6 Ways to Improve a Renovation Time

A home renovation project can be time consuming. Homeowners will therefore want to speed up the process so they can quickly enjoy their new design. However, a project can often range from a few weeks to a few years. We’re therefore offering six ways to improve a renovation time.

Provide Clear Instruction

The speed of the process can often be determined by a homeowner’s decisiveness, as well as how a renovation pro interprets your chosen brief. It’s therefore vital to provide clear instruction, so you’ll achieve a desired result in the fastest possible time. You must therefore provide as much detail as possible, so a designer, builder or architect will have a greater understanding of your vision.

Gain Planning Permission

A lack of planning permission can slow or shut down your home renovation project. It’s therefore essential to identify if your project will require planning permission as soon as possible. You must then apply to the relevant local planning authority, and it could take up to three months to receive permission.

Consider Your Neighbours

It only takes one disgruntled neighbour to slow down your home renovation project. They may also make an objection during the planning process, which could mark the end of the project before it has even started. Speak to a builder, architect or designer before you get started, as they will have experience anticipating potential problems. You can also prevent friction down the road by simply informing your neighbours of your renovation plans, which will allow you both to discuss any objections and possibly come to an agreement that suits everyone.

Set a Realistic Budget

A spiralling budget can often halt a home renovation project. We therefore recommend setting a realistic budget to keep a tight grasp on your finances from start to finish. Provide a builder, designer or architect with details on how much money you have available to spend, and provide an amount you feel comfortable spending on the project. You may think, ‘I’ll never finding an affordable builder near me’, but it’s easier than you’d think if use the internet, and it could help you make great savings. A builder will also have the knowledge and experience to advise you how to invest your money for the best result for your home.

Understand When Key Decisions Need to be Made

It’s not a builder’s responsibility to source a kitchen, flooring, bathroom fitting or tiling. It’s therefore advisable to speak to a contractor about the critical dates for decision making. The interior design materials will need to be selected by you in advance and ready for installation upon the builder’s request.

Add Time in the Schedule for Bespoke Items

Custom-made items will take a longer lead time in comparison to standard items. We encourage you to order bespoke items, such as full height doors, in advance to ensure they arrive on schedule. So, order the items as soon as possible to provide extra time for delivery.

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  1. This post is so useful! I renovated my bathroom a few years ago and what the workers told me it would take maximum two weeks it went on and on for about almost 2 months. It’s not great either when you are not at home to supervise them, because from my experience, they don’t do the work.

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