Bye Bye Summer Holidays

I’ve been neglecting my blog a little these past couple of weeks,I haven’t got as many posts written as I’d like and I have a bit of a back log of reviews to get up but hey, it’s the summer holidays and life just takes over.

I’ve been busy with my kids, I’ve had my twins birthday and party to organise plus I have my Dad staying with us at the moment too so sitting at the computer isn’t very sociable, and once they’re all in bed I would normally get on with my blogging but lately I’ve wanted to do normal things like relax on the sofa and watch TV!!! Shock horror!

I love my kids being off school, I say this after every school break but it’s true. I adore being with them and having nothing to do apart from what we choose to do.

I like snuggling up with them in bed in the morning instead of having to wake them up and hurrying them along to get dressed etc, then rushing off to school!

I like watching them play with their toys together in the mornings whilst wearing their jammies. They get along so well (even though they do fall out and fight at times), I love listening to their little imaginary games, it’s so cute.

I enjoy planning things for us to do and going out together.

I like watching movies with them and doing nothing.

I enjoy sitting in the garden whilst they run around and play in the fresh air. Or splash around in their paddling pool if it’s a hot day.

I just like being with them. Every second of every day. It’s never a chore and they never drive me mad enough to want them back at school, ever.

I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to do some work for my part time job from home here and there so that’s been a relief. Had I had to manage going to work with the school holidays I’m sure things would be a whole lot more complicated. But as it stands, I know I’m lucky to be able to enjoy the holidays with my beautiful children.

The summer holidays have literally flown by. I believe they’ve been somewhat shorter than usual is this correct? Certainly feels like it. We’ve had a lovely few weeks though, we haven’t been on an official holiday but we’ve been away visiting relatives some of the time so we’ve had a break at least! We’ve seen friends, had days out, been to events and had fun!

It’s a pity the weather over this last week has been rubbish. Almost feels like Autumn has come early, boo hiss! I’m hoping we get an Indian Summer during September, fingers crossed… I’m not ready for a winter wardrobe just yet!

This week I’ll be busy trying to get the kids organised for back to school.

It’s something I’ll be doing with a heavy heart… saying bye bye to the summer and bye bye to spending long lovely days with my brood 🙁

20140826-110307-39787705.jpgThe Fab Four – My gorgeous children


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  1. What a lovely picture of them all, I would be sad too x

  2. I’s flown by hasn’t it? At least it sounds like you’ve made the most of it, enjoy the last week x

  3. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) says

    Aww lovely post and I always think it is lovely to hear about parents who have enjoyed the time off with the kids. Monkey is only a toddler but I hope I feel the same way as you do about summer holidays in the years to come! Xx #allaboutyou

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Aww I’m sure you will. I’m just a soppy fool, so many can’t wait for the kids to go back and it IS nice to get back to routine I guess, but I never want mine to go back!! Who needs routine lol x

  4. Lovely photo of your brood Carolynne. Sounds like you’ve had a great Summer. I feel the same – don’t want my girl to go back to school… and yes the holidays have gone way too fast xx #allaboutyou

  5. spicers1976 says

    The six weeks have gone super fast haven’t they.

  6. aw…. you’ll be counting down to half term!

  7. I find the first week of the holidays so hard. I miss my boys terribly in a really physical way. I adore the holidays

  8. It sounds like you have had an idyllic holiday. I’ve also slowed down on the blogging over the summer and been making the most of the fleeting sunshine!

  9. Arwh I loved this post. I too have had lots of fun having my six year old off this holiday. I have planned more and we have adventured more than we did last year. Although I am quite looking forward to having a little break from his constant conversation lol.

  10. Your children are so gorgeous! And its refreshing to read a positive post about the summer hols – everyone else is desperate to get their kids back to school!

  11. I am gutted the summer is almost over – the weather has vanished too. Sounds like you have had a fab one though

  12. I feel the same. They always go so fast and I dread them ending 🙁

  13. I want summer to last forever x

  14. Glad you had such a lovely summer with your kids.

  15. I know exactly what you feel here! I’ve been feeling the same this summer with my kids – every year, it’s even more so! Thanks for linking to All About You – hope you can pop back tomorrow x

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