I am a Butlin’s Ambassador!!

During the Summer of this year I found out that myself and my wonderful family had been chosen to be Butlins Ambassadors for the coming year 2013/2014!!

I was incredibly surprised it as I’d only been blogging a couple of months when I met the Butlins team at BritmumsLive in June. And even though I applied I didn’t think I stood a chance of being chosen, being up against all the amazing, well established other bloggers!

But obviously, myself and my little blog had made a good impression on the Butlins team, something I am immensely proud of.

Excited just doesn’t cover it…. my children are over the moon!

As an Ambassador for Butlins, I have been invited to take a break at one their fabulous resorts with my family, at a time that suits us, any time during the year, then come home and tell you all about it!

It’s a tough job I know but hey, someone’s got to do it 🙂

I will be taking my role as Ambassador very seriously indeed and that means when I go, I will be bombarding you with lots of Butlins related posts!!

Can’t wait!

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