film release!

Great friendships come in all forms and aren’t just for school… even siblings can be the best of friends and nowhere is this more true than in my home with my twins…. they are the epitome of best friends and are always happiest playing together! They are kind and supportive of each other, yes they have their moments when they argue, but they are fiercely protective and I hope this is what they find in school friendships they make too.

twins toy story toys toy story 4

I decided to take the two sets of best friends out for an afternoon play at the park…. Woody and Buzz and my twins! They had lots of fun!

toy story friendsEnjoying the see-saw together!

toy story BuzzBuzz Lightyear liked the play house

toy story woodyWoody liked the slide

toy story buzz and woodyEnjoying the rope climbing frame

toy story buzz lightyearLucky Buzz even got to share some ice cream

My twins have played lots with Buzz and Woody since we’ve had them and now I’m giving you the chance to buy some of your favourite Toy Story Characters with my new competition!

There’s a £50 Smyths voucher to be won here on the blog and all you have to do to win is fill out the Gleam widget below!


£50 Smyths Voucher #ThinkwayFriends

Best of luck!

If you have a child starting school this September… here’s to them making lots of new wonderful friends! For those that are returning…. here’s to lots more fun with the great friends they already have and for the new ones that might come along!


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Roald Dahl Happy Readers at McDonald’s

A few years ago McDonald’s introduced books for the first time into their Happy Meals instead of toys. This pleased plenty of parents who, if they’re anything like me, have an abundance of plastic and furry McDonald’s toys filling up toy boxes at home.. thought it was good to get something different AND educational as well. My children enjoyed the books just as much as the toys I have to say.

Then along came the Roald Dahl collection of books which proved incredibly popular so now, to celebrate what would’ve been Roald Dahls 101st birthday, McDonald’s have introduced an exclusive series of his stories in books featuring his fantastical characters!

mcdonalds roald dahl books

Instead of the major stories like last time, the emphasis here is on one of the characters from the stories instead, like ‘Marvellous Miss Honey’ from Matilda, or ‘Lucky Charlie Bucket’ from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I think it’s so creative and gives the popular stories, which most children are familiar with anyway, a whole new twist!

There’s an excerpt from the original story which children can read but as well as this, and here’s the exciting bit, the books also have lots of fun little activity sections and stickers too, as well as a handy book mark that can be taken out and used to keep their places when reading!

There are eight books in total and my boys have already got started on some of them, which they are loving!

roald dahl books at mcdonalds

Mcdonalds happy readers

Peter Andre launched the campaign and can be seen in this cute Facebook video talking about the books with his children Princess and Junior, who are big Roald Dahl fans…

Having the books in mini format, small enough for the littlest hands, can really reignite your child’s interest in reading again. Sitting down with them and showing some enthusiasm as a parent, we could get even the most reluctant reader excited!

The books can be found at all McDonald’s restaurants with a Happy Meal, in a brand new fun box, for the next few weeks so be sure to try and grab them all!

roald dahl books mcdonalds campaign

McDonald’s Happy Readers is a partnership between them and Penguin Random House Children’s UK, the Roald Dahl Literary Estate and the National Literacy Trust.

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#CanestenConversations & Win a £50 Amazon Voucher

When you become a parent you know that one day you will probably have to go through those awkward conversations with your child about growing up and body changes, the birds and the bees and of course with girls, periods and intimate health.

With my eldest, we have always had a close relationship and he seemed to know about everything early on, before high school, and he was quite vocal about it! Happily shouting things out and chatting to me openly! I really liked this as it made it much easier for me to bring up serious issues later on with him like his sexual health and contraception etc.

I was determined that I would have the same open relationship with my daughter but she’s very different. Much quieter and was no where near as knowing as he was. So it’s been a little trickier. I had to be open about things myself in a casual manner, in the hope that when she felt ready, she would be the same. I’m happy to say that now we can talk about anything and she’s comfortable. She’s 12.

It’s so important that she can ask me any embarrassing questions without feeling embarrassed or awkward in any way. I want to be here for her and for her to know that I’m the best person to ask!

I know schools are better these days at educating children on puberty and babies and relationships, but as far as I’m aware, the subject of intimate health still isn’t a big part of the curriculum. I certainly didn’t learn about it at school, or had any conversations with my Mum about it. I probably found out about things like thrush, cystitis and BV in bits and pieces from either magazines or friends!

That’s why I’ve teamed up with the number 1 women’s health brand, Canesten, to join them on their constant mission to find new ways of educating women to lead healthy lives. The Canesten® Campaign promotes female intimate health through better knowledge, so women can self-diagnose and self-treat knowledgeably and with confidence. Canesten® believes that if you feel more comfortable with your own body you are more likely to reach your full potential and that’s why they want to empower women to feel more comfortable when they discuss intimate health with their children.

This is fantastic because even though we can be open with our daughters, do we even think about discussing intimate health? Maybe not, but the more we hear about it, the more likely it is that we will talk openly about it.

For your chance to win our £50 Amazon Voucher…. fill in the Gleam widget and tell me in the comments section of this post what you wish you’d known about intimate health when you were younger! Competition will close on 30th August!

Best of luck!

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Disclosure: This post has been supported by Canesten® but all thoughts are my own.

Going on an adventure with Moana!

Disney recently got in touch with us asking if we’d like be involved with their campaign surrounding the release of their new Moana toys into the Disney Stores!

Of course we said yes! My kids LOVE the Disney Store and enjoy browsing in every corner of the place when we visit. In fact, if we go into town for any reason, I HAVE to make a stop at the Disney Store at least once, otherwise I won’t hear the end of it!

The children were sent some of the fab Moana toys to play with…. a gorgeous Plush Hei Hei Rooster character and this Deluxe Figurine Playset

Moana toys

….and they were asked by Disney where in the world they would sail away to on an adventure!

