A walk in Chipperfield Woods

Chipperfield is a pretty village in Hertfordshire, not too far away from where I am, about 10-15 mins in the car, yet it seems a million miles away. I live in a leafy part of Hertfordshire myself but Chipperfield and the surrounding tiny villages seem like they’re out in the sticks! Country lanes take you there and I love driving along them, especially on a summers’ day!

We were visiting a friend of mine. She moved there over a year ago now and practically lives in her own little happy bubble, only venturing out of the village if she needs to!

I just had my twins with me as I’d dropped my daughter off at another friends’ house (the one with the pool) so we planned to take her little dog for a walk in the woods just across the village green, opposite my friends house.

The woods are lovely. Wide paths and lush trees. We stopped and played by this little pond where my twins threw sticks and pine cones into the water for the dog to fetch!

chipperfield woods

chipperfield woods hertfordshire

The pond was brimming with tadpoles….

After our walk we went for a spot of lunch in the cafe/pub on the village green. It was lovely…. my boys finished off with an ice cream before having a quick play in the little playground attached!

It was a lovely way to spend a few hours in the fresh air.


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  1. Having just spent the weekend either side of Brit Mums with My Mum at her new home in Hertfordshire I totally agree with you. It does indeed have some beautiful places just off the main roads. How lovely to spot the tadpoles and spend some time just playing in nature. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  2. This looks like so much fun!

  3. Wow, what a fun day. I love trips out with the boys and the dof. Fun, family and lots of fresh air

  4. Days like this with the kids and dogs are lovely, and Chipperfield sounds like a happy place!!

  5. How lovely to have found tadpoles! I am a city girl at heart, but I quite fancy the thought of living in a little village! x

  6. We live just a few minutes drive from the proper countryside as well and it is always fun to go out exploring!

  7. What a fun sounding day – there is nothing quite like exploring the country. x

  8. What a lovely place to spend the day, the boys and the dog look like they were having lots of fun. I’d live in the country side in an instant, but my family wouldn’t come with me.

  9. Ooh I have heard of Chipperfield, though I have never been. It sounds like a great place to spend the day x

  10. What a lovely place! My son’s great aunt (on his Dad’s side) lives in Chipperfield but we don’t visit half as much as we should. Next time we do, I will have to visit the woods!

  11. lovely to have some time out in the fresh air! Wilf loves exploring the countryside x

  12. That looks fabulous, I love the idea of finding tadpoles too 🙂

  13. Oh this is lovely, walks like this are just brilliant and fab photos too. Chipperfield Woods is ringing a bell although I can’t remember why. I grew up in Hertfordshire but Berkhamsted way, was a long time ago now!

  14. Chris Bull @sparky61 says

    Looks like great fun day out 🙂

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