Braun ThermoScan 3 – A Review

My twins haven’t been too well recently. They have coughs and colds.

My main concern is how awful it is for them, they’ve been really suffering at night, not at all bad during the day but the lack of sleep is making them groggy. My other concern is that I’M getting no sleep either!

If it’s not one twin waking up it’s the other and thus I’ve felt like a zombie the past week and half.

Bless them though. O suffers rather a lot with coughs, he has viral asthma – not official asthma apparently, he SHOULD grow out of it I’m reassured by Doctors, although when he’s having a bout every few weeks throughout the winter I’m not convinced. Anyway, because it’s viral he often runs a temperature and my usual source of checking the temperature at the moment is one of those strips that you place on the forehead! I’ve had it yonks and even if it’s not completely impaired by the many tiny hands that have ‘played’ with it over the years – I’m a little dubious of how accurate it is.

This time however, we had a brand new, state of the art, snazzy as hell electronic thermometer to try out!

temperature measure

This is apparently the professional, fast and accurate way to measure your child’s temperature – 1 second reading!

We were very kindly given, and asked to review this electronic thermometer from the lovely people at Braun. We’ve had it a few weeks but I haven’t had to use it until now. I could’ve tried it out any time I know, but I wanted to use it in a real situation.

And this was one.

My poor little O wasn’t himself at all, he felt hot so off I went to find our new Braun ThermoScan. It’s funny because as soon as it appeared, ALL the kids wanted to ‘have a go’..

“Do MY temperature Mummy!!”

measure kids temperature

I must admit, I was even eager and excited to try this out!!

What’s in the box?

  • The instruction booklet
  • Box of disposable lens filters
  • ThermoScan thermometer
  • Protective Cap

On opening the box, everything is ready to go, which is fabulous for me as I don’t like faffing around trying to fit something together. And especially for a product like this, which would probably only be used in times of stress and upset when we’re worried about someone’s health.

It already comes with the first filter which you can use a couple of times. It's simply clicks on and off. It's soft plastic and easily disposable.

It already comes with the first disposable filter already in place. It’s simply clicks on and off. The material is a soft plastic.

The ThermoScan 3 is ever so simple to use. Click the small green button on the top with your thumb to switch it on, wait for the little screen to go blank and that’s it, it’s all set.

It's fits into the hand perfectly

It’s fits into the hand perfectly

Place in the child’s ear. It doesn’t have to be right in, just so it’s sits comfortably in the ear canal. Click the button on the top and within a second the reading is done – great for wriggly or distressed children who refuse to keep still!

So easy to use

My little O demonstrating! That wasn’t his actual reading, we’d already done his!

The temperature appears on the screen immediately. That’s it. It’s clear and obvious and very fast. This really is the easiest thing to use!

Of course we all had a go and had fun ‘comparing’ temperatures’. It’s so accurate that once you’ve given medicine to bring down the temperature, you can check it again a little while later to see if it’s coming down. Any other measuring device might not be able to pick up very small changes so this would be reassuring for any parent.

I actually ended up taking O and H to the Doctors a couple of days later as their symptoms weren’t improving. The Doctor had practically the same machine there which she used and this was validity for me because if it’s good enough for the professionals to use…….then it’s good enough for me!

Overall Verdict

I was very impressed with this product. It is superior to any other temperature measuring method I’ve ever used and it’s exactly what it promises to be: fast, accurate, gentle. It’s safe and easy to use. I would highly recommend.

It retails at around the £25.00 mark. It’s definitely worth the initial outlay as it can be used for all the family, it has plenty of hygiene caps included and lasts for years. A definite must have for any medicine cupboard.

My boys are now on the mend after a bottle of antibiotics each was prescribed by the Doctor. Phew… hopefully we’ll all get a full night of some must needed sleep very soon!

Disclaimer: I was given the Braun ThermoScan 3 to try in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions my own.

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