My daughter immediately shouted out….”The Rainforest!”

At which point they were all coming up with a variety of ideas of how they would get there, what they would do and the kind of things they would love to see! They were so excited!

First of all, after opening the toys and playing with them for a while, the children grabbed their atlas book and looked for Rain Forests. They settled on Brazil and the Amazon!

moana toys disney store mummy endeavours

They searched for their old toy boat to put the Moana toys in so they could all set sail together across the ocean to their chosen destination. Ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

moana toys disney store

With Moana placed firmly in charge of steering the boat, I think she got the journey off to a tremendous start!

My daughter loves animals and has always said she wants to be a vet when she grows up. She watches all kinds of vet and zoo programmes on the TV so the opportunity of meeting some unusual wildlife in the rainforest, big and small is hugely appealing to her!

My little twins came up with the idea of taking the Moana toys into the garden for their rain forest adventure, which was very imaginative I thought. Even if the weather out there was probably as far away from rainforest weather as it could possibly get! Freezing wasn’t the word!

Out in the garden… ahem, the Rain Forest, the toys played in the treehouse, up high in the tropical wilderness!

hei hei toy moana disney store

Then all the toys took a trip up the huge mountain!

moana toys playset disney store

My daughter decided to really make the Moana characters come to life by creating some speech bubbles for them…

imaginative play with moana toys

…when she was done they all continued on their adventure!

The kids absolutely loved playing with all the Moana characters and whether they were inside or outside, they really did let their imaginations run wild!

Disney Store are currently running a competition on their Facebook Page to win a Moana toy bundle! It’s on until 30th January so if you have some little Moana fans in your household, why not pop over and enter? There’s three runners up prizes too so more chance of winning!

If you have any Moana toys, try encouraging your children to get creative and make an adventure of their own! Share their stories on social media with the hashtag #DisneyStoreUk so everyone else can see what they’ve got up to!

Disclosure: Collaboration with Disney. We received the toys free of charge in order to create this adventure. All ideas and words our own.

RMHC Fundraising Day at McDonalds

This Saturday 22nd October see’s the biggest food retailer host an amazing charity fundraising event!

Did you know that McDonalds run the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC)? The chairty helps to keep families together and close to their children in hospital, by providing free accommodation and support.


Many families have to travel long distances so that their children can get the specialist or intensive care they need. Families who are looked after by RMHC can stay in the houses completely free of charge, for as long as they need.

I remember when my little H was in hospital overnight, in Great Ormond Street. Nothing too serious thank goodness but he did have to undergo a series of tests. Being Great Ormond Street, we had a special room with a bed for me so I could stay with him. But if he had to stay in for a long period I’m not sure that would’ve been possible. And if I lived miles away, what would happen then?

That’s why the RMHC charity is invaluable.

Below is a video with Jeff Brazier to show a real-life case of this….

The fundraising event is taking place at almost every restaurant throughout the country tomorrow – Saturday 22nd October, so that they can raise as much money as possible.

The day will be ‘jungle’ themed and they’ll be selling some adorable jungle-themed cuddly toys for just £2.50 at the kiosk, drive-thru window or front counter, with 100% of all proceeds going towards the charity.

RMCH mcdonalds charity

Last year McDonalds raised £3.9m raised in-store and via the donations box!

If you can, please head down to your local McDoanlds tomorrow (I bet many of you will be paying a visit anyway… I know I always end up in there if I’m out about with the kids and I will DEFINITELY be there tomorrow!) – and join in the fun. It will make a big difference to someone’s lives and you never know, you might just need to turn to the RMHC yourself one day.

Thanks so much

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Gas Safe Aware Campaign by 10 yr Old Girl

Sometimes, when I hear stories on the news about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide in the home, it really scares me and gets me thinking. This happens, and it can happen to anyone, how can we be sure it won’t happen to us or someone we love?
Well, we need to, first and foremost, ensure that our boiler is in tip top condition and has been checked. Apparently, the people to do this are Gas Safe Register, this is the official gas registration body for the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey, appointed by the relevant Health and Safety Authority for each area. By law all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register.

Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI as the gas registration body in Great Britain and Isle of Man on 1 April 2009 and Northern Ireland and Guernsey on 1 April 2010.

Recently, they ran a competition ‘My Gas Safe Hero’, open to 4 to 12 yr olds which invited them to submit a drawing or short story that depicted their Gas Safe registered relative or family friend keeping a community or family gas safe.

This short animation is the winning entry by 10 year old Poppy Worthington Harris which tells the story of a young girl saving her granny from carbon monoxide poisoning. Upon discovering her granny on the floor who had collapsed by her faulty gas fire, the girl calls Gas Safe Hero who saves the day!

The story is based on a drawing by Poppy, which is based on her own true story and features Poppy’s actual voice on the video, and the hero in the story is Poppy’s Dad, Bob Worthington Harris – a gas safe engineer from Oakamoor, Staffordshire.

Poppy says about the competition:

“I was really happy that I won and very excited. I love the cartoon and the video, all my friends are dead jealous and all my family are really proud of me”.

This is the video that was created using Poppy’s initial drawings.

I think you’ll agree it’s fantastic. The animation, which was revealed at Gas Safety Week’s launch event at the Houses of Parliament last week, is being used to promote the importance of staying gas safe as a nation. What a wonderful thing to have achieved as a 10 year old, to have your idea being made into a film, then used on a Government initiative.

This is Poppy with her Gas Safe Hero Dad 🙂

gas safe

Well done Poppy 🙂

Follow @gassaferegister or visit for more information on how to stay gas safe.
I was not paid to write this post. This is a promotion that I’m helping out with for a family friend.
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