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When you become a parent you know that one day you will probably have to go through those awkward conversations with your child about growing up and body changes, the birds and the bees and of course with girls, periods and intimate health.

With my eldest, we have always had a close relationship and he seemed to know about everything early on, before high school, and he was quite vocal about it! Happily shouting things out and chatting to me openly! I really liked this as it made it much easier for me to bring up serious issues later on with him like his sexual health and contraception etc.

I was determined that I would have the same open relationship with my daughter but she’s very different. Much quieter and was no where near as knowing as he was. So it’s been a little trickier. I had to be open about things myself in a casual manner, in the hope that when she felt ready, she would be the same. I’m happy to say that now we can talk about anything and she’s comfortable. She’s 12.

It’s so important that she can ask me any embarrassing questions without feeling embarrassed or awkward in any way. I want to be here for her and for her to know that I’m the best person to ask!

I know schools are better these days at educating children on puberty and babies and relationships, but as far as I’m aware, the subject of intimate health still isn’t a big part of the curriculum. I certainly didn’t learn about it at school, or had any conversations with my Mum about it. I probably found out about things like thrush, cystitis and BV in bits and pieces from either magazines or friends!

That’s why I’ve teamed up with the number 1 women’s health brand, Canesten, to join them on their constant mission to find new ways of educating women to lead healthy lives. The Canesten® Campaign promotes female intimate health through better knowledge, so women can self-diagnose and self-treat knowledgeably and with confidence. Canesten® believes that if you feel more comfortable with your own body you are more likely to reach your full potential and that’s why they want to empower women to feel more comfortable when they discuss intimate health with their children.

This is fantastic because even though we can be open with our daughters, do we even think about discussing intimate health? Maybe not, but the more we hear about it, the more likely it is that we will talk openly about it.

For your chance to win our £50 Amazon Voucher…. fill in the Gleam widget and tell me in the comments section of this post what you wish you’d known about intimate health when you were younger! Competition will close on 30th August!

Best of luck!

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  1. i wish i had been brave enough to talk more and had someone who would answer my questions, i would have been so much more prepared for those difficult years

  2. laura banks says

    i wish i hadn’t been so shy at asking questions my mum actually got me books to read as she knew i wouldnt ask anything

  3. Tara Clover says

    I wish I had my tummy aches in my teens looked into. I had endometreosis that led to my infertility.

  4. MARK THOMAS says

    I wish I had known that its a natural part of life , we all endure at some point in our lives .

  5. Bryan Murphy says

    Don’t be ashamed to ask questions

  6. Mark Hopkins says

    I wish I knew how to be confident more when discussing sensitive issues.

  7. I wish I’d realised that I really wasn’t that unique at all and that no matter what the worry, the nurse or doctor would have heard it all before!

  8. iain maciver says

    not to be so afraid to ask

  9. I wish my parents wasn’t so strict on not talking about such things I wish they had a more open relationship with me

  10. Kayleigh Watkins says

    I was lucky enough to have an amazing mum who I knew I could talk to about anything, I just hope my girls feel the same with me when I’m older xXx

  11. caroline kelly says

    I wish I’d been comfortable talking about stuff with my mum

  12. I wish I’d been braver and asked my mum more questions. I had lots of little niggly questions I should have asked, like “Is it OK to use bubble bath or soap down there?” (I’d heard or read that bubble bath & perfumed things could cause irritation) and so I worried about it instead of just asking.

  13. maria garcia says

    I wish I had known more about how to keep clean down below and how to deal with different types of discharge throughout the month.

  14. Ruth Harwood says

    I wish I’d known that it’s ok not to be perfect!

  15. Mary Heald says

    Yes as in my fa,ily it was treated as a taboo subject. Much better to be open and free to ask questions.

    • Mary Heald says

      Wish I’d known the facts about thrush and how to treat it. I think it would help prevent embarrassment when it occurred.

