The Andrex Clean Report – How clean are YOU?

A few weeks back I was invited to meet with the lovely people at Andrex and some of the experts who compiled the research that went into the Andrex Clean Report.

The event was held in a plush London hotel and along with a sprinkling of other bloggers, we all got together round a large table in a very luxurious boardroom to discuss the findings of the report and give our own opinions about it.

I had absolutely no idea what I was getting involved with and if I’m honest I was a little apprehensive as to how we were going to discuss ‘being clean’ without it either being funny (hehe) or slightly awkward. It was a bit of both I guess but in the main it was VERY interesting!

You may have seen the recent media campaign surrounding the report and it’s findings, as well as it’s core message which is to get us thinking about how clean we are!

The first hurdle that Andrex had to jump was the problem of talking. The thing is, we don’t generally discuss these sorts of things do we? It’s a bit embarrassing I suppose but there’s no reason for it to be. Everyone does it and to compile this report and find out what the real meaning of being completely clean  is to us Brits, Andrex HAD to get people talking!


The Andrex Clean Report investigates how we, as a Nation, wipe our bottoms and asks the question, are we doing it sufficiently enough? More importantly, are we teaching our children the right way to wipe and instilling in them at a very young age the importance of being clean? It also introduces ‘The Andrex Clean Routine’ which will teach us the very best way to wipe, something they hope will help everyone feel more clean and confident.

I was intrigued.

We all know that not washing our hands after we’ve been to the toilet can have very serious health implications, it can spread all sorts of diseases and viruses around. Poor sanitation is still the biggest killer in some countries after all. But what of the health implications to ourselves  of not ‘wiping’ properly?

One gram of poo contains 10,000,000 viruses and 1,000,000 bacteria, eww! This can cause urinary infections, skin infections and many other complaints. But it goes further than that.

Not feeling clean can have emotional affects on our well being too, check out these findings….

The Andrex Clean Report

As you can see, being clean has significant emotional benefits.

Almost a third of people asked said they feel they could be cleaner. The findings also discover that over a third of Brits are NOT wiping themselves properly and the fact that no one really talks about it leaves people unsure of the correct way.

We’re not taught in a text book sense on how to wipe, we just think we know. It’s what we’ve always done and as long as it seems to be ok then that’s fine. I think most of us know we should wipe front to back, especially females, to avoid spreading germs but surely there can’t be a right way and a wrong way?

Actually yes, and this Google search fact whereby people have typed in the words ‘how to?’ reveals that people do REALLY want to know how should be done…..

 andrex clean report

So what IS the correct way to wipe that will bring us that all important feeling of CLEAN and ensuring we keep ourselves and our families fresh and healthy?

Andrex has consulted leading medical and hygiene experts to create this simple five-step routine…

andrex clean report

We should be educating our children too as soon as we can. Potty training is the ideal time, start as you mean to go on. Of course, most children don’t wipe without help until the ages of around 5 or 6 yrs. It’s something we can instil in them that will be of benefit all through their lives.

And even though a lot of people reading this may be thinking “I haven’t got time to mess around like that every time I go to the toilet” – the people that DO try it all say they feel much better for it, and would NEVER go back to doing it the way they did before. We were given a few packets of the Andrex Moist Wipes ourselves to take home and as a family we’ve been trying to follow the routine.. I have to admit that everyone liked it and I have since bought more! They’re made from a biodegradable material which is a bonus as you can flush them away, unlike other wipes!

The only downside, which is a point raised in the meeting, is that for some people, buying moist wipes is just an added expense that they simply can’t afford. Not only that, it’s fine to do this routine at home but what about when we’re out and about? And schools don’t follow this routine either so it’s tricky to say to our children they need to follow the clean routine, but if they can’t do it at school it’s going to be difficult to keep in place. I know my 5 yr old twins will avoid going to toilet at all at school if they can, so asking them to go and get their moist wipes before hand would be a huge ask!! Unless schools teach the routine and provide the wipes, this is something we will just have to do in our own homes.

Personally, even if people choose not to go ahead and follow the Clean Routine for whatever reason, I think this report and subsequent campaign has been a fantastic catalyst in getting us thinking and talking about being clean.


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