Butlins Bognor on the Beach!

This week we’ve been staying at Butlins down in Bognor Regis on the South Coast, as part of our Ambassador programme and we’ve been having a blast! The weather hasn’t been great considering it’s the May half term and the reason I left taking our 5 day break until now was to catch some better weather. Oh well, this is the UK and of course, as we know all too well…. the weather is always a risky business when ever we go!

But it wasn’t freezing cold, and it only rained on the very first day… so on the second we ventured to the beach.

I love the seaside and it’s absolutely brilliant that all three Butlins resorts are situated on the beach, it’s great to be able to walk out of the resort at Bognor and literally step on to it. When we’re away in the UK I think it’s important to be able to take the kids to a beach, we live pretty close to London so the beach isn’t something we get to see on a regular basis and as a child my most vivid happy memories are of little holidays at the seaside, or day trips even, there’s something very magical about it!

The beach at Bognor is very quiet and pretty. It was stony but when the tide was out it presented us with a gloriously soft and gooey sand that was easy to walk along bare foot, we took off our shoes and socks and got stuck right in!! There was hardly anyone around which made us feel like the beach belonged to us!

Bognor Regis beach We spent most of the afternoon here at the beach on this occasion, paddling in the sea, writing our names in the sand, climbing on the rocks and looking for crabs. There is so much for the children to wonder at, it’s surprising how fascinating seaweed is, no matter how many times they’ve seen it! You can also see how close the beach is to Butlins in the above photo… the Butlins Skyline tent is right there over the road!! Bognor regis beach

We were lucky enough to see the sunshine on Thursday so we made the very short walk out of the resort and over to the beach again for some more seaside fun! What’s great about having the beach right there practically on resort is that you really don’t need to carry tons of paraphernalia with you! If you forget or need anything, well it’s a two second walk back to your room to get it!!

Bognor  regis butlins beach Butlins bognor beach

When visiting Butlins, because there is literally so much going on, every second of the day, which is brilliant, it’s easy to forget there is a world outside the resort and if you’re lucky enough to visit Butlins in Bognor one day, try to make time for a little visit to the beach… it’s gorgeous 🙂


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