Bio Oil Review and Giveaway

I don’t know about you but I like to moisturise every time I have a shower or bath and I even though it’s boring and wastes precious time, especially when the morning rush is on, if I don’t slap the cream on my skin feels terribly dry. I don’t really mind which body cream I use, I’m not particularly fussy. In the months after Christmas I end up using the lovely smelling ones I’ve received as gifts, then if I have to buy it I usually just go for ones that are easy to apply and easily absorbed, I don’t have time to be waiting ages for it to dry before I can get dressed!

I’m always up for trying new or different products so when the lovely people at Bio Oil asked me if I’d like to review their famous product I jumped at the chance!

I must admit I’ve never used it before so it was a great opportunity to try it out. I know all about it though, I’ve seen it in the shops and read the articles in the magazines but I have always thought it’s for problem skin or stretch marks… I believe it is the ‘miracle product’ for stretch marks and it is recommended you start using it twice a day from the start of your second trimester if you’re using it for this reason. However, even though I’ve got four children I can happily say I managed to avoid stretch marks with all of them, I don’t have problem skin so I genuinely thought I had no need for this oil really.

When I delved a bit deeper in preparation for this review I can see Bio Oil has many uses, on the bottle it says it is ‘specialist skincare for….

  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Ageing skin
  • dehydrated skin’

So, goodie, dehydrated skin… that’s what I’ll use it for!

Bio Oil Review

The oil is made up of mainly plant extracts which give it that unique floral scent, which IS quite strong but doesn’t linger and is actually rather nice. It contains vitimins and minerals as well as oils, of course but the formulation has the special PurCellin Oil which apparently changes the consistency to make it less greasy, therefore allowing the skin to absorb more of the beneficial vitamins and minerals.

I have been using the oil for over a week now and although the directions of use on the bottle state you need to apply twice daily for a minimum of three months to see results, I am already noticing it’s moisturising benefits.

I have mainly been using it sparingly as a body moisturiser but paying special attention to my neck and chest, as I’m noticing signs of ageing here, and also on my feet (this hot weather means my feet need to be gloriously soft and smooth before being paraded around in sandals and flip flops!)… and the feeling of my skin being hydrated all day is fabulous. To the touch, the skin on my neck and chest feels as though I’ve just moisturised right at the end of the day, when in actual fact, it was applied early in the morning.

The formulation IS oily but not overly and it does absorb quickly but not fully, which I like and my skin needs. My skin feels completely nourished and very soft.

Obviously I haven’t been using it long enough to be able to say if I’ve noticed any significant changes to my skin but if my skin feels nice and hydrated then I’m happy. I will continue to use it and judging by how little I need to use each time I apply, I can see my little bottle lasting for quite some time, which is a bonus!

Do you use Bio Oil?

Well, if you haven’t, fear not because here on Mummy Endeavours, I am giving away THREE bottles of the fabulous Bio Oil to three lucky readers in my new competition.. simply fill out the Rafflecopter boxes and create more chances, the more boxes you fill out!


Good luck


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Disclaimer: I was sent a bottle of Bio Oil for the purposes of giving an honest review



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  1. taja mckenzie says

    uneven skin tone on my face and legs

  2. a scar on my stomach

  3. meljanie says

    Stretch marks

  4. stretch marks

  5. I would love to try it on my stretch marks and C section scar! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  6. Brenda Heads says

    I would use it especially on my legs as the skin there is always dry and has white flaky skin even though I moisturise daily.

  7. I was left with ugly scars on my breast after life threatning condition and C-section scar so I would use it to treat my scars

  8. Ruth Harwood says

    I’d use it on my stomach, where I’ve got stretch marks and need to give it some attention!

  9. clair downham says

    to cover a scar thankyou

  10. karen cowley says

    A scar x

  11. Susan Laing says

    I have a scar on my neck, from a car accident and bio oil has helped to fade it significantly so I would used on that

  12. Michelle Austin says

    Stretch marks on my belly and hips

  13. tracey huber says

    dry skin on my legs

  14. Rachel Craig says

    Old scar from operation, and dry skin.

