Bin Weevils Arty Arcade

Bin weevils arty arcade


This Summer sees the launch of a brand new childrens game for the PC and Mac, Bin Weevils Arty Arcade.  Its produced by Alternative Software and the Bafta award winning game allows kids of all ages to push their imaginations to the limit, exploring different areas of the Bin Weevils world alongside their favourite Bin Weevils characters!

I was invited along to try out the game for myself and I have to say it’s lots of fun.

Having four children, I have first hand experience of the kind of things children want to do with their spare time and whether we like it or not, they love being attached to screens in one form or another. Be it TV, consoles or computers…. they are in their element,  so if we have to allow it, which we do (in moderation of course) then to have a game like this which is both creative and fun is definitely preferable.

It’s great too to have a game to play on the PC or Mac, steering the children away from the consoles, I don’t know why but it feels more ‘educational’ this way, which this game is really. It teaches them about colours, how to mix colours to create new ones. It helps with their spellings and more than anything else it really allows their creative juices to flow.

There are so many different dimensions to this game in terms of discovery and the possibilities are endless!

Players can use a plethora of imagery and tools to not only invent amazing, vibrant designs, but to turn it into an incredible selection of printable gifts such as masks, tattoos, t-shirt transfers, and much much more. They can have fun and experiment with a vast array of amazing brushes and effects, you can even incorporate your own photos into your designs which I think is hilarious! You can paint with Squirrel tails, elephant trunks, balloons then spin your world around with the desk fan or even take a trip through a star field!

bin weevils arty arcade

Some screen shots from the game that I messed around with

 I think this game is brilliant. It’s so much fun and kids are going to love all the characters and craziness! Some of the very silly effects you can create will keep them amused for hours.

Have a look at this clip and see for yourself how much fun it is…

Bin Weevils should be filtering into all major outlets right now and costs around £12.


I was invited along to the special preview for the purposes of an honest review.

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