Autumn Leaf Collecting in the Park

We walked to our small local park on a lovely Autumn Sunday morning a few weeks ago, and when I say we walked I mean… I walked, my three littlies scooted and rode!!

It had been an ordinary start to an average Sunday, we were indoors, the heating was on, it was a bit stuffy and the kids were starting to get bored, restless and began annoying each other.

I said we should do something and they asked to bake a cake, which was a good idea but I soon realised that we had one ingredient missing (always the way) so I suggested we walk to the local shop for a bit of fresh air and to pick up said ingredient, as well as other goodies! Of course I knew they would want to add in a visit to the nearby park which was fine by me! It was chilly but lovely and sunny.

Being slightly neurotic about the kids (and myself) being cold – I despise the cold, can’t function – I layered us all up and off we went!

autumn park

Arriving at the park on bikes and scooter – suffice to say the kids were too HOT and stripped off – I ended up carrying coats, hats, extra jumpers…. I never learn my lesson here, always end up carrying everything. I didn’t notice it when I had a pram of some sort for years to pile all the gear on!!!! I miss that!

Kids love going to the park whatever the weather don’t they? I think it’s just the fact that they’re outdoors in the big open space so they are free to run around and use some of that stored up energy which is very important. If you know you’re staying in all day, getting out for an hour in the morning really sets them up for the rest of the day as they feel satisfied that they’ve done something and then, if it’s cold, you can fully appreciate being all warm and cosy indoors later! I love it.


My little twins enjoying the climbing frame, slide and swings!


My girl and zip wire fun – Look at that gorgeous sky!

The park was reasonably empty, not surprising considering it was relatively early on a Sunday morning and it was cold. There was a boys football match going on though, mums and dads on the touchline cheering their beloved boys on! Made me think how glad I was that my Teen chose swimming over football as his favourite sport – sitting by a nice warm pool was definitely more preferable to me than freezing on a field!!!

Wonder if my little twins will take up sport? Hmm, if they want to play football it will have to be Daddy that gets up and does that!!

Anyway, back to the park!

More running and jumping around in the fresh air!

More running and jumping around in the fresh air!

After the playing we searched around for leaves. I asked the kids to see if they could find leaves that were unusual in colour and shape. It was hilarious because my girl was being meticulous in her searching but the twins were picking up any old crumpled up mess! Bless them, and they were so proud of their choices too!

Some of their choices!

Some of their choices! Look how gorgeous the park looks, the path lined with the beautiful trees whose leaves are falling fast as Winter is encroaching

We headed back home via the shop but unfortunately many of the leaves were dropped or ended up as dust after being held so tight in their little hands!

We made a little collage of the few remaining leaves and added a little apple that we picked from the tree in the garden!


Our Autumn leaf artwork

The park looks surprisingly lush in these photo’s but in a matter of weeks most of the leaves have now fallen, leaving bare, stark, cold looking trees behind. I don’t like them like that, looks and feels horrible, really makes me long for the Spring when all the leaves come back, although having said that, I’ve noticed that the leaves don’t appear until Spring is well under way, almost Summer in fact. I wondered if they were ever going to arrive this year because even at the end of April the trees were still empty – looking so cold against a bleak white or grey sky.

Therefore, it was nice to get out and appreciate the park just before that stage.

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  1. Looks like a lovely, impromptu outing. Nice to get some fresh air & with the added fun on the leaf hunt 🙂

  2. What a beautiful day! I always make the mistake of making them wear too many clothes too 🙂 #CountryKids

  3. What a lovely bright day it was and the sky looked beautiful. It’s great to get out first thing and start the day off well, I’m sure the children enjoyed getting out and having fun at the park. Did you get to the shop then bake the cake? Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hehe I’m ashamed to say we forgot all about the cake after the park, although we bought goodies from the shop!!! x

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