Approaching 40

I suppose I should get it out of the way and write a post about the fact that I’m approaching 40 soon. VERY soon.

It’s crept up on me rather rudely, poised to snatch away my 30’s and with it, announce to the world that I’m no longer a young woman. I will be a middle aged woman! God, that sounds so weird – am I actually talking about ME?

I don’t feel as though I’m getting older, or wiser for that matter. I don’t really feel any different than I did twenty years ago. I’ve always been rather excitable and childlike so saying I’m 40 just doesn’t sound right – it’s not fair, almost makes me feel like I’ve got to grow up!

It’s a strange feeling knowing that I’m actually getting old. Ok, I know it’s not THAT old but it’s getting there, a reminder that time is passing rather quickly and if I’m lucky enough to reach the age of, say 80, then I’m already half way there!!! Slightly terrifying.

Having kids really seems to exaggerate the passing of time, in the sense that it’s so much more noticeable when we see how bloody fast our kids grow up. It’s way too quick, which unfortunately means that the very same time that’s flying by is making US older too! I console myself on this matter by looking around at my friends and being safe in the knowledge that they’re all getting older too…. ah yes, that’s alright then!!

But I don’t want to get old. Well, what I mean is, I obviously want to get old because at this point in scientific time there is no alternative, apart from not getting old, if you know what I mean, which I don’t want – but we can’t stop the clock or rewind it. More’s the pity. I want to stay young, I’m alright as I am now thank you. Or maybe even rewind the clock back to, hmm, lets see…. my early thirties maybe? I still want to have all my kids with me though of course, but early 30’s would be good, when my body was still pert, I had no wrinkles or jowls (what the eff are they all about?? How disgusting), and, more importantly, when I still felt relatively carefree!

I’m desperately holding on to an (almost) youthful appearance by the skin of my teeth. I’ve been lucky I guess so far, the years have been kind to me (I think. It’s subjective), but time is catching up at an alarming rate now and I’m clinging on for dear life!!!!

Aargh!!!! Go away old age!! How very dare you?!

Not that I do anything to slow down the ageing process you understand. I’m far too lazy. Can’t be bothered with cleanse, tone and moisturise… who has time for all that anyway? Does it even work? I think you’ll find it probably doesn’t. And going to the gym? Pfft – I’d rather have a cup of tea!

Seriously though, I do try and buy a good moisturiser as my skin is dry but I often use those all in one wipes to take my make up off, so much quicker. I even use baby wipes when I run out….. we all do that don’t we? I hardly ever floss my teeth because I hate it – makes me cringe, and I have done the gym/fitness thing too many times to mention, always give up – I get bored, plus I can’t justify it financially.

I have always been slim, I’m still a size 8(just) -10. I like clothes and fashion and I don’t have any grey hair which is surprising considering my stress levels at times, so I think I could get away with saying I’m a bit younger…. hell, people have even asked if my Teen is my brother lol – admittedly they were OLD and probably had bad eyesight but I don’t care, I’m taking that and running with it!

However, I think I’m unfit and I can really feel it now if I’ve eaten a lot – my older female relatives all say they were slim like me when they were young and they’re all quite big now so I’m guessing that’s the way I’m heading, probably going to wake up huge one day!

I need to take action.

And not because I’m worried about getting fat, but because I need to start looking after myself more. Over the next few weeks and months I’m going to feature on my blog my attempts to improve my health and well being, hopefully giving you some hints and tips too!

Healthier Eating

This means cooking from scratch more healthy meals. I need to cut down on stodge – I love comfort food and bread, I’m not a snacker but I do binge on chocolate and biscuits at times! I need to drink more water, I don’t drink enough even though I’m fully aware of the benefits. I’ve got a tea addiction. Love drinking tea and I’ve usually always got one on the go! I hardly ever drink alcohol so that must be a real plus.

Beauty Regime

This means selecting some good products, not mega expensive ones, and using them regularly. I need to start taking my makeup off at night more often too! I’m already seeing the dentist about teeth whitening methods (all that tea is taking it’s toll) and I may even look into some of the non invasive cosmetic procedures that promise to stave off the onset of ageing skin – cheeky botox anyone?!


I plan to get fit and toned as I enter my forties. If Melanie Sykes can do it then so can I….. I’m not exactly sure what route I’m going to take in terms or where and how but I’ll keep you informed! I shall be disciplined!

It’s not all about appearance though, I’m sounding a bit shallow right now but I know I’m not the kind of person who wants to grow old gracefully, sod that! I don’t however want to look like I’ve stepped off the set of Towie but I want to ‘maintain’ what I have if that’s possible.

I honestly don’t know exactly how I feel about this big milestone, it’s just another year older after all, and I’m so busy that I haven’t given it an awful lot of thought until now.

But it does feel significant.

The nearer the birthday is getting, the more it’s becoming a time for reflection, a look back at my journey through life so far.

Decisions I’ve made. Paths I have chosen. How things have turned out.

It’s been eventful at times and so much has been packed into the last forty years!

So I guess it should be a time for celebrations (any excuse), to look back and look forward, but I’m not planning anything outrageous, I don’t want a party! There are a few different things happening with friends and family that I’ll share with all of you too, as I throw myself into a whole new era of my life!

A new chapter.

They do say life begins at forty!

Let’s hope so……… πŸ™‚


  1. Sounds like you’re going into the new decade with plenty of positivity and perfectly doable plans! At 36, I’ve plenty of grey hairs, so you’re doing very well, and I am starting to spot other tell tale signs of ageing, which I’m not sure I can fight! Hope you have a wonderful birthday xx

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hehe yes I think the process starts from the age of 35!!! It’s accelerating at an alarming rate now for me and 40 just sounds so much older than 39!!!! Boo!! And no grey hair but plenty of wrinkles!! :-/

  2. you mean you will be 39+1? and next year you will be 39+2? thats how i intend to take on my 40’s lol xx

    I hope you have an amazing birthday x

  3. I just tell myself every birthday that I’m one year younger πŸ™‚

  4. Wow u really dont look to nearing 40. :):):) hope I’ll be the same. Im 28 but often get mistaken for a teen mum. Although events this year have aged my face horribly (sob) look forward to reading ur inspired positive fitness and healthy posts and follow suit ;);) xxx

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Aww thanks so much – this is my favourite comment πŸ˜‰ And yes I think stress and upset can have a dramatic affect on how we look and feel, hope all is ok with you now xx

  5. 40 is still just a babe! Sounds like a great health and fitness regime, I hope it works for you and makes you feel good, though sounds like you are pretty in shape already!

  6. I’m 42 and proud!! 40 seems forever ago now!! You are going to be fine – old age is all in the mind! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

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