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Activity Toys Direct have teamed up with Tots 100 and launched a fantastic competition to win £750 to spend on some of their fabulous garden toys and become a blogger ambassador for 2014.

To enter we have to describe how we would like to transform our own gardens.

As I have mentioned before. Our home is in the midst of a complete renovation. It’s a project, therefore our garden is a project too.

With all the building work that’s going on our garden hasn’t been, as you can imagine, at the forefront of our minds. But I would like to document it’s progress at the same time as the house extension.. there is so much to do, should be very exciting.

This is what our garden looks like right now….

20131028-083430.jpg                 20131028-083343.jpg

The OH worked wonders on it when we moved here, he had no choice really it was honestly like a muddy jungle. He transformed it from a heap of rubble, all uneven and ugly, to a flat, safe green lawn where our children can play.

That’s all it is though. We have a trampoline and a plastic playhouse but other than those it’s just a lawn at the moment. No plants or flowers. Just very boring. But it IS a huge space.

So bearing in mind that part of the competition is to design a ‘fantasy garden’, I thought I’d go completely over the top in a ‘if money were no object’ kind of way and really put my ultimate wish list down.

Firstly there would be a secret garden type passageway….

Step into the unknown. It's what makes it beautiful...exactly what I want in part of my backyard...also with a hidden spot to read :)

Photo credit: flowersgardenlove

Then a seating area like this….

garden landscaping, garden design

Photo credit: Englishgardenphotos

Or this…..

Opulent Bohemian Gardens

Photo credit: frommoontomoon

Maybe a green house to grow our own pretty flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables….

pretty little greenhouse

Photo credit: Mediacache

What about a crazy kids play area?…

Ridiculously Imaginative Playgrounds by Monstrum

Photo credit:

And to finish, I want this….

SWIMMING POOL WITH HOT TUB - Home and Garden Design Ideas

Photo credit:

Ok, I AM dreaming but actually our garden is particularly large so we could, in theory, have all of the above, even the pool….. albeit on a much, much smaller scale. Oh and of course we couldn’t afford any of it!!!

For me though, it’s all about the children. I have four gorgeous kids. We have a blank canvas with our lawn so I would simply turn it into a childs playground. That’s all I want. I’m not green fingered in any way so I couldn’t even begin to say we want a huge array of plants, although I would use the garden vouchers to make a little vegetable patch for the kids and buy some pretty planting pots and fill with flowers.

With the £500 Activity Toys Direct prize I would love to buy…..

THIS – The Plum Kudu Wooden Play Centre

Plum Kudu Wooden Play Centre

Just look at how amazing this is!! My kids would be beyond excited and love me forever! Yes I’d have to add a little extra bit of cash on top but would be worth it.

This is the climbing frame from another angle…

Plum Kudu Wooden Play Centre

My Teen boy would even love climbing around on this!! My Girl is a little gymnast, I can never get her off the monkey bars at the park so she would be in her element here, she could practice to her little hearts content!

Another option would be, considering we have little twin boys, buying two of these beauties…

Berg Toys Buddies Go Karts

BERG Toys Buddy Orange

How utterly superb is this?!!! I can only imagine the years of fun my little twin boys would get from having one of these each! They would be the envy of all their friends and neighbours with these go-karts, not many kids are lucky enough to own one. The OH can get busy laying down a race track!!!

We would even have some money left over to buy this..

The Plum Giant Wooden Sandpit

Plum Giant Wooden Sandpit

I love this. It’s big enough for all the kids and comes with a protective cover which is an absolute must for our British summertime weather!

There are so many fabulous things to choose from on the Activity Toys Direct website, it really is a tough decision, I could quite easily have everything!

Then, I’ve had a look at where we can spend the £250 garden vouchers and apart from being accepted at practically any garden centre, they can also be used in Homebase.

Again, like with Activity Toys, I’ve looked at the website and tried to choose something that would benefit us. I would be tempted to blow the whole lot on this….

We don’t have any decent garden furniture so this would be ideal for eating out in the summer

Or this…..

This is slightly better than the throw away BBQ’s we’ve had this year!!!!

Or buy lots of small things along the lines of….

As I mentioned already, I would love some colour in the garden so lots of planters and baskets filled with pretty flowers would be wonderful. A couple of sun loungers would be great too!

I think that’s it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this and venturing into the world of all things garden. It would be fantastic if we won the prize but equally amazing if we are chosen to be Play Ambassadors for Activity Toys Direct. My children would LOVE that and we would be very thorough in our testing 🙂

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition.


  1. What a wonderful big garden you have, a great project to fill with some fab toys.

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