  16. Sue McCarthy says

    My Mum gave me a booklet about periods. I was more shy asking for my first bra!

  17. Helen newton says

    My mum didn’t really speak to me about intimate health I learnt most of it at school from friends etc , I’m not like that with my son I openly talk to him about the subject . I do not think we were taught as much as the kids are now.

  18. Natalie Turner says

    I wish I had more confidence to talk about personal care and issues. There were so many things I had to find out myself. I hope I can be much more open with my children

  19. Rebecca Lis says

    I wish i would have known how common thrush was and that it is nothing to be embarrassed about!

  20. Beverley Cousins says

    It’s got to be periods!..I was quite shy and hated the mention of periods, so i got books & mags to read up on..I totally wish i had asked my mum all about it has when i started i was down the park, i got home to find mum had friends around, so i had to ask her to come to the toilet with me, it was so embarrising, but wish i had talked to her openly about it all…Never made that mistake with my daughter, we speak so freely now about everything 🙂

  21. Ann-Marie Gould says

    i wish i had had a better understanding of what was and wasnt normal- my mum was quite poorly though my childhood so it was difficult to how those conversations with her.

  22. I wish i would have had the confidence to ask questions and to know that it is acceptable.

  23. isis1981uk says

    I wish I’d known about what is normal for periods & what isn’t…my PCOS was misdiagnosed as ‘exam stress’ when my periods stopped for 6 months.

  24. Nicola Dow says

    I wish I had known not to be embarrassed to talk about intimate health

  25. Lindsey Stuart says

    I wish I had had the confidence to ask questions so I could have been more knowledgeable about things

  26. fiona waterworth says

    I wish someone had told me anything it was frowned upon if you dared ask anything

  27. Angie McDonald says

    I wish i’d have known not be nervous about talking about it as it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

  28. I was very fortunate and had a Mum who I could talk to about anything. I have been the same with my children and being honest and open means healthy and happy adults later 🙂

  29. I wish I’d realized that to a doctor problems like period pains and thrush are no different to problems with any other part of the body.

  30. Graham Ross says

    It would have helped when younger i guess

  31. Amanda tanner says

    wish i would of known things at a earlier aga

  32. i wish my teacher wasn’t so embarrassed about talking about it, we would of learnt much more.

  33. Kali Filsell says

    My periods were very heavy and painful when I was younger , at times I used to soak through pad after pad , I could literally feel it gushing out at times. I was too embarrassed too speak about it to anyone though, I wish I’d known that it wasn’t normal and maybe I would not have suffered each month.

  34. I wish I had more support when I started my periods and someone who I can turn to and support me.

  35. maria blythin says

    we didnt really talk about periods and things as no one did then but my girls are very open with everything nowadays x

  36. Lorraine Mabbitt says

    The confidence to ask questions about periods was always to shy to ask

  37. Laura Walker says

    I went through puberty early and was bullied in the changing rooms because of it, I wish I’d known it was perfectly normal.

  38. Caroline Hunter says

    I never asked my mother anything because she was a very old, prudish person and she made life very embarrassing for me!

  39. Jessica Barber says

    I wish I’d known what is ‘normal’ or not. So many worries without need!

  40. I wish I’d known the facts and not had to find things out from the school playground.

  41. Simply that it was ok to talk about my concerns with others.

  42. Arabella Bazley says

    I wish I had been introduced to tampons a lot earlier, my mother told me I would bleed and gave me pads to await the fateful day but said no more. I had no idea I was the odd one out at school and tampons are so much more comfortable to wear and I feel they are a lot more hygienic as long as you change regularly. Nothing else was discussed, even the birds and the bees became a talk about what to do if a man followed me (run to find a woman). I had to learn everything on my own.

  43. Emily Ceely says

    That STDs aren’t terrifying stigmas and it’s easy and not shameful to get tested.

