Britmums Live 2013 – My Experience

Well, what can I say? These post Britmumslive ‘posts’ are coming thick and fast right now, everyone telling their own version of events – I’ve noticed that it meant very different things to different people but the overriding view is that it was an amazing experience. And that’s how I would sum it up too ๐Ÿ™‚

As I mentioned before, I’m new to blogging and so this whole two day event was a new experience for me also, which is why I want to talk about the lead up. I couldn’t make the Friday which at the time I was pretty gutted about as I assumed everyone would be going then and getting to know everyone else, friendships would have been formed before I got there, consequently leaving me having it all to do on the Saturday. I wondered if I would feel completely left out, as though I’d missed the boat so to speak.

Luckily Michelle from Mummy From The Heart had told me to join the FB group Britmums Butterflies (she was one of the butterflies) which was for newbies or bloggers feeling nervous about the event or wouldn’t know anybody. She told me that people were sorting out their travel arrangements on there and suggested I try to find a travel buddy. I did know about the Butterflies being there to help but I didn’t know about this group and I have to say as soon as I joined in I started to feel much more at ease.


Me (on the left) with the lovely Michelle (not a good pic of me I must say – erugh!!!)

I actually met up with Michelle in the main room for one of the talks at the event and we had a really good natter (as well as listening to the speakers of course!) ๐Ÿ™‚ She was lovely and gave me some good tips!

It was apparent though that most people were indeed going on the Friday and staying overnight at a nearby hotel so finding a travel buddy for the early Saturday morning became increasingly unlikely until I came across the very lovely Afra from Mad Mum of 7! I’d already chatted to her a few times on Twitter so she wasn’t a stranger and I also knew she lived near me – in the same County anyway! We made plans to meet on the train on Saturday morning as her train passed through my station which was perfect – and being as she was attending Britmumslive the day before as well she could fill me in on all the gossip and hopefully put me at ease, which is exactly what happened.

Meeting up with Afra was a godsendl! We immediately hit it off and giggled pretty much the whole way there. Any nerves I had were dispersed just by having her with me. I did get slightly edgy as we walked up to the entrance of The Brewery but that soon passed. Once I’d picked up my badge, Afra suggested we go to the Hub and grab a coffee – tea, coffee and biscuits were on offer all day and I had my fair share let me tell you!!! She walked around with me visiting the sponsors and exhibitors and explained what I ought to be doing – fabulous for me as I probably would’ve felt a bit ‘stupid’ …. for want of a better word.


Afra and I (on the right this time lol) in the Intel photo booth at Britmumslive!!

To be honest I wasn’t really there to ‘make contacts’ or get any deals with regards to reviews and sponsorships etc as my blog is so new, although it was interesting to see what I could do if and when I decide to. What I wanted from the day was to learn all I could, discover more about the blogging community, be inspired and to get some validation that this is something I wanted to be part of.

I think I got all of that and more.

I loved the workshops, wish I could’ve done more – quite a few of the ones I wanted to attend overlapped which was a pity; I scribbled down lots of notes to take away and put to good use when I got home. I spotted some of the more ‘famous’ bloggers (feels a bit cheesy saying that!) my fav ones being Annie from Mammsaurus and Helen from Actually Mummy who I have conversed with before, mainly via Twitter and I wanted to say hello in person to but didn’t find the right moment as they were surrounded all the time! Plus wouldn’t have wanted to look like a groupie or anything hehe!! Did manage to say hello to a few ladies I’ve chatted to online before e.g Suzanne from 3 children and it, Xandi from The Mummy Scripts and L from Blog of a Mom…. All a bit too brief though!

I thoroughly enjoyed Britmums and I was buzzing from it on the way home. Loved the whole shebang!! I won’t go into all the details of what was on in every room and who all the speakers were etc as I’ll be here all day and you can easily find out by going to the Britmums website! There are lots of other fab write ups about the weekend there too!

It was great to be in the company of so many women (and some men) who were all there to share, support and inspire each other. The day went so fast that my only disappointment was not meeting up with more of the lovely bloggers I’ve met online – I’ll have to wait a whole year now for that!

I know for sure though that my day wouldn’t have been the same without Afra, especially, who I had such a fun time with and Michelle who pointed me in the right direction of the butterflies in the first place. I’ve noticed from other peoples posts that some found the event very overwhelming and emotional; it made some feel a little lonely, inept or self conscious at times which is a little unfortunate but it’s ok, its normal, it’s to be expected because it IS such a big deal for all the bloggers. Yet even these people concluded it was an amazing experience and would do it all again in a heartbeat.

I would say to anyone though who is thinking about going for the first time next year but is feeling a little worried to try and meet up with someone who’s going too before you go. Maybe have a meet up a week or two before hand and arrange to either travel with them if possible or if not meet them before you go in to the event so you can support each other throughout the day/weekend. It will make the whole experience much less daunting and much more relaxed and fun.

I went from being extremely apprehensive about whether I should go to being utterly elated and jubilant that I DID go! I can’t wait to do it all again next year – and who knows, maybe I’ll go for both days next time!!


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  1. Aww Hun I think I might cry! It was very very lovely to be able to share the day with you. Lots more fun to come I think! Xxx

  2. A lovely read! Thanks x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      You never know what people think of your post unless they comment so thank you, glad you enjoyed it x

  3. Helloitsgemma says

    A great read and so true makes such difference having an anchor. I say to everyone – meet someone to go in with, glad you found Afra.

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Yes for sure, especially that first time there and being so new to it all! Thank you x

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