Another Rugby Season, Another Broken Wrist

broken wrist rugbyTeen’s X-Ray pictures from last Sunday

Poor Teen.

He loves rugby.

But this season I didn’t want him to go back to the team he plays for because he spent 8 weeks of last year in a cast, due to an injury he picked up playing the game. A broken wrist.

Teen doesn’t do things by halves. And anyway, rugby isn’t a game you CAN play halfheartedly, but even so, there are some players that won’t go that extra mile. Or they stand by and watch others do all the hard work.

Teen is that player that will do all the hard work.

He’ll do whatever it takes to stop the other team scoring a try. No one is getting past him if he can help it, no matter what. And if he has the ball? Well he will run full pelt into anyone that’s in his way!

Rugby is a brutal game. But that’s exactly what Teen loves about it.


Unfortunately, rugby doesn’t seem to agree with Teen. On Sunday he broke his wrist for a second time.

The same wrist.

Exactly the same time in the season as last year.

To say I was angry/upset/devastated would be an understatement. I wanted to scream and shout at everyone… all the coaches, the organisers, the other team…..

How could they let this happen to my boy again?

I blamed myself actually, for allowing him to go back this season. I knew it was the wrong thing to do, I know Teen. And I know of other kids that have had injuries; broken legs, broken shoulders, pulled ligaments etc… there’s always more than one injured player out of the team at any one time. It’s ridiculous… why would any sane parent allow this?

I was nervous every single week. It felt like I was feeding him to the lions or something. I can’t explain, but I didn’t like watching at all. It was exciting when he was running with the ball, he’s fast, but apart from that.. I was happier when the ball was elsewhere on the pitch!

Of course, no one is to blame. I just felt incredibly sorry for Teen, who knew instantly it was broken. I took him to the hospital, where it was confirmed.

broken wrist rugby

It was here that Teen became upset. Where it hit him. Well, it was the moment we had parked the car and he realised he still had his studs on, he had to change back into his trainers but couldn’t. He was in agony… so I did it for him. I felt like crying, sobbing in fact, but held it together and choked back the tears.

It was a fleeting moment though because as soon as we were inside, Teen was back to his jovial, silly self. Cracking jokes. He’s never down for long, bless him.

The nurse put on a temporary cast.

The following day, we had an appointment at the fracture clinic, where we were shown the X-Rays and filled in on the full extent of the injury.

Teen had broke the bone in his wrist quite severely. But not only that, the knobbly bone that sit’s on the outside of the wrist had become dislodged and was floating around up in his hand.

We were told this would need some manipulation to reattach it.

Oh dear.

When the temporary cast came off, it was evident that Teen was in excruciating pain, even without anyone going near the wrist.

But luckily, in rolled the old gas and air chamber, which both scared and relieved Teen. At least he was being given something for the pain. He had to breath it in for a good twenty minutes, whilst the doctor turned it up every now and again! He wasn’t taking any chances, definitely making sure it worked!

gas and air

I don’t think even I had as much gas and air during child birth! Teen was practically laughing his head off by the time the doctor said he was ready to do it! Myself and the nurses did have a bit of a giggle with him at this stage… He was high as a kite!

Two nurses, one male and the doctor himself then set to work on Teen. It took a while, and even though Teen was flinching, he coped very well.

It’s now in a fresh new cast that has to stay on for four weeks minimum. Let’s hope it doesn’t take as long as last year to heal.

Teen is ok in himself. Obviously gutted to be in a cast again, it drove him crazy last year. He’s been in a fair bit of pain but most of all he’s disappointed to be out of rugby again.

His coach and a few others said that it was one of the best tackles they’d ever seen! No consolation to me but Teen was happy about this.  The boy that Teen brought down was actually stretchered off, so I hope he was ok.

Again, a reminder of how very dangerous rugby is.

The doctor said Teen will be back playing rugby in no time…..

Hmmm…. Not if I’ve got anything to do with it!


  1. Oh no poor him and you too! it is so hard isn’t it…how do you stop them playing something they love so much when everyone tells you not to wrap them in cotton wool. Dare I say it, my boys have been very lucky so far…I used to hate watching my oldest son play rugby. He still plays football at uni and I can imagine it gets a bit fierce. Good luck.

  2. Oh dear, poor teen. I’m so glad my teen isn’t into sport of any kind! I hope he’s better soon xx

  3. Oh dear, I guess it is one of the downsides to sport, especially Rugby

  4. Awww this is a bit scary! Are you going to let him go back?#whatsthestory

  5. oh no poor sausage, least it means no cold weekends watching on the sidelines. wont be long as you say before he is back playing.

  6. Ohh my word looks so painful but kids will be kids .

  7. oh no poor him and poor you! Mums always get more upset than the kids. Playing any sport is risky but i think rugby can be especially dangerous!

  8. oh no! i do hope it heals fairly quickly and that it doesn’t drive him too nuts with the cast on.

  9. Oh my as a mum is must be hard to watch him go back to a sport he loves by can cause such an injury and unlucky lad having the same wrist broken

  10. Ouch how painful, I certainly don’t envy him!

  11. Owch!!! Poor him – I wish sport wasn’t this dangerous. Your teen sounds brilliant though, like he took it all in his stride. (I love the gas and air too 😉 )

  12. I understand your worries. I hope he is back to fighting fit soon. My husband used to play rugby and managed to escape unscathed but he snapped his wrist chasing the cat away from the Christmas dinner! It just shows accidents can happen anywhere so don’t beat yourself up about it xx

  13. Oh poor Teen! I knew few colleagues at work playing rugby and they used to tell us stories like who and how badly someone was injured. One if I can remember right had some arms injury that required surgery. Hope Teen’s wrist heals quickly!

  14. pigeonpairandme says

    I’m not surprised you don’t like the idea of him playing again! It must have been so difficult to see him in pain…

  15. oh dear! it is a rough sport!

  16. Sometimes you just want to wrap the kids in cotton wool (and bubble wrap) but they have their own mind – hope he is healed and back to his rugby playing best soon

  17. Oh goodness this sounds just like mine. My teen broke her ankle then foot in hockey and then her finger three three times.

  18. Oh no! I had a broken wrist in the past and it isn’t fun at all. I hope it heals quickly.

  19. Ouch! Poor boy! I don’t blame you for not wanting him to play again! xx

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