  44. feel like im still learning but wish id not been shy to ask

  45. I would have told myself not to be shy, and not to be afraid to ask if I was unsure. I worried so much as a teen.

  46. That people my age suffer with exactly the same struggles

  47. Jade Hewlett says

    I wish I’d known that everyone goes through the same things and not to be embarrassed to talk about it

  48. Mary Baldwin says

    I wish I’d known about mid-cycle discharge instead of just worrying.

  49. Lynsey Buchanan says

    I wish I knew that it is very important to gain knowledge about intimate health and that it is a natural body change that happens to all girls so completely normal. I remember feeling embarrassed to talk about these things and feeling awkward.

  50. I wish I hadn’t been so afraid to tell anyone when I miscarried. I felt so alone.

  51. Judy Kennedy says

    I never had that conversation with my mum and I think she was always naive herself when she was youngand therefore assumed the same about me. When you see teenagers and they look like babies you have to remind yourself what you were like and that’s quite hard. They are definately more open about everything which every generation is so it seems.

  52. just not to worry or feel embarrassed

  53. claire griffiths says

    i wish i knew more about periods when i was younger so i was prepared

  54. Stewart Biddle says

    I wish i had known more about everything was always to shy and quiet to ask any questions

  55. I wish I’d known about tampons!

  56. Anneka Avery says

    There are no silly questions and every question should have been asked. I thought my friends would have some answers but that didn’t always go to plan. I will speak to my daughter openly and hope she feels she can talk with me

  57. Nothing in particular – I was never scared to ask

  58. Gemma Found says

    I wish that I wasn’t too shy.

  59. not to be embarrassed about it

  60. I wish I have known that no question is taboo.

  61. That I didn’t have to worry about asking questions!

  62. I think we should have been taught not to feel ashamed about our bodies & that it’s okay to talk about these things

  63. Amy Jane Beckett says

    I wish i’d know that it was ok to talk about it

  64. Carole Nott says

    i wish i had been more open about this

  65. I wish I had known about all the products that were available instead of just the ones my mother bought me.

  66. claire woods says

    That it’s okay to seek advice and not be shy.

  67. I wish I had known that pretty much everything is ‘normal!’ (Angela Kelly)

  68. MANDY DOHERTY says

    I wish I’d known that antibiotics can cause thrush!

  69. not to be so afraid to ask

  70. Rebecca Lis says

    I wish i had known not to be embarrassed about talking about things!

  71. I had a good experience with this. Sex ed at school was really good

  72. Charlie Lovatt says

    I wish I’d known about cystitis and what causes it

  73. Sharron Page says

    I wish I had been more comfortable asking either my teacher or my mum about things.

  74. carol Boffey says

    i wish i had had more info about the menopause

  75. I wish I had had an older mentor to talk to

  76. hayley pemberton says

    to do pelvic floor exercises.

  77. I wish I hadn’t been so embarrassed to ask intimate questions, especially about periods.

  78. Simply that we are all the same

  79. Helen Metcalfe says

    When I was younger I didnt know about not using perfumed body washes down below, the more sore I got the more I washed!

  80. That everyone gets problems

  81. Rachel Heap says

    when I had my first period at 13 I had such a shock as my mum never really mentioned it to me

  82. not to be afraid of anything

  83. Donna Caldwell says

    I wish I had known more about smears and not been so embarrassed about having it

  84. I wished I had talked to my mam because she wasn’t going to be embarassed but very helpful!

  85. Tracey Belcher says

    It actually was not ok to discuss it when I was younger – I wish I had the confidence to of raised issues and concerns and knew WHO to talk to

  86. Ren Taylor says

    I wish I had not been so embarrassed when I was a teenager and that I had asked more questions x

  87. Heather Haigh says

    That it’s not some massively taboo subject

  88. Keshia Esgate says

    That it is ok to ask questions because everyone else has the same questions to ask at some point!

  89. I wish I had know that it was ok to ask my parents questions rather than getting incorrect information from my equally ill-informed friends,

  90. I wish I’d not been so embarrassed about it. All us girls are the same

  91. I was remarkably well informed for the time! Mum gave me good books and left me to it which saved the embarrassment factor but I could talk to her when I needed to!

