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I don’t know about your children but mine are forever asking for snacks! It’s becoming increasingly difficult to know what to give them when they whine that they’re hungry and you know dinner isn’t on it’s way any time soon!

Mine have also started turning their noses up at my usual offerings of fruit which is frustrating, and those little boxes of raisins won’t suffice either…. they want something more exciting.

I know what they’re after. They want biscuits and chocolate. All the leftover sweets and choccies from Christmas haven’t helped as there were a LOT to finish off, and they’ve been a bit spoiled if I’m honest with it all!

But I don’t want to keep giving them sweet treats, so when Asda got in touch asking if we’d like to try out some snacks from their Little Angels kiddies snack range, I thought YES… we will definitely try these!

The Little Angels kids snack range

The Little Angels kids snack items that we received

Of course, some of these are raisins which my lot insist they have ‘gone off’, but because we usually buy them in those little boxes, these raisins in a ‘packet’ were a bit of a novelty and they ate them!! Go figure! I’m not complaining though!

My Girl enjoying the pink packet of raisins :)

My Girl enjoying the pink packet of raisins 🙂


Hugo presenting the Raisins and Sultanas and the Sultanas and Apple!

Everything in the Little Angels range is made from organic ingredients which gives peace of mind to parents without breaking the bank. These little packets start are only 40p.

This cereal bar

This Apricot Oaty Bar is absolutely yummy and full of goodness

I will definitely be stocking up on these oaty bars as they are just the right snack size for a little hungry child. They’re a nice soft consistency which Oscar loved, and are delicious. Some of the ordinary cereal bars you come across are a bit too big and crunchy, making them difficult for smaller children to get through! These are also super healthy with no added sugar at all.

You can pick all of these up at your local Asda store, or you can pop them in your online shopping basket 🙂

I was sent these products for free to try at home, in exchange for an honest review.



  1. I haven’t seen those before….I like the sound of the Apricot Oaty Bars x

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