Bandai Toy Review

My kids were beside themselves with excitement when a parcel came through the door with some toys for us to review.

There were three toys in the parcel from toy makers ‘Bandai’, two little boy toys, perfect – one each for my twins – and one girl toy for my daughter.

bandai toys

Bandai are a Japanese toy and video game manufacturing giant. They have the licensing properties on some of the biggest names in childrens’ entertainment. I’m sure every child in the world has at least one toy from this company, with plenty more having one on their wish lists this Christmas.

The ones we were sent were from their most popular ranges – Harumika, Ben 10 and Power Rangers.

bandai toys

My oldest boy, who is now 14 had the biggest collection of Power Ranger toys ever when he was small, we still have them, still going strong all these years later and now my twins play with them; an ode to the excellent manufacturing. The fact that these toys are indeed still in production proves just how popular they are and that this is a toy range that continues to grow in strength.

Same goes for the Ben 10 toys. We have a few of these left over from my Teen too which still get played with on a regular basis!

Ben 10 Omniverse

Anyone with a son will not have escaped Ben 10. It’s an animated kids TV series about a 10 year old boy with super powers! He has a special watch, the Omnitrix which, when triggered, morphs him into one of many superhero aliens, all with different powers!! It’s a cartoon that boys get hooked on at a fairly young age, mine started wanting to watch it a few months ago at the tender age of 3 although it’s aimed at boys a little older. They absolutely love it. (There’s only so much Peppa Pig that boys want to watch before they find something far more action packed and adventurous like Ben 10!)

This new Ben 10 Omniverse OMNI-LINK toy is pretty darn cool. In fact, calling it a toy does NOT do this justice, on no….this is far more superior!! This is an advanced, high tech piece of equipment!!

O and H (my twins) love pretending to be their favourite superhero and the Omnitrix is THE main part of the Ben 10 adventures.

ben 10 omnitrix

Although my twins LOVED it, this particular toy is intended for boys a little older. I would still buy this myself for my boys but it’s aimed at around the 7 year old and upwards age group, not that this deterred my 4 yr olds because they played with it just the same. However, it is slightly bigger and a tad bulky for very small hands.

It has some exciting new features.

The Omnitrix Omni-Link can be played with as it is, it does everything that you’d expect; lights up, commands, lets you choose aliens etc but it also has 80 different sounds with voices from all of the characters.

The awesome part though is the ability to use it with an interactive DVD that comes with it which is very high tech and completely super cool. When the DVD is playing it shows clips that, when prompted, you aim the Omnitrix at your TV screen and it sets off a sequence of events whereby you can hear that particular character that YOU choose…. amazing!! Your child really feels like he is right there in the action!

Ben 10

Not only that, you can download apps and web games on your PC, tablet or smartphone which are fully interactive, and let’s face it, our kids can work this kind of thing better than us parents in this day and age! This is what kids of today want! It also features a full length Ben 10 episode on the DVD as a bonus!

The Omni-Link retails at around £30 and for all the different things it can do and all the interactive play you get, I would say that it’s value for money and a definite must have for any boy!

Next up we have Harumika – for girls!


Harumika is a toy my girl has been hankering after and mentioning a fair bit recently, funnily enough, so she was thrilled to be able to try this out!

It’s a very simple concept, a mini design studio which comes with a little vintage style mannequin and some pieces of fabric that you simply wrap around the mannequin to create different fashion styles and bespoke outfits.

The beauty of this is there are no scissors needed or cutting, sewing or gluing to be done. The mannequin has a small opening in the back which, using the provided spatula, the fabric can be tucked inside – creating simple, easy, fun fashion designs!

harunika fashion

There are many different items in this range to choose from, this one is the Hot Pink Style Studio. It’s a little carry case which can be used to store those all important fabrics and accessories, it also has a ‘window’ and stand to show off your finished designs.

Little girls can pretend to be the next big, on trend fashion designer and create endless, fabulous looks with this fantastic toy.


This toy is aimed at the 6 year old age group, my daughter is 8 and has played for hours on end with it. I just think it’s a lovely idea, it’s simple and easy, something that a child can sit and do quietly on their own whilst letting their imagination flow.

It retails at around the £30 mark and I will definitely be buying more of these for my Girl so she can mix and match for even more creativity!

power rangers logo

Last but by no means least we gave the Power Rangers ‘Mega Force Deluxe Gosei Morpher’ toy some play/review time! This is another high-tech boys toy. Power Rangers have been around a long time and any fans will know that the Gosei is the ultimate symbol of good and this morpher allows the Power Rangers to call their Zords (their mighty evil fighting robots) into action to save the world!!

This fab toy comes with 10 cards that you slot into the Morpher to activate voices. There are other cards to collect in the series which, once you have them all, can activate up to 180 phrases – pretty amazing! The cards can be scanned to use with Apps on mobiles or tablets to reveal hundreds of Power Ranger videos! I think this kind of thing must be the way forward for toys in our high tech world kids now live in!

It’s highly playable and really good fun!

Power rangers toy

Both my boys thoroughly enjoyed playing with this, both found it easy to use. H has even taken it out and carries it around with him like a teddy bear!!!! They played with the cards and liked to discuss each one by studying the pictures on them – so even if a child doesn’t use all the parts together as they should they still have loads of fun with the individual components which I think is great!

As a family we sat around the toy to listen to the phrases and try to guess what the Morpher was saying, it’s a robotic type voice so we had to listen carefully, we bickered more than once over who guessed right!

gosei morpher power rangers

This really is a fun, cool toy for boys of any age. It’s recommended age group is 4+ which is great for younger kids!

All of these toys are from the new ranges by Bandai which are out now to buy and ready for Santa to bring round for Christmas! You can pick any of them up in major toy retailers.

Disclaimer: I was sent the toys in return for an honest review.


  1. Great review. Toys sound fab!

  2. I know a little girl who would love that Harumika 🙂 fantastic review of some great toys – thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

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