  92. Hannah Wallington says

    I wish I knew not to be so embarrassed

  93. I never asked my parents anything because I was always too embarrassed but she never started any conversations either. I wish I had known anything.

  94. Laura Nice says

    I wish that i wasn’t too embarrassed to ask questions about thrush etc

  95. Ali Thorpe says

    I’d say to myself that there really is nothing to be ashamed about, that you will feel more comfortable as you get older and that you’re normal.

  96. greig spencer says

    dont be to shy to ask questions, people will listen xx

  97. Ellen Sheppard says

    I wish I had known what thrush was, I suffered terribly in my early teens but never told anyone through embarrassment.

  98. Rachael Mccadden says

    i wish i had someone to talk to about this stuff. i was in foster care so nothing was said to me, not even when i got first period.

  99. I wish that I’d felt comfortable to talk about it with mother but it was a taboo subject it seems!

  100. That I could have asked questions and not feel embarrassed

  101. That everyone is the same, feels the same, and its fine to talk about it

  102. Joseph jones says

    I wish my mum told me everything I needed to know I was too embarrassed to ask and only learnt drinks and drabs from friends

    • Joseph jones says

      I wish I learnt to be a mum to our 3 daughters when my wife died I had so much to learn and feel that I neglected certain parts of them growing up..now thanks to the love and help and support of their amazing step mum they are getting there

  103. Claire glace says

    In my day nothing was ever discussed, not even my menstrual cycle, we were given information at school so that was fine, but i do wish my momma had guided me and been more open…

  104. I wish I had known I could have discussed such matters with my mum when I was younger without fear of being judged or told off

  105. I wish I had known that we should all be talking about such things more than we actually do

  106. Emily Hutchinson says

    Simply not to be embarrassed to ask questions.

  107. Jayne Kelsall says

    I wish I would have had more confidence to talk about genital warts .x

  108. debbie smith says

    id wish id known its nothing to be embarrassed about its a natural thing that women go through xxx

  109. Michelle T says

    i wish i could of opened up more about my monthly goings on with my mum

  110. To ask my mum and not my friends about things because in reality my friends were as clueless as I was so it was the blind leading the blind!

  111. Nicola John says

    I wish my mum had been more open, I first found about periods at school off the school nurse. I had no idea and cried all day

  112. Patricia Avery says

    I’d have loved to know anything and everything. I knew nothing! 🙂

  113. leanne weir says

    I wish I knew how to be more confident in speaking to my mum

  114. Rich Tyler says

    Not listened to school gossip/rumors

  115. Justine Hughes says

    I wish I had known not to be so embarrassed to talk about it.

  116. Terri Kelly says

    I wish I’d known that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

  117. Helen Blake says

    That periods are not dirty 🙁

  118. I wish I’d learnt to feel OK about myself, and not stress so much that I’m too much of an oddball – if I had, I would probably have ended up being less of an oddball – LOL 🙂

  119. I wish I’d known it was OK to talk about and not embarrassing.

  120. beautiful

  121. Allan Fullarton says

    Try not to be shy when need clarification.

  122. Mary Campbell says

    That no question, big or small, trivial or serious, is too embarrassing to discuss

  123. Karen Usher says

    Looking back now I wish my Mum had been more open for me to go and ask her questions about everything when it came to “personal stuff” I went on the pill myself when I was younger, it gave me awful stomach cramps, I didn’t tell anyone and just pushed through them…..I wish someone had said to me “that’s not ok” but because I didn’t tell anyone except my GP that I needed the pill then I just thought this was normal.

  124. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get checked out, I have 3 large gynea prolapse, operation on thursday

  125. Victoria Prince says

    I wish I’d known more about periods in general – I wasn’t totally ignorant but I didn’t have the confidence and discovered when it was too late I really didn’t know enough!

