Hello, welcome to my blog! Thank you so much for dropping by…

I’m Carolynne. I am a Mummy to 4 little darlings… 6yr old identical twin boys (O and H), a 16 yr old teenage boy (Teen) and a 10yr old daughter (My Girl)!. I have an ‘other half’ (OH) too who’d rather not make too many appearances on my blog!

I work part time writing for an online Mum’s magazine, dealing with PR and developing their social media marketing strategies.

My blog is essentially a peek into our lives and my views as a mummy to four fantastically wonderful kids, as well as my never ending endeavours to do things better / differently / more efficiently but I’m pretty laid back and disorganised so I often let things slide, much to mine and everyone else’s annoyance…. Hehe

I want to share my stories relating to Twins, Singletons (only parents of multiples use this word to describe one child!) and Teens… the difficulties of parenting kids who are at completely different stages in their lives, as well as the fun things we like to do and the places we like to visit.

I’m also on a mission to look into all things ‘staying young’, although with four kids and no time for myself EVER…. I feel I’m on a losing streak with this one right now!! *Makes mental note to try harder*

There will be some reviews and competitions thrown in too so keep your eyes peeled for those!

I really hope you enjoy and relate to some of my stories 🙂

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