  15. MichelleD says

    Stretch marks!

  16. Psoriasis patches

  17. Some scars on my legs

  18. I’m pregnant with my seventh baby so need all the help I can get!

  19. Isabel O'Brien says

    Stretchmarks. πŸ™ I lost a lot of weight and they were my reward. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  20. to help reduce the apearance of scars

  21. Ben Thompson says

    I have a scar on my right hand, below the knuckle, caused by slicing it on a cracked tumbler glass when washing the pots. I’m told this can help prevent tightness of skin and help heal.

  22. Paula Barker says

    Stretch marks

  23. michelle banks says

    stretch marks x

  24. Stretch Marks on my ass πŸ™

  25. uneven skin tone

  26. Katherine Teff says

    Stretch marks post two children. I know they are meant to be a badge of honour, but if they could be a fainter badge I’d be happier!

  27. My dry legs!

  28. On my feet, which are very dry.

  29. liz ferguson says

    Dry skin

  30. beckie martin says

    Stretch marks on my legs that have plagued me for years

  31. laura stewart says

    stretch marks

  32. judy kennedy says

    Corners of my eye which are a bit dry & red Thanks

  33. I have very dry, very sensitive skin on my legs. I’m hoping that Bio Oil would be able to help, since I can’t use conventional moisturisers because my skin reacts to them.

  34. Gemma Clark says

    scars from my psoriasis

  35. Last year I started suffering really bad ingrown hairs on my legs…I now have lots of scars from that…plus stretch marks on the back of my legs. I always thought I’d always have nice legs to show off, in my family women get fat tummies and bottoms but keep long slender legs, hate that I now have to hide my legs πŸ™

  36. My horrible feet x

  37. Crystal Carrington says

    Stretch Marks on my hips & belly.

  38. Erica montgomery says

    Stretch marks

  39. Katie Robertson says

    dry skin on my legs

  40. Tracy Sinclair says

    Mainly stretch marks but I’ve also got some scars on my arm which I would love to use it on to see if it helps reduce them x

  41. nicola clarkson says

    reducing brown marks on my face during pregnancy

  42. Lynsey Buchanan says

    stretch marks

  43. Csilla Kontig says

    dry skin on legs

  44. Helen Grayson says

    My knees! I have dry skin on them and I also have a scar on the back, I know it works wonders on those too!

  45. Stretch marks.

  46. Lynne Durkin says

    Would love to try it on my hands and elbows as they are really dry.

  47. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs says

    I have very sensitive skin – so I can use it as hand cream for my very dry hands and even my rosacea on my face πŸ™‚

  48. Caroline H says

    At the moment, it would be my feet which are still dry whatever I do. In the past I used it to dramatically reduce a burn mark on my hand. It didn’t bother me but I did get tired of people asking “Oh, what’s wrong with your hand?”.

  49. Some stretchmarks on my arms.

  50. Jennifer Casey says

    The dreaded stretch marks. ):

  51. Love Bio Oil

  52. stretch marks!

  53. Laura Jeffs says

    I’d use it to minimise the appearance of a facial scar

  54. I’d love to try this, right now I have 6 bright scars from having some moles treated a few weeks ago. I’m happier with the scars than the moles, but I’d like to see whether bio oil would fade them faster!

  55. Stretchmarks!

  56. Anthony G says

    Brown marks on skin

  57. Kayleigh Main says

    Stretch marks on my stomach and thighs

  58. Anne Hawley says

    I had surgery on my back and bio oil has been recommended to help with it

  59. emma falvi says

    scars on my legs

  60. Barbara Handley says

    When i have a dark bottom sheet on my bed it has large areas of flaky skin visible on it. I would love to treat my worst areas with this oil.

  61. scars, i’m very pale and they show up a ridiculous amount.