  126. I wish I had known more about periods

  127. I wish i’d known that every woman is different with regards to periods, mine were awful but i was so embarassed to ask for advice.

  128. Lynda Jones says

    I wish I had realised that everyone is basically the same and you can talk to your doctor if you are worried about anything

  129. Anthea Holloway says

    I knew nothing at all and learned quite a bit in Biology lessons at school!

  130. Jodie A Green says

    i wish i had known there was no need for embarrassment, everyone goes through it at some point

  131. Marc Chivers says

    That it is ok to talk about anything

  132. laura stewart says

    i wish my mum had explained everything esp about periods x

  133. Caroline Cordery says

    I wish I’d known exactly when you’re likely to get pregnant.

  134. I wish I knew that some women do have very heavy periods from day one – and that it didn’t mean I was abnormal.

  135. jessica cook says

    that its never something to be embarrassed about, my mum never discussed anything like this with me but I will always be open with my son when he is older x

  136. Katy Malkin says

    Just don’t be afraid to ask questions to someone you trust or a doctor, they’ve heard everything before!

  137. Claire Butler says

    I wish i had known its natural to masturbate

  138. That everyone is different and the most important thing is to get to know your body and what’s ‘normal’ for you

  139. Alana Walker says

    I wish I’d known not to feel embarrassed about going to the doctors about such issues, they see it all the time but you think you’re the only one suffering.

  140. marie elvin says

    I wish I had known not to be embarrassed and that it was ok to talk about intimate health

  141. Lea Jarvis says

    Its a positive campaign.

  142. sandy ralph says

    i wish i had known more and my mum could have told me about periods, my best friend helped me when i first started

  143. Amy Lambert says

    i wish id known its ok to talk about it if theres something you dont understand

  144. I wish i had been able to talk more easily about the monthly pains which made me just want to curl into bed not go to school

  145. Emma Gibson says

    A lot more than I did know and to be able to talk about it freely.

  146. I think I was told everything I needed to know but I wish I was told sooner, some of the girls at schools told some horror stories that I later realised were not true.

  147. Jodie Sheehan says

    I wish I hadn’t been so embarrassed to ask questions. I have two daughters myself now and hope that I will be an approachable mum to them x

  148. Judith Allen says

    I don’t remember having any questions when I was little, which isn’t a very interesting answer, sorry!

  149. I wish I had known that everyone worries about the same stuff. It really isn’t just you.

  150. claire little says

    not to feel embarrassed speaking about it.

  151. sarah parker says

    I wish I had a book to look things up

  152. I wish I knew that it was okay to open up and talk about things, rather than worrying!

  153. Not to be embarrassed or scared to talk about it.

  154. beccy rowley says

    I wish i’d known more about how sensitive your intimate area is and how just wearing cotton underwear and not using perfumed products can prevent you from getting thrush.

  155. I wish I had known that you don’t have to have periods if you don’t want to. I had years of not having a period after having depo provera and later an implant.

  156. I wish there’d been more discussion about periods

  157. I wish I had known how sensitive I was to perfumed products and how they can affect your balance down below. Thrush was the bane of my life!

  158. As a guy I guess I wished I’d known that serious issues were involved, that it’s different for girls.

  159. Don’t be ashamed to ask questions

  160. That lots of people have problems – you are normal!

  161. Vaginal seeding

  162. Laura Whittle says

    I wish I’d been more confident and comfortable asking questions, realising everyone’s going through the same things.

  163. Hannah Scudder says

    I wish i had more confidence to ask questions.

  164. Vicky Robinson says

    I wish my mother had been more open and approachable. I couldn’t even tell her when I had my first period. Things like that weren’t really discussed in our household!

  165. As a Father a time i am not looking forward to

  166. I wish id known that your cycle length can change and isnt just the standard 28 days!

  167. I wish I’d known how embarrassing it is to talk about it!

  168. I have severe bouts of thrush so have used many products it is such a nightmare when the pharmacy is closed (itchy) that I have to keep a stock in.

