Big teeth growing behind baby teeth & losing teeth!

So my twins are in Year 2 at school and were the only kids in their class not to lose a tooth yet.

Until this week.

Fair enough, they’re the youngest in the year group so it probably makes sense that they would lose their teeth last, but it doesn’t work like that. And anyway, quite a number of their classmates had lost a good few teeth in Reception, TWO years ago!

I was glad though. It meant my boys were still officially (well to me) my babies. I don’t want them to grow up fast, they’re my last children of four and to say I’m savouring every millisecond I spend with them would be an understatement.

I absolutely worship my little boys and it terrifies me how times flies, I hate it. I have a 17 yr old boy so I’m acutely aware of the speed in which they grow up. It seems like yesterday that he himself was losing his first tooth… and now he’s almost a man, towering above me!

My twins have had a wobbly tooth for ages now! H’s little bottom tooth first (I think it’s always this one that comes out first isn’t it?), then O’s. But because they are them, little worriers, they didn’t want to ‘wobble’ their wobbly teeth manically like most kids. My daughter doesn’t leave her teeth alone and they’re usually out in no time from the constant interference! But the twins were playing it very cautiously, barely touching their wobbly teeth, which meant they didn’t really get any wobblier!

Then a strange thing happened!

We noticed that H had a new tooth growing BEHIND the loose one! This was a first for me, I hadn’t seen anything like this happen before. My older two kids’ teeth didn’t do that and I panicked slightly!

This can’t be normal I thought. He can’t have a tooth growing there surely? The ‘big’ tooth looked massive compared to his tiny wobbly tooth, as though it didn’t belong there at all! It’s further back in his mouth and it’s not inline with the others! Eww…. it looked weird to me, abnormal. This should not be happening I was sure of it!

Of course, I tried to force H to wobble that wobbly tooth and MAKE it come out! I was convinced that his lack of wobbling and subsequent prolonging of the tooth being in his mouth, was the reason for this new tooth to be growing at the back. It simply had no room!

H was in no rush though. I think he was concerned about it coming out. It must seem a little scary though to a youngster.. the thought of a tooth literally falling out. He hadn’t gone through it before so he didn’t know what to expect!

Fast forward a few weeks and the tooth was still there and the big tooth was still growing behind, getting bigger!

More panicking by me, so I did what every other parent does these days when they’re worried or don’t know the facts about something…. I googled it!

‘Big tooth growing behind baby tooth is this normal?’ was what I typed in I think.

Of course, there were trillions of answers and all of them confirmed that it was indeed quite normal. It reassured me that once the baby tooth fell out, the big tooth would move forward and be in the right place. Usually this happened by itself, but some Mums took their kids to the Dentist, who pulled the tooth out.

I felt better. I decided I would just leave it to nature and let the tooth fall out naturally.

Which it did this week!

Whilst brushing H’s teeth, I actually thought the tooth was out. It was hanging there by a thread but still attached! I told him it would probably come out at school and to try not to worry.

losing baby teethHere is the tooth hanging out, and you can see the new one behind. It had actually started to move forward already at this point, which is what probably forced the baby one out!

When I picked him up, it certainly had come out! At lunchtime whilst eating his food! He was very happy and excited! He had his tooth in his pocket and couldn’t wait to show me!

After all the worrying, the tooth simply came out when it was ready.

The Tooth Fairy made a visit that night but low and behold, H’s other bottom tooth at the front fell out the following day (yesterday) and then his twin, little O’s tooth, which hadn’t been quite as wobbly… fell out during the night! We had to go hunt for it this morning in his bed! I was so happy O’s had come out too, I’m sure he was feeling a little left out!

first tooth outO’s gappy mouth!

Jheeze! These teeth are like buses – you wait ages for one to come out then three come out all at once!

The teeth have come out without any problems, the big tooth is moving forward and into place and because the teeth weren’t rushed (being wobbled all the time) there wasn’t any blood or even any redness where the tooth had been!

But you know what this means don’t you? My babies are growing up, I can’t deny it! (sigh)

Big boys now with some big teeth… and big gaps!

gappy teeth






  1. Gorgeous photos! It’s lovely that they lost their teeth at the same time.
    Funnily enough, my daughter had a big tooth growing over a baby tooth recently too. This hadn’t happened to anyone in our family before, but I knew it was fairly common. Hers was painful, so I ended up taking her to the dentist and he took both that baby tooth and the baby tooth next to it out. My poor girl was terrified!

  2. Yep, same thing happened to my son – he had a whole double row for a while! Those baby teeth just didn’t want to say good-bye….. #loudnproud

  3. LOVE the pictures, it seems everyone is loosing teeth and I’m sure Cian is about the same age and I’m just not at all ready for him to be old enough to loose a tooth! Made me giggle that you googled it, that could have gone either way 🙂
    I was concerned about E & T’s teeth because their adult teeth both looked so big, gappy and wonky when they first grew but they have settled as more of the adult teeth have grown. xx

  4. Mama Owl | Jooleroo says

    Such a lovely milestone though teeth give me the heebiejeebies. My 5 year old has a couple of wobblies but no loss yet even though quite a few of her friends have had their first visit from the tooth fairy already. She’s giving it a good go though! Thanks for linking up with #loudnproud

  5. One of mine had that, can’t remember which one. You’d think the new tooth would push out the old, not have both at the same time. It’s good that they weren’t competitive about losing teeth at the same time. I imagine with twins, that it could get like that sometimes.

  6. Heheh you’ve been busy! The Bug is now 8 and has just lost his 3rd tooth. He lost two in year three, and was the last in his class to lose one. He has been so sorry for himself. They’re all different I think, GG lost 8 by the time she left year 2!

  7. I can remember one of my adult teeth growing through and pushing out the baby one. Teeth do freak me out a bit tbh – probably because of this experience! x

  8. All of my kids have had their big teeth through before they lost their baby teeth. It really weirded me out at first! I thought there was something wrong but it’s very common apparently x

  9. All mine have been SO late losing (and gaining!) their teeth. The twins are almost 10 and have only lost 4 each!

  10. Oh I haven’t heard of that before either! I am so with you on the passing of time though, I hate it, wish it would slow down, or even just pause for a year, or two, or ten!!

  11. Oh bless them. Poor Isaac is almost 8 and still has all his baby teeth (he is not happy about it) – love the gappy smiles

  12. Maxi has just had exactly the same thing with one of his fangs as we call them. He was desperate for it to come out! It is so cool that they lost one at the same time!

  13. I such a wuss with S’s teeth falling out – makes me feel all queasy.

  14. I have a 17 year old too – I can’t believe that she’s nearly grown up. It sounds like the tooth fairy is going to be visiting your house quite a bit!

  15. pigeonpairandme says

    Ahhh – they may be big boys, but they still look super-cute! My son’s 6 and he still hasn’t lost a tooth yet. I’m not looking forward to it!

  16. I’m so glad you posted this as i would have porbably freaked out too and F is just getting his first wobbly tooth so I don’t eally know what to expect! Glad the tooth fairy got to make a visit! x

  17. Ahh bless them. My daughter is in Year 2 and her first tooth only fell out a few weeks ago, quickly followed by a second and now she has two more wobbly ones. They do all seem to come at once!!

  18. Awww, such a big moment! I read that it’s better to lose teeth late, but mine have so far lost them very early!

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