  62. Scars from learning how to cook

  63. Ageing skin

  64. My ridiculously dry skin!

  65. Lisa Sands says

    I use Bio-oil its great, having had three children its does wonders for my stretch marks and I really notice the difference If i dont use it x

  66. Colin Gault says

    For my dry skin

  67. A Scar! πŸ™‚

  68. sandra rubery says

    my 13 yea old son has stretch marks on this legs from a growth spurt, it will give him more confidence on holiday in his swimming gear

  69. I’d love to win this prize to use on my unsightly stretch marks – the joys of being a mum!

  70. julie laing says


  71. stretch marks

  72. Stretch marks!

  73. Pregnancy stretchmarks

  74. lara Davis says

    My stetchmarks

  75. I would love to try this on my scar on my thigh and also to try and improve my uneven skin tone.

  76. Jess @ Catch A Single Thought says

    My daughter has two scars, one on her leg and one on her forehead which we regularly use bio-oil for, so this would help with our stash.

  77. Amy Williams says

    I have bad eczema so it helps a lot with my dehydrated skin.

  78. Darius Dragasius says

    dehydrated and Ageing skin

  79. Lucy Major says

    stretch marks

  80. Caroline Blaza says

    scarring from chicken pox

  81. tony allan says

    dry skin

  82. stretch marks

  83. Tammy Tudor says

    all my horrible scars!

  84. My growing bump πŸ™‚

  85. streach marks on my belly and hips

  86. Surgical scar after a bad accident

  87. stretch marks and surgery scars

  88. yolanda davis says

    I have a horrible scar from a surgery on my leg and uneven pigmentation on my face, so I would love to try this.

  89. Sian Morris says

    my skin getting older πŸ™

  90. Tummy lines

  91. greig spencer says

    dry skin on my legs

  92. Keshia Esgate says

    scars on my legs from ingrowing hairs

  93. Sara Davis says

    scar on my leg

  94. Stretch marks

  95. I have a few scars from a car crash that I’m self conscious about…

  96. Pauline Duffy says

    Oooo gosh I have a list πŸ˜€
    I would love to try it on my stretch marks that my beautiful children have given me,
    a scar near my hairline on my head and a c-section scar x

  97. Sarahann Tonner says

    Uneven and dry skin

  98. Tammy westrup says

    Stretch marks like most mums!!!

  99. chris mcquillan says

    i would use the bio oil for stretch marks on my back and i would use it on my hands because there always dry.

  100. I’ve got a scar on my leg from a car accident that I’d really like to go away!

  101. My sons chicken spot scars

  102. Really need to get rid of my teenage acne scars!

  103. jamie banks says

    stretch marks x

  104. Kelly Hanson says

    Stretch marks on my stomach

  105. Dry skin on my arms

  106. Janet Thornton says

    My horrible appendix operation scar.It’s huge.The surgeon must have got confused and thought he was cutting a chicken up.

  107. Amy Ripley says

    stretch marks!

  108. Mel Temple says

    I would use on my recently re constructed boob, was told that massaging with an oil would be a good idea and Bio Oil has had such good feeback πŸ™‚

  109. Stretch Marks, just found out I am pregnant again and concerned my previous stretch marks will get worse πŸ™

  110. Zoe Roxby says

    Stretch marks and uneven skin tone

  111. sarah harrison says

    dry skin on elbows

  112. Fiona Mallard says

    Aging skin, I’m starting to notice wrinkles and general dryness

  113. amanda davis says

    stretch marks

  114. Angela Wilcox says

    stretch marks

  115. Corinne Peat says

    My stretch marks my lovely four kids left me with.

  116. Helen Belton says

    Stretch marks on my stomach πŸ™

  117. kay panayi says

    my stretch marks

  118. My stretchmarks πŸ™‚

  119. Allan Wilson says

    My scar on my leg

  120. Caroline Kelly says

    To work on my baby lines!

  121. Lauren Old says


  122. on my psorias

  123. Elizabeth Smith says

    I’ve scars on my arms and terribly dry skin all over.

  124. Emily Carter-Dunn says

    My stretch marks and sandpaper elbows!