  169. Emma Walton says

    I wish I’d known there was more selection when it came to sanitary wear. My Mum bought mine for me – Dr Whites! It felt like I was wearing a nappy! Awful things they were.

  170. Jacqueline Roberts says

    I wish I’d have had more open discussions with my Mum about intimate health, she didn’t really open up to me

  171. ADEINNE TONNER says

    I wish i knew that it is okay to talk about it instead of worrying your the only person going through it.

  172. I wish I’d been able to talk about it more easily!

  173. Sophie Roberts says

    I wish I would’ve been braver when it came to taking about periods! It’s a difficult time when you’ve just started them, I was so embarrassed when really I shouldn’t have been because it’s so normal and natural!

  174. Amelia Mccreith says

    Wish I was more confident to talk to my friends about things. I used to ask my mum stuff though but not embarrassing things like boys.

  175. Annmarie Crawford says

    I wish I wasn’t scared to ask questions and that it’s totally normal to have problems and some are not problems

  176. Susan Blatt says

    I with I’d known NOT to try to clean myself with harsh soap

  177. Pauline Burroughs says

    I wish I’d known that doctors have seen it all before and nothing that I was worried about would have been new to them

  178. I wish I hadn’t felt so embarrassed to ask my Mum questions

  179. What was ‘normal’ and what wasn’t!

  180. Helen Humphries says

    That’s it’s ok to ask to see a female Dr. I was so shy & growing up GPs always seemed to be middle aged men so I would definitely tell a younger person it’s okay to stipulate, this would have made things so much easier. (Same other way round for young men of course)

  181. jenette ogborn says

    Don’t be worried to talk to people

  182. sharon martin says

    my mum wasn’t one for talking about things so i wish i’d known more about body changes/periods when i was younger

  183. Nancy Bradford says

    I would have just told my younger self that the only embarrassing question is the unasked question.

  184. caroline kelly says

    The emotions that you feel when hormonal

  185. Carol Phile says

    I wish I’d been better informed about sanitary protection

  186. Alison Joyce says

    I wish I’d been less embarrassed its just a normal part of life

  187. Josh Gough says

    Wish we had better education at chool

  188. Adrian Bold says

    Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask questions!

  189. I wish I’d known more about CSP instead of using big brands like Tampax and having reactions that made me dread my period.

  190. I wish i had known that just because issues are intimate it doesn’t make you bad/dirty/diffferent – they are common and normal!

  191. I wish I’d known/learnt everything in a less ‘biology textbook’ way.. casual, open conversations would have made more sense!

  192. maria hackett says

    I wish i knew that people wouldn’t judge you if you talk to them

  193. Gemma Holland says

    I wish I hadn’t felt embarrassed to discuss it with people, being open and honest is much easier

  194. Jane Gorton says

    I wish I wasn’t shy to ask questions when I was younger

  195. Natalie Gillham says

    I’d wish I’d have known that my extreme period pains weren’t normal and wish my GPs had taken me seriously, as I have only recently discovered I have Endometriosis and was left to suffer for too long.

  196. i wish i had known everyone suffers problems + it’s nothing to be ashamed about

  197. Jade Rogers says

    I hid my periods for 8 months from everyone! I wish id never been so embarrassed and ashamed. I wore toilet tissues as pads for 8 cycles :’)

  198. Jamie Millard says

    just that it’s ok to talk about it – nothing to be embarrassed about

  199. Natalie Newham says

    I wish that I knew more about how to safely groom the intimate area.

  200. I have muddled through puberty once with my son, and now I have the turn of my 10 yr old early developer daughter. So far, she’s not been too shy about talking but there is still a lot of ground to cover before I can consider her informed. I always tell her she can talk to me about anything, and if not she has understanding nannies who she can also confide in. I hope that she will never feel too ashamed to talk to at least one of us!

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