  125. ann clements says

    thread veins on my legs

  126. Kerry Locke says

    To Try and Tone Down some of My stretch Marks

  127. amy warwick says

    Stretchmarks and scars

  128. Julie Ward says

    Scars on face from having cysts removed

  129. Stephen Little says

    Ageing skin.

  130. katie skeoch says

    the mummy stretch marks on my hips

  131. Victoria B says

    Stretchmarks and a couple of scars – heard it’s really good but not yet tried it

  132. Deb Hambleton says

    Stretchmarks on my legs and bum!

  133. Nicola Holland says

    My operation scars πŸ™‚

  134. Rebecca Gransden says

    I would love to win this for my sister who has damaged tissue on her leg after completely messing it up by walking full whack into a stray thick tree branch.

  135. I have dry skin prone to eczema and stretch marks from having my twins. She wa 6LB and he was 8LB 1 so I was huge

  136. Joanna Sawka says

    stretch marks

  137. Clint Howat says

    uneven skin tone on my face

  138. My shins are very dry even though I moisurise them twice a day. I have tried several brands to no avail so would love to try Bio-Oil πŸ™‚

  139. LEAH SULLIVAN says

    SO MUCH! New stretch marks from this pregnancy, uneven skin tone and a scar on my forehead from when I was a child.

  140. Sarah Lewis says

    Stretch marks

  141. Emma Nixon says

    Scars on my leg after a car accident

  142. Drying ageing skin

  143. Susan Hoggett says


  144. faye huntington says

    scars on my hips!! faye x

  145. Keisha Tomlinson says

    Stretch marks

  146. Rey Chunara says

    My feet are always dry so would love to try the Bio Oil on them

  147. I had spinal surgery 3 years ago and was left with a horrible ugly scar but I also used to suffer with bad acne but I had medication from a dermatologist and now I just have scars from the spots.

  148. Elizabeth Kozak says

    I would use it for my daughter. She’s got fresh scar after falling from trampoline and being injured with open cut on her face.

  149. Scar after surgery and dry, itchy skin. Lovely pize <3

  150. A scar


    Stretch marks

  152. I work in fast food and am always burning myself unfortunately so I would use this for the scars I get from work πŸ™‚

  153. karen Herbert says

    stretchmarks on my stomach and operation scars

  154. Donna Lawton says

    My eczema. πŸ™ x

  155. becca staples says

    Stretch marks …. i had twins, lol not pretty x

  156. stretch marks and dry skin

  157. Rachel white says

    The wonderful stretchies my twins gave me πŸ™‚

  158. Deborah Bird says

    Stretch marks, and some little scars on my hands x

  159. t simpson says

    Stretch marks on my tummy

  160. Nataliejane says

    I have stretch marks from having my baby boy and also I have very aged skin on one hand due to severe eczema in my teenage years.

  161. Stephanie Campbell says

    i would use it on some scarring on my thigh

  162. For stretch marks and post baby jelly belly

  163. ESME MCCRUBB says


  164. amanda e says

    Stretch Marks πŸ™

  165. Rachel B says

    I have a scar on my ankle from surgery when I was younger. Would love to give Bio Oil a try πŸ™‚

  166. Jo-Anne holton says

    Stretch marks!!!

  167. Kiran Parry says

    Dry skin

  168. I would useit on stretch marks

  169. I use it on my strech marks on my tum, it really does work wonders and I’m just down to my last splodge! πŸ™‚

  170. Robyn Logan Clarke says

    Stretch marks

  171. Pam Francis Gregory says

    a scar on my side

  172. Raych Bonness says

    I love using Bio Oil on scars & also on my face

  173. Heather Simpson says

    Stretchmarks on my tummy

  174. my self harm scars from when i was younger x

  175. stretchmarks

  176. Chris Fletcher says

    I have a scar – its not pretty!

  177. stretch marks, dry skin on legs and heels, facial scars and more! This oil is excellent

  178. Tam Payne says

    Uneven skin tone on my neck

  179. catriona nation says

    Stretchmarks from having my 4 children

  180. Scars on my hands from carpal tunnel surgery.

  181. Hannah Smith says

    The scars on my knees…

  182. I would use Bio Oil on my really bad stretch marks I have on the top of my arms

  183. Eleanor Powell says

    stretch marks on my tummy

  184. jen jackson says

    My stretch marks

  185. james rowlands says

    My wife used it for stretch marks

  186. I have dry skin and this would help

  187. sam bailey says

    I suffer from Hidradenitis suppurativa which is blocked sweat glands and this can leave me scarred so this is great to use for this

  188. teresa thorne says

    My mum has just had an operation to remove a section of skin cancer on her face, beside her eye. She was just asking me today if I knew of anything that would help her scar heal. I’m sure Bio Oil would be a huge help.

  189. RACHAEL JONES says

    scars , for my partner

  190. Jane Middleton says

    uneven skin tone

  191. I have awful stretchmarks and would like to try and get rid of them.

  192. Scar on my arm..

  193. Sarah Parker says

    stretch marks πŸ™‚

  194. Hannah Whitling says

    Stretch marks and also a keloid scar from some surgery I had

  195. I have scars from old spots etc and I think this would help even out the skin tone and redness of them!

  196. On the scars on my thighs

  197. Laura Ireland says

    I would use the bio oil to try and lessen my surgery scars which cover the lower half of my body and chest area x

  198. Sharon Mc says

    Stretch marks and psoriasis.

  199. trevor linvell says

    To help with dehydrated skin

  200. Joanne Higgins says

    my stretch marks and double c-section scar xx

  201. Helen Craigs says

    To soften my gallbladder removal keyhole surgery scars

  202. victoria thurgood says

    Stretch marks

  203. sammy1968 says

    I have lost 5 stone in weight and have been left with many stretch marks ,this would be fantastic to help with them.

  204. Kirsty Woods says

    Stretch marks

  205. To help with my strechmarks!

  206. Denise C says

    Stretch marks

  207. I’d use it on a really dry psoriasiform rash I’ve had for a long time that the doctors can’t seem to help πŸ™

  208. Natalie Gillham says

    I have stretch marks and my daughter has a large appendix scar which is also causing stretchmarks so we would both love to try Bio Oil x

  209. carly ann says

    Scars after an accident. I’ve been using it for 6 months and it has helped so much. I highly recommend it

  210. rebecca whale says

    Stretch marks on my tummy

  211. Gillian Byford says

    I have dry skin

  212. Dry skin

  213. katherine b says

    With my uneven skin tone x

  214. Sarah Saunders says

    For my stretch marks and a scar

  215. lisa tebbutt says

    on my legs

  216. Alisa Moore says


  217. stretch marks

  218. Susan Carruthers says

    I’d like it for my ageing skin

  219. Holly Boyd says

    I have a friend who uses it as moisturiser on her face and says it helps keep such a great complexion. Would love to see if it really works

  220. christy beckett says

    Stretch marks and uneven skin tones x

  221. jackie rushton says


  222. stretch marks and dryness

  223. Caroline Anne Bellamy says

    My increasing baby bump πŸ™‚

  224. DAWN TOTTON says

    Uneven skin tone.

  225. Sheila Reeves says

    dry skin on my legs and a scar on my hand

  226. Leanne Rowlands says

    Stretch Marks

  227. claire little says

    my stretch marks πŸ™‚

  228. Lisa Wilkinson says

    Post-pregnancy stretch marks πŸ™‚

  229. Some stretch marks

  230. donna clinton says

    My baby stretch marks

  231. Natalie Crossan says

    Stretch marks from giving birth!

  232. My c-section scar

  233. stretch marks from being a yo-yo dieter x

  234. Tamsin Dean says

    stretch marks and scars I have

  235. Janet Rumley says

    Stretch marks need some TLC

  236. So many things – stretch marks, scars